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  1. I hear yoga and meditation have helped a lot of people with anger issues. And ignore.
  2. Werner gets there. No support. Has to wait for teammates. MC gets back to defend. Where is the support?!
  3. I actually want to see more goals. The players deserve it. The manager deserves it.
  4. Werner actually looks good today. Rest of the team (excluding Pulisic) ... not so much.
  5. Even the greatest players don’t always make the best coaches. Different sport, but look at the great Wayne Gretzky — indisputably the greatest hockey player, but also indisputably a colossal failure as a coach. Adieu Frank.
  6. You can actually hear the commentators smile as they said “City so fluid in the attack.” At least try to mask your bias dude.
  7. Just our luck. Edit: these US commentators really love Man City. Must have been hand-picked MC fans.
  8. Just play a game of FIFA 21. Don’t even need to wait for the actual game to find out the hard way. 😆
  9. Just saw the replay. You’re right. It looked fine live — but the replay tells a clearly different story.
  10. I take that back upon seeing the replay from another angle. That should be a pen. Contact was with the player first. And now the shirt pulling outside the box to boot? Come on ref!
  11. Good positioning by Timo. Maybe a foul in La Liga, but I don’t see how that’s a pen in EPL or Bundesliga. If he keeps this up, his fortunes could turn around.
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