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  1. Banter era blues See you in 2021 lads, when we're decent.
  2. Lol then fans turn on him 6 months in ? Rinse and repeat
  3. Commentator just said "Chelsea have never won a premier league game trailing 2-0 at half time" Yikes
  4. I'm actually so tired of Alonso. God help him.
  5. Starting Morata would have given us a focal point. Any striker for that matter. Would have occupied the central defenders giving Hazard more room to work.
  6. True. Using an exact replica of Spur's tactics. Pressing Jorginho and getting in our faces.
  7. Sad to say this game would have suited Morata.
  8. I still want to give Sarri time. Yeah we're sh*t but atleast give him a season. We're running out of managers at this rate.
  9. I think we have an invisible 6'5 target man up front that only our players can see considering these crosses.
  10. We need attacking full backs and a real striker. Tired of Alonso, and Hazard as false nine.
  11. I have a feeling Emerson will start on the left wing, Victor Moses on the right, and Hazard as a striker.
  12. Arnautovic turns 30 this year. And he's a bit of a diva given the way he left Stoke. I wouldn't mind Wilson. Pacey player who knows where the net is.
  13. Should play as striker! Very strong and silky with height.

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