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  1. Time to move him on. Injuries haven't helped his career so far, but he's also never really settled into a best position and we have better players in all the midfield roles than him now.
  2. It's weird, cos we have lots of rivals, but I wouldn't say we have a main one. And none of those in the list would see us as their main rival. If I had to put some in order though, probably something like: Spurs, QPR, West Ham, Leeds
  3. Agreed. From what I've read, he doens't have any interest in coming here really anyway. So I think we could spend our money wiser than this.
  4. That's probably the reason though.
  5. Not as good as the old one I did with Stamford the lion.
  6. Possibly just so we can get more money. We'll probably still sell him.
  7. Think he would benefit from a year on loan, playing a lot more.
  8. That's the prize for next year's Prediction league. Not as nice as this years prize that erskblue got, but it'll do.
  9. I don't think Haaland will want to come here. Some reports were saying he only wants a "top top club", so basically Real or Barcelona I suspect is what they mean by that.
  10. Maybe we should have a Historical Threads section, for ones like this, City and any others we never want to lose.
  11. Was frustrating me so much, giving the ball away towards the end. Had a great patch few months ago, but been sloppy recently.
  13. Ah yes, like we've done so brilliantly all season 🤣
  14. City going very attacking? God I hope we can withstand it and not get smashed. I can just about take losing, if it happens, but please not by a big scoreline.
  15. No nervous so far. Probably because I'm expecting us to lose. But I expect once it starts they'll kick in.
  16. Got the Oculus Rift S. Only done a tutorial and a free shooting game from Steam, but seems pretty cool.
  17. I don't think he'll be brought back into the starting 11 after being out for weeks, for such a big game. Tuchel will stick with the players he's been using lately.
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