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  1. Between CHO, Werner, Mount, Pulisic, Ziyech and Havertz we have a decent set of wingers. Adding Sancho for that price will be excess unless CHO goes to Dortmund and we get Sancho for a deeply discounted price. If it can infuriate Bayern while keeping Dortmund strong, It will make me happy.
  2. +Gets To Party + Avoids fatigue/injury risk + More time to train Why are people complaining ? What Am I missing ?
  3. Which Chelsea rival had the best transfer in this window in your opinion ?
  4. what kind of price are they willing to pay ? They are not the most generous in terms of transfer money.
  5. the only way this weekend can get any better is if the rest of the lousy teams draw or lose.
  6. I would not mind the fictional Rambo in a Chelsea Tee
  7. I gave it a thought but felt that Kai does not put in the same defensive shift as Mount and he needs to get used to the league before I would be comfortable putting him in the middle of the 3 man midfield
  8. Mendy Azpi - Silva- Zouma - Chilwell Kante - Kovacic Mount Odoi - Giroud - Werner If you are reading this Lampard .... no need to thank me.
  9. We need our defense pairings to form a chemistry with each other and that can unfortunately happen only if they get a consistent run of games together and the same goes for the DM position as well. However, having said that - I am still concerned by our lack of scoring. Inspite of a leaky defense we need to be outscoring West Brom. The amount of wasted chances is criminal.
  10. Ramirez was instrumental in us winning the champions league game vs Barcelona when we were a man down. Having spend tons of money on Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Palmieri, Kennedy and so on so forth - is this the player we want to criticize ?
  11. I have zero problem loaning Rudiger to TitsNHam if they guarantee him a regular start. One thing that Mourinho does proper is to organize a defense and maybe the move under Mourinho might help Rudiger and us once Rudiger comes back to us later.
  12. In all fairness he are down a few goals so makes sense to replace a defensive player with an attacking one and someone who can hold the ball and bring others into the attack. If Giroud too had converted some of the chances he missed it would have looked to have been a worthy change and we may even have won the game.
  13. You can make the same argument about Kante esp in our title winning year under Conte. What i am curious to know is, given that we have spent on Kova, what we know about Kante in his prime why do we think he is the solution ? What does he do or does better than these two people ? I feel Kante is used more like a box to box midfielder than a proper DM. What if the same if tried with Declan ? I would prefer to spend that money on seasoned proven CBs.
  14. I have not seen any West Ham matched. Considering that Declan is supposed to cost north of 70 million, what does he bring to the table that Kante and Kovacic does not ? Dont tell me 4 inches of height.
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