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  1. We absolutely need points from this game.
  2. United are huge favorites here, Chelsea thrive by being the underdogs so you never know if the boys can pick up a point or more away against them. A loss here would not be the end of the world for us as we lack many first team players. A loss for United would absolutely embarass them. So... my prediciton 2-0 Chelsea KTBFFH
  3. I'm really conflicted on keeping Kovacic, I really don't see what we would gain from signing him on a permanent deal. I feel like Real would be robbing us whatever we would pay for him.
  4. Obvious player is Hazard but Kante and Kepa also were crucial to our season.
  5. Real losing 3-1 to Real Sociedad, is going to Real really that much of an upgrade for Eden? Edit: Zidane has not impressed me since he got rehired..
  6. Send Kova and Higuain back to where they came from..
  7. They boys will catch Arsenal off guard and win 3-1 therefore earning Sarri his first ever major trophy. KTBFFH
  8. It's the bandage on his head.
  10. What in gods name even is this season??
  11. Game over, no way this they come back with their current mentality....
  12. Most important game of the season for us we need 3 points from this game!!!! Boys need to go in there with a knockout phase mindset.
  13. This game summed up : We played to their strenghts and our weaknesses

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