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  1. Their midfield just eats up our possession and then they counter. Midfield needs sorting if we want to have a chance at winning here!
  2. His presence is just so important that it changes the mentality of the entire team..
  3. Alonso off immediately, he's an absolute liability to the team
  4. Slavia have been better first half as pathetic as that sounds.
  5. Ooof what a shot, Willian is so unlucky sometimes
  6. That's probably the most likely line-up, wonder what his subs will be though.
  7. Tables looking mighty sexy atm, let's keep it that way and be the first team to beat Pool away this season. KTBFFH
  8. I feel like every time Chelsea play a must win game this season they somehow managed to mess it all up.. Just beat them, it's Brighton...
  9. I just hope from this result that Sarri learns to never start Alonso in the league ever again... This game is a perfect example of how being clinical in front of goal is crucial. Hazard scores one and Higuain the other and this match would never have turned out like this. Squad needs to learn from this and so does Sarri, even though I doubt Sarri will change the first team much after this.
  10. I feel like the exact same team will be played as last leg. Possibly RLC getting a start. Just get the win and move on to the next round pretty please!
  11. Have to give it to Hazard saved our asses from another defeat against Wolves. I have to say i'm very happy to be done with this fixture.
  12. No doubt the teams been clueless in the final 3rd. But you have to give some credit to Wolves although they do defend 90% of the game. Sarri has to find a way to play better against teams that park the bus for 90 mins..

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