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  1. Hopefully the United fukup will give us extra motivation to defeat Norwich. This reminds me of the last season when the Top 4 contenders were losing so many games in the final phase.
  2. Problem is, they will park the bus and we'll have no idea what to do. Hoping for the players to actually turn up for this game. If they do, we should be ok.
  3. Considering our defence is shaky hopefully Willian and Pulisic do the job for us.
  4. Yes they have one of the best defences but they are 16th in the number of goals scored so hoping we just scored one more than Shef.
  5. So far Lamps is the one who got schooled there times. Let's hope for a different outcome.
  6. What about Kepa's performance? I think he saved everything that could be saved. Let's hope his form continues to improve.
  7. Great outcome! Come on Chelsea. Could have been 4:0 but I'll take any win.
  8. No chance we can beat Liverpool but let's hope for a decent performance.
  9. If Tammy/Giroud convert the chances we create we should have no problem here. Hopefully the Bayern loss will bring some extra motivation and we can be at the top of our game.
  10. Sure Kepa is disappointing but is Willy better?
  11. Maybe Willian isn't playing cause he is off to Spurs in the summer :)

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