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Latest player to be linked with us this summer. 

Some reports suggesting we had an opening offer of £30m rejected. 

The Mirror reporting that Zaha might hand in a transfer request to try and force through the move. 

9 goals and 3 assists last season, 7 goals and 9 assists the season before that, not a bad return playing for a team fighting off relegation. 

What do you think, would you like to see him join Chelsea? 

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I could support this. Zaha is no world beater but offers a lot of go forward down the right. He also scored 9 goals last season and is experienced in the premier league. I’d prefer him to Willian or Pedro. 

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I think this would be a massive signing but not necessarily the right one for the development of the youth team. Zaha is a class player and carries Palace, He can play both wings, but he is at his best on the left wing so would be second fiddle to Hazard, which pushes him to the right adding more competition there, it sends the wrong message to Hudson Odoi pushing him further down the pecking order, all in all with 6 wingers competing for 2 places, unless we use the false 9 situation, but I don't think we will. Willian and Pedro both really suit Sarri's style of play and they both still have a couple of years in them, so I do think he would be a very strong signing for Chelsea, I don't think he's a necessary one. At the moment our strikers look weak, I want to back Morata and I am optimistic he will show his worth, but he doesn't have a great attitude, at least Torres showed he wanted to get better. I think it's our weakest area and has been demonstrated last season and so far in pre season with our good build up play but awful finishing. 

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Not necessarily against this signing but curious how he'd fit into the team. 

He's predominantly played down the left for Palace, so would there be an intention to move Hazard infield? If the idea was play him down the right, will he be as effective? 

Rumours are he would cost upwards of £60m so you've got to assume he'd be coming in to be first choice and you can only assume he'd be a replacement for Willian who could be off to United, though this wouldn't bode well for any potential swap deal involving Martial (unless we're bringing him in to be centre forward?)

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I haven't seen a lot of Zaha but he always seems to cause us problems. Trouble is, he plays on the left, and the last thing we need right now is a right-footed left-sided attacker. It may be that Sarri's thinking of him as a centre-forward, instead of Morata. He worked a similar trick with Dries Mertens.

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Just now, Davey Baby said:

I haven't seen a lot of Zaha but he always seemed to cause us problems once or twice when we were having a sh*te season or going through a poor patch, and even then, he was anonymous for 85 minutes and caught us on the break when we were pushing forward. ....................................

Just clarified your thinking for you @Davey Baby

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Just now, mclovin83 said:

I am starting to think @yorkleyblue may not be a fan of Zaha...

He is at his level, @mclovin83 - He's been tried at a top team and found severely wanting, both in ability and attitude.

The sort of money being bandied around at the moment is just computer game nonsense.  I'd rather have Kalou back, at least he turned up  every match,  even if he wasn't that great.

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4 minutes ago, yorkleyblue said:

I'd rather have Kalou back, at least he turned up  every match,  even if he wasn't that great.

What are you talking about, he was great. I understand that "that great" doesn't mean he wasn't great according to you, but he was really that great which is more than wasn't that great, which I find a little disrespectful,  A true, blue legend. :D 

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