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Jose Mourinho thread


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Thanks Jose! Can't believe we let this happen again, f**king bullsh*t. Go against him in the summer with the Cech decision, then we don't back him with any improvements but who cares about facts f**king so pissed and disappointed in this club. I hope these c**ts who call themselves professionals realize what there've done. With the attitude of our squad no new manager will get anything different. Just the same old story of sacking managers.

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Thank you Roman for proving you're still a clueless, impulsive owner that would never sustain stability in any level. Done for me at this point, he's nothing more than a dollar sign now, him and his pathetic board.


A complete disgrace of a decision, we lost our greatest ever, this time? Forever. And no, no mentally strong unit to carry us through it. We lost Mourinho because of a bunch of spineless cowards who couldn't cope with any sort of pressure. 


You know what happens now right? We're going to go through mediocrity with occasional greatness while Jose Mourinho continues to win at the highest level. Even better, you know what happens if he stays in the PL? He comes back and beats us, again and again and win titles. Remember this is a manager with 50% success at winning PL titles, what we have is a group who never won without him.


Thank you Jose, for every time you were happy like us, for every time you were sad like us, for every time you cared like us, unlike them. The best.

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And just like that, he is gone.

Thank you Jose for the time you had with us, memories made at the Sunderland game last season when we lifted the trophy!

Jose Mourinho: Chelsea sack boss after Premier League slump - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/34670192

What do you guys feel should have happened? I feel that he maybe should have stayed through the transfer window, see what he could have done to improve the squad.

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What would common sense be? Sell £300m odd worth of contracted playing staff at below market value and replace them with equivalents at above market value?

Everyone sas desperate for it to work this season. It hasn't. If this happened at a club you didn't support I suspect very few people would be saying that the players who are incumbent champions are suddenly, and for no reason, overpaid mercenaries* who betrayed their manager.

*if this were true why would jose be exempt from this description?

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Once again player power wins over common sense. Thank you Jose you truly are the special one!!

Which one of the players in our current roster exhibited player power or is this just speculation? Mourinho's lost the dressing room and he failed woefully to create any attacking philosophy in our play. Relying on defensive organisation and the individual brilliance of Hazard in attack can only take you so far.

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but if results didn't improve the fans would be desperate for change. Whether results will improve and prove it was jose's tactics all along, we'll soon find out. if results stay the same then his sacking will prove a poor decision. I am hoping for a change in personnel and position, and maybe roman will insist the new manager play more youth. 

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Cannot say I am surprised, given the form and performances of the team.


The man is a legend and he will always be loved by most Chelsea fans and no doubt his name will be sung for 90 minutes Saturday.


But now we look to the future, whoever that will be with and we get behind that manager and the team as we have done with Jose.


Thank you Jose Mourinho for leading our club to 3 premier league titles and various other honours - it will take a lot for you to be knocked off your perch as the greatest manager in our history.

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I still feel indifferent, its hard to not justify the decision the results have been too bad. I do think they should have at least given him the Sunderland game, we were never going to beat Leicester they're in inspired form. Regardless there's no denying Mourinho has been our most successful manager and i wish him the best

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Is the other thread locked now then ?


I f**king loved Jose and will always consider him a legend, but anyone with half a brain cell should be able to see that this is for the best. It couldnt go on anymore.


He'll get a rest and then be back to start his 3 year cycle somewhere else next Summer, whilst we pick up the pieces of this second coming. Its been toxic this season, worse than anything we've seen from him before. Its for the best, it really is....


Thanks for everything Jose you loved us and we loved you. You cared, and thats why we loved you, i think even more than the trophies.. But one thing is for sure, there aint going to be a 3rd act.

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people were saying he needs to go and there's no other choice, then as soon as he gets the sack people are complaining he's been sacked. i don't personally feel it was a bad decision as we should never have been where we were, facing relegation ffs. 

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Create an attacking philosophy - Failed


Bring in youth - Failed


Change your confrontational behaviour - Failed


Don't undermine the club in public - Failed


Own up to your failures. Stop blaming others and formulating conspiracies - Failed


Add to all that, we're 16th, 1 point from the relegation zone with half of the season gone. Hard to argue Roman didn't make the right decision. 

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