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  1. Should play as striker! Very strong and silky with height.
  2. 100 % agreed, its frustrating that we've stuck with him for this long.
  3. I'm kind of annoyed he played the full match when we play West Ham away in a few days, probably should have taken him off at 60min, he deserves some rest. Is Drinkwater even in the club's plans? Not even in the Europa League squad.
  4. He can't leave anyway. Has to stay for another year to qualify as homegrown. The 3-year rule starts after age 15.
  5. I can't think of a single game we've won that Hazard played false 9. Maybe the 3-0 win against Bournemouth at home 16/17 when Costa was suspended but thats it. Hazard is a creator whether thats through space or chances by pulling opposition defenders towards him. With him being in the middle, it just clogs up the channels. I know some have made the Mertens argument as he blossomed under Sarri as a striker, but I just can't see Hazard having the same effect in the middle.
  6. I thought this myth was debunked entirely.
  7. Is it fair to say someone like Kalou could easily walk in to our XI at striker or wing? Morata is questionable at the moment and Willian isn't as productive as Kalou was.
  8. If Willian is in the starting line up next season, I'll be disappointed.
  9. Nah he was just out shined, out pressed, and out hustled. The Barca defenders locked him up very well, credit to them. When they have with someone like Messi in the training ground, shackling a pretender like Hazard was probably light work. I think going forward, if he leaves, I won't care too much. The guy doesn't have what it takes mentally to take it to the next level. Needs to look himself in the mirror.
  10. Is this the first time in football history a top manager has just gave up? Its really strange how someone who is as tactically obsessed as Conte has become this.
  11. I can't even think of a single match that was won with Hazard as the "false-9". Its a running joke at this point, and even more so when using that tactic against the same man who basically made it popular.
  12. Those managers are basically Conte-light, pragmatic in thought and approach even if they have differing styles. Actually Sarri is just another Ancelotti, I don't think he has much of back bone -- would allow the board to walk all over him and then sack him. Need to find a balance between these extremes.
  13. Unfortunately, its impossible to fire him without payout. Give him his 20 mil, thank him for his service and let him walk. Bring one of the reserve coaches as caretaker until the situation can be sorted. Really sad it has to end this way, I thought Conte would be a great manager for us, but clearly he has some issues as displayed in Juve and now here.
  14. Conte has to go. Club has had enough. Clearly his heart isn't in it, and is probably homesick etc.
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