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  1. Was seriously anti Jorginho here myself, and very critical of Sarri, but it's clear he's playing better this season. Last season it was all about Sarri's system which had him recycling possession. This season he's imposing himself more, he's one of the leaders in the team, he's picking more 'forward thinking' passes, making good early passes... he's actually contributing well compared to last season.
  2. The difference is Ronaldo was criticized for being a showboat and not being affective (he went on to become a ruthless machine of a player. Complete monster, as we all know). Hudson Odoi isactually very good already in passing when he needs to, releasing it early, sometimes dribbling, sometimes on the outside, sometimes inside... Willing to pass or cross or shoot... Mixes it up.
  3. Willian and / or Pedro are on their way out. Either or both won't be here next season we can sensibly assume, so to the US fans... You people need to relax and let this season be about Pulisic working hard, adapting, biding his time and getting accustomed to English football. He's got quality and plenty of time.
  4. I meant the fact he's on so much whilst being so young and so mediocre, not that he isn't.
  5. Bruder, this is number one bull....
  6. They tried that in preseason and both looked lost. Maybe in a system different to the one used then.
  7. Some people on here are just... Damn. You'd think Barkley has been up to no good with their wives or something... I'm not his biggest fan and I always thought he was the typically overhyped English player, but he's looking better this season than last. He's barely been in the team of late as well and he's still getting this kind of negativity.
  8. Not been overly impressed with Chilwell. Never seemed anything special when I've seen him - which admittedly isn't too much. He's never really stood out.
  9. Whaaat? Sarri had him in shackles, Lampard has freed him from those this season.
  10. Benteke scored a good goal. I think it surprised him as much as anyone else that he actually found the net. (It was against San Marino, though. 😛)
  11. I think Benteke got on in front of him the other day while he was left unused on the bench. If that isn't a kick in the teeth to any half-decent, self-respecting striker, I don't know what is.
  12. Alonso's quietly strung some solid performances together, set up a goal or two(?) as well. Well done. Deserves a bit of credit tbf.
  13. Tbh, you have to feel a bit for Giroud. He's not getting a sniff at the minute and Batshuayi is feeding on crumbs.
  14. -_- The one I put in my initial post. You don't see it?

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