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  1. quik

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    There's not another manager available out there that could do better with this group of players atm imo. Sarri = in
  2. Kovacic is absolute garbage at this role he is in atm.
  3. CHO been the best man by a long shot.
  4. If we lose this 3-0+ then we will be a laughing stock for all of football, if we aren't already. So dreading this match. And the worst thing is that we all know Sarri won't change anything.
  5. They've given up, that's for sure. Absolute pathetic performance and none of these players deserve to wear the shirt.
  6. He is so useless, it's hard to watch the game with this idiot on the wing.
  7. Take Pedro off, take Alonso off, take Kovacic off. Bring on CHO, Emerson and f**king Barkley.
  8. Can't wait to hear the Liquidator against these lot, they don't stand a chance if we play this with the right mindset. COME ON CHELSEA KTBFFH!!!
  9. Barkley just edges this one, he fought all game and gave his all. Not the prettiest of performances but a win is a win.
  10. Giroud really does need it on a platter to even have a chance at scoring
  11. That wrong decision almost cost us a goal
  12. For god sake just play some of the youngsters, at least they give a damn.
  13. quik

    Antonio Rudiger

    This I found on Reddit earlier. Rudiger truly cares and I value that much more than him being the best at his position in the world. o3yc9.mp4
  14. Voted Emerson, he had a fantastic performance