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  1. Playing badly, again. So a crucial goal just before half time.
  2. Week 33 of the PL season predictions. Person with the most points at the end of the season wins a terrible Chelsea-themed prize. Your prediction should be of the score, the first goal scorer and the minute of the first goal. For example, if I am predicting 2-1 to Chelsea with the first goal scored by Zouma in the 5th minute: West Hame 1-2 Chelsea, Zouma, 5 NOTE: If you do not include the team names in your prediction and instead just put the score, e.g. "1-2" I will assume Home - Away. If you're predicting a 0-0, then the player name and minute should be of the first shot on target, rather than first goal. If you predict a scoring game, but the result is 0-0, then the player name and minute will, again, be of the first shot on target. Deadline is 30 minutes before kick-off. ------------------ Correct Result (W, D, L): 1 point Correct Score: 5 points Correct First Scorer: 5 points Correct First Scorer and Minute: 15 points Correct Everything: 30 points ----------------- Leaderboard erksblue 63 Mod Stark 58 acidicleo 50 Munkworth 44 Zeta 43 Amputechture 42 Night-T 38 bisright 36 Cone 36 Scott Harris 35
  3. There will be a new Super Prediction League starting from next season. Limited to 20 users, with an additional 5 based on how much they donate to the server. Previous years winners will always be part of the 20.
  4. It was 0-0 so the scorer became the first shot on target, which was Havertz.
  5. Leaderboard erksblue 63 Mod Stark 58 acidicleo 50 Munkworth 44 Zeta 43 Amputechture 42 Night-T 38 bisright 36 Cone 36 Scott Harris 35
  6. Amputechture 5 Munkworth 5 PloKoon13 5 Night-T 1 Zeta 1 acidicleo 0 erksblue 0 Mod Stark 0 Scott Harris 0 Strider6003 0 The Don Antonio 0
  7. Richard P 6 Amputechture 1 Cone 1 erksblue 1 Malta Blue 1 Mod Stark 1 Munkworth 1 Night-T 1 PloKoon13 1 Salato 1 Scott Harris 1 Strider6003 1 The Don Antonio 1 Zeta 1 axman2526 0 Ballack & Blu 0
  8. You calling me ginger, buddy? I won't take that lying down.
  9. Very very poor. Tuchel has been good in the big games, but these games against teams below us have been a series of tinkerings, none of which have really paid off. He needs to stop underestimating teams down near the bottom of the league.
  10. Government still needs to go ahead with looking at options of changing how these clubs are owned. Otherwise these snakes will just try again in 5 years.
  11. Just seen the back 4..gunna change. Chelsea 1-1 Brighton, Welbeck, 28
  12. One of the quotes going around was that one of the owners from the English clubs said they were prepared to leave the PL to make this happen. Defintely gunna be one of those 3. Likely FSG or Glazers.
  13. This is what they're cheering about. Nothing official.
  14. Think some people are just reading random sh*t on twitter and then cheering.
  15. I think they are blocking the road so the busses can't get in.
  16. Easy to be snide, but life gets in the way sometimes.
  17. Was thinking about going down there myself, but too awkward with work and getting down there in rush hour traffic. Hopefully we get a lot of people making a lot of noise.
  18. What are they gunna do if someone pulls out? Ban them from the Super League?
  19. I'm a Chelsea fan. If Chelsea ceased to exist, I expect I'd switch to my local team. I couldn't bring myself to just start supporting anyone else. That being said, I also care about the general state of the game in general, I wouldn't want Chelsea to do something which is only good for them, and f**ks everyone else over.
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