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  1. It's only recently begun to sink in that the boys are heading to a Champions League final on saturday. What madness, after the season start we had. Only thing I demand from the team is to give it their absolute all. KTBFFH
  2. I'm really conflicted on keeping Kovacic, I really don't see what we would gain from signing him on a permanent deal. I feel like Real would be robbing us whatever we would pay for him.
  3. Real losing 3-1 to Real Sociedad, is going to Real really that much of an upgrade for Eden? Edit: Zidane has not impressed me since he got rehired..
  4. They boys will catch Arsenal off guard and win 3-1 therefore earning Sarri his first ever major trophy. KTBFFH
  5. It's the bandage on his head.
  6. There's not another manager available out there that could do better with this group of players atm imo. Sarri = in
  7. This I found on Reddit earlier. Rudiger truly cares and I value that much more than him being the best at his position in the world. o3yc9.mp4
  8. Speak for yourself. You're the only one I've seen here with that opinion, which shows us just how much truth there is to what you're saying.
  9. I know we are all furious including myself at the moment. BUT, we can't lose faith in Sarri so fast because that will only make things worse.. There's more to this mess than just Sarri's tactics.
  10. I'm scared to see what will happen if Hazard ends up leaving in the summer, what does the board do to replace him?
  11. Yes, absolutely agree having an unpopular opinion is bannable and should be acted upon immediately..
  12. I'm allowed to have an opinion and I really don't care what you say.
  13. I honestly wouldn't even be mad if Hazard left for a club like Real, I'd be happy for him.
  14. I say, keep Conte for next season if and only if Antonio Conte actually wants to manage this club. If he doesn't then we need a replacement immediately.
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