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  1. Liverpool have easy games till the end and seemed to have gotten their form back. I fancy their chances getting Top 4 more than us. 80% chance making the semis is a bit overblown. I would say it's 60% chance for us.
  2. The concern is that if we get a red card shown against Porto will could crumble as we did against WBA. I get it players were completely ignoring the WBA match and thinking of Porto but the mentality when you are a man down is worriesome. Hope against Porto we get our heads straight and turn up with the proper motivation.
  3. Against Southampton they scored an early goal and spent the rest of the match defending the result.
  4. If we win here, we await an easier run of matches so have the opportunity to go on a nice run. Let's hope we get the 3 points!
  5. I see this as a draw which won't be too bad considering the latest results of our Top 4 contenders.
  6. If we draw it is not good cause West Ham and Everton will be ahead of us. Plus, we still have to play City.
  7. We only made Top 4 last season cause Leicester capitulated at the end. We got lucky.
  8. We win here and we are back in Top 4. Hope the players don't underestimate Newcastle.
  9. If your priority is playing in the Thursday League then you are the one sounding like a Gooner.
  10. Don't really care about the cup. Top 4 is the priority.
  11. Werner has to play here. He must nick a goal or two.
  12. Last 10 minutes we are just walking. Not even jogging.
  13. If we lose to Spurs Top 4 dream is over. On the contrary, a win will boost our confidence and should make it easy to win the next three games before we play United.
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