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  1. My man of the match. The one goal he let in for t he equalizer was not his fault and he had little time to react.
  2. Can we recall Kennedy back from New Castle ? Or shift Caesar to LB and have another RB ?
  3. Dear Referee please red card Alonso. I think Chelsea have a better chance of winning without that bum in this game !
  4. It is annoying when we are playing in dangerous area and we are still looking to pass rather than clear the danger and just get the ball away!
  5. This draw which feels like a loss is clearly on Chelsea and not on the referees. I dont think Wolves were given an unfair advantage by the referees.
  6. The only formation change that could have helped us vs a well organized and physical Wolves team was to play Higuain and Giroud to occupy their physical defenders and create gaps. Also Sarri is partly responsible for Jorginhos poor form. You overplay him in a physical and fast paced league - it will eventually catch up with him as it did a lot of our players. I am not making excuses for Jorginho as I agree with a lot of folks assessment of how poor he is, but overplaying him is only making things worse for him and that is on Sarri.
  7. Higuain will bust a gut if he just tried running.
  8. YES !!! Finally Sarri sees what we see in jorginho!
  9. RLC could have got us back there - unfortunate!
  10. I still feel optimistic that we can win this game
  11. For me the biggest advantage with playing CHO is that he gives vital rest to our wingers. Considering the amount of matches we play with only 4 wingers, giving plenty of minutes to CHO will give Willian/Pedro/Hazard more rest and will enable them to be fresher when they have to be played in games in which Sarri wont trust CHO. Taking those minutes away and distributing it to our 3 wingers is making them tired as well. And the tiredness is now showing late in the season.

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