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  1. Giordano_Bruno

    That Sterling Incident

    I believe in PL's media space there is no clear divison like in La liga for example. the objectivity is just as rare as in Spain but you can pull off small victories. Like having a pundits in the studios, or journalists to type down articles. We just need to keep winning trophies, play nice football, pop out with some native lads and stay away from Jose and Conte and the such. :D
  2. Giordano_Bruno

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Good. Liverpool and Spuds bigger threats than Napoli and Inter. they will also get distracted in CL more than EL friendly boring-ass matches. Sarri will know how to deal with these italians teams. they are good at times, but limited. A lot of chances missed yesterday by Napoli which is a team that knows how to play football but doesn't have the quality to deliver end product. that's why they've never won anything. Nothing really dangerous came out of CL group stage. It is still between us and Arsenal. And we all know it's up to us to whether we win it or not, not to Arsenal.
  3. Giordano_Bruno

    That Sterling Incident

    I think you should be banned for using the word "psycho". My grandpa was a sociopath and he was sent in concenration camp for mental sickness. Is this not the same criteria?
  4. Giordano_Bruno

    That Sterling Incident

    So you suggest we skip reasoning process and just start banning people because someone is sensitive? Actually this has nothing to do with racism. Nobody is justifying this sort of behaviour. the really disturbing in the whole situation is how many people are keen to put a ban just because of one insult.
  5. Giordano_Bruno

    That Sterling Incident

    the thing is we don't know about "black", "manc" or whatever. the only certain thing is "c*nt" word. And my point and my personal problem with it was all these people claiming and celebrating bans for this particular offensive language. Is it ok, am I ok with it? - nope. But that's the reality. You can't ban people for being rude, abusive or genuinely stupid. It is what it is. Some people just talk like that. With friends, with family... manners, what can you do? Ban people? How about chop their heads? What really got me upset is the way some people got predacious just because of that single word. the so called "tolerant" people get really intolerant when it comes down to a lot of insignificant stuff. Swearing is part of middle or lower class' way of communication. Just deal with it.
  6. Giordano_Bruno

    That Sterling Incident

    It is not OK, it is wrong... yet, it is not enough to get life time ban either. Simple as that. that level of sensitivity is killing the society.
  7. Giordano_Bruno

    That Sterling Incident

    Lifetime ban for "C**t"... lol. People who claim to be tolerant and celebrate such abomination are the least tolerant of all.
  8. Giordano_Bruno

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I believe Hazard is very good with his back game, with great turn that makes him impossible to defend and he can make some noise as false 9 but he's got one flaw that stops him at the moment. He is lazy. the first half he almost didn't get his butt in our half when we needed him badly. that static style won't help him, especially with his height and incapability of winning in the air. He also didn't press at all. It was easy for City to pass behind the press coz practically he didn't participate. But once he starts to do these things, he will be very dangerous even in that role.
  9. Giordano_Bruno

    Antonio Rudiger

    Walker didn't see that coming. He crashed like it was a tree, not a man. What a beast!
  10. Giordano_Bruno

    That Sterling Incident

    How do one man's actions affect the entire club and put it in a negative light? Why should we even care about this? Everybody can go to the stadium.
  11. Giordano_Bruno

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Man City (PL 2018)

    David Luiz at his best! What a big character he is. Get this legend a new contract!
  12. Giordano_Bruno

    That Sterling Incident

    Is this Rio Ferdinand the same guy that said Chelsea is not on Manure level?
  13. Giordano_Bruno

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    3-5 or something like that is very possible outcome.
  14. Giordano_Bruno

    We've got a new Kepa

    Nope, they don't. the thing is, there are no good saves. He's got a couple against Soton(35-40 yards shots actually, would be a mistake to concede but ok, for his low standards let's count it as a good save), one against Mane and one when the whistle was blown for offside. Pretty much that's it for like 15 games. And those saves were like the goals he loves so much to concede - in his body, nothing special. Here some more statistics: Saves - 14th in the League Punches - 18th in the League High claims - 10th in the League Sweeper clearances - 11th in the League throw outs - 12th in the League And because I know you will undervalue that stats, you can make a comparison here(https://www.premierleague.com/stats/player-comparison) between him and Alison and Ederson(the same duties demanded from the three goalkeepers). He has slight advantage in the passe, which is impressive and I have to give him credit, but he loses in every other category. Go check it yourself. Apart from passing, he is bad. Really, really bad.