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  1. Difficult, i don’t know. Our attacking players are the biggest worry.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7236921/Once-Blue-Blue-Hazard-photo-kids-wearing-Chelsea-shirts-phone-case.html
  3. I assume any seat from 3rd on the left is classed as restricted viewing
  4. As i and many other Chelsea fans say 'f**k em all'
  5. I think we can claim the ‘48 hour’ trophy, pre season.
  6. Apparently you can get fast tracked through a journo. degree in about two days or 48hrs.
  7. Is that in the next 48hrs or the next, next 48hrs.
  8. Well that is in the ‘next 48 hours’
  9. Who has said they would be happy if we got relegated.
  10. What a team, i for one really looking forward to the coming season.
  11. Just saw that ffs no no no please no a big no absolutely not f**k that no for the love of any god no
  12. Still no news, frank or not? Jeez we do f**k around.
  13. Depends on how much power the position is given. At Chelsea i think it would be more of an advisory roll
  14. The doom and gloom on here is quite incredible. Like has been said before this modern day entitlement is bad.
  15. I cant believe i'm hearing some want jose back.

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