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  1. Jorginho, f**king embarrassing, shouldn't be here.
  2. Should do, the squad was bought for him.
  3. I am one of the older fans, and as much as i loved Frank as a player and as a manager, move on and support the new guy. I've had a lot of more important loses in my life than to get upset about a football manager getting the sack. Thanks Frank and welcome Tuchel.
  4. Welcome indeed, sad for Frank, but as we always do let's move on and support the Blues. It's a Chelsea thing.
  5. So do i, putting some hard earned on it. The bookies won't take the world cup punt though, bugger.
  6. Could be c**t in a few weeks.
  7. Probably go and win it now.
  8. There's a lot of 'conspiracy' theories going around. One of them was Frank was a stop gap, while the board brought in ze Germans and now a German manager. Makes you wonder.
  9. Should have given him away, no transfer fee would have covered his wages.
  10. Ahhhh noooo the thought of Frank going to that vile club, no no no.
  11. The club and fans would love JT to manage Chelsea. But that is a way off. He'll have to do the basics at at a lower level learn, learn and learn, gain as much experience as he can and prove himself, then who knows.
  12. I feel very much the same, old git now apparently but going to the Bridge for over 50 yrs, football has to me lost its soul, it's magic and to me the biggest part of being a Chelsea fan is it's buzz.
  13. Edit according to some reports Touchel is a done deal. Know who he is but nothing about his football philosophy.
  14. So if we don't get a new one in soon, who's going to be the interim 'manager' ?
  15. Thanks for posting this, i was about to ask which all knowing guru contributes to this, crystal ball? Some supreme omniscient god no doubt.
  16. Well i've backed Chelsea 4-1 and 5-1 Their goal purely because of that prick we have in goal.
  17. Well done Chels. Got the game on mute, who the f**k is that nauseating female commentator.
  18. We're more of a threat to our own goal than the oppositions.
  19. Hate to say it but if we don't gel and start playing as a team, could be an embarrassing defeat. Hopefully not.
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