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  1. It would be a tough game. Their confidence will be sky high after beating PSG away.
  2. Kepa is not the reason we lost 2 points. He is 50% to blame for one of the goals. What about the other two? Mistake from Kai and inability to defend set pieces. What about the missed chances by Werner and Kai? If they scored no one would be blaming Kepa for the world's problems. So many other factors contributed to us missing out on two points. So you can blame Kepa all you want but the reality is the problem is with the whole team and Frank. Is it Kepa's fault Southampton dominated us the entire secnd half?
  3. Even after spenspending 220m on players we will never make Top 4. We are worse than last year defensively. Same mistakes, same excuses. The joke that attack should simply score more than we let in is just that - a joke. Not a sensible approach. Many days we won't score 3 but will still let 3 in. I love Lamps but if he doesn't find a way out of this mess he will have to go.
  4. No chance of winning this game. We have no idea what to do forward.
  5. If West Brom can put 3 past us wait and see what Palace will do. I am just hoping we score one more than them.
  6. We won't even draw because we'll be tired from the performance tonight. Too busy schedule.
  7. If we're going to spend lots of cash on new players we should spend some on a decent manager. I love Frank but he isn't up to this task. No style, no progress, no game management, same excuses.
  8. It's best Pulisic to rest another 1-2 weeks. Otherwise we risk having him injured again and out for much longer. Everyone at my work is hating on Chelsea now due to the new signings. Feels good 🙂
  9. 1. MCI 2. Loserpool 3. Chelsea 4. VARchester If we are in the title race until the last 5-6 rounds that would be a success. Next year, push for the title!
  10. Pretty bad start. Nothing works in attack.
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