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  1. Never rated this guy. Was relieved when he went elsewhere the first time.
  2. Zaha for 40-50 million + maybe. 80m? Gerrraaarahere!!!!
  3. Gronkjaer and effective wing play. 😂😂 He was quick and had a decent shot. That's about it. One of the most frustrating players to ever play for the club. Duff had a couple of good seasons and then was mediocre / injury prone. Hazard Mata Duff,, Robben, J. Cole, Malouda Willian Petrescu Kalou, Pedro ----- ------ ------ Gronkjaer
  4. I must disagree. He's a good finisher with both feet - much better than any of the those other guys - and score different types of goals. He's not cut out for leading the line at Chelsea though, in the current system. I'm pretty sure wherever he goes with half decent supply he'll get a good haul of goals each season.
  5. This is why I like him in that midfield. I see Chelsea midfielders get bullied and with Barkley and Loftus Cheek, you know they'll hold their own at least if they're not the ones doing the bullying - plus they're both technically very good.
  6. Aside from the misses he had a few moments where his hold up play really stood out. A big miss when he's not on the pitch. If a Batshuayi replacement is being sought, it has to be someone who is good at playing as the line front man and link with others.
  7. With players in close support around him he's decent and a good finisher. I don't see how Dembele is an upgrade though.
  8. Legends used too loosely. I guess the other one you hear now is icon. They were Chelsea 'heros', 'stars' if you want to call it that but legends are reserved for the very best who did it at the highest level over a long period imo. Cech Terry Lampard Drogba A. Cole Zola Hazard From the past, I'll leave the seniors to mention.
  9. Was not impressed with Rudiger, tbh. He hasn't been great since his return aside from the Tottenham game. Yesterday he has a few clumsy moments and was even done on a physical battle against Vydra after misreading a high ball. All four centre halves are a bit short of what's needed imo. If one was consistently solid it might be alright, but all are inconsistent.
  10. Burnley are a poor side. James lacks pace and mobility, tbh, and Hudson Odoi isn't great at tracking back. I could see it as a weakness for other teams to exploit should they choose aggressively attack down that side. His crossing is good, though.
  11. Ross da boss Had a decent game. Good to see him back in the lineup. Can do the business till Loftus Cheek is back to full fitness.
  12. Not a great performance. Needed a few VAR calls to get out of a sticky situation. Had a few more chances in the second when it opened up but up till the pen it was pretty poor. Abraham missed a few chances and Rudiger looked unconvincing at times. James put in four five very good crosses. Barkley played alright. Mount just doesn't do enough on the ball and the team isn't playing with the same kind of zippy passing as early in on the season. 3-0 though. A cleansheet. Could give some confidence to the players.
  13. I'm surprised so many responded to my initial post. It was obviously just me messing about... On Ake... I do like him I must admit. He could play 3 different positions and at 40m is relatively cheap. I didn't realise he was only 180cm tall. Not sure what to expect this window. Not even sure what would be a good buy from the names being mentioned. I don't get the Dembele one. What will he offer more than Batshuayi? I always thought he was pretty much just a poacher like Batshuayi and his record isn't that great either. Don't see how he'd lead the line in the Prem or what
  14. Sorry. My bad. + Ake 40m Dembele 50m There. Much better.
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