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  1. This is just my opinion but I dont think Frank is going to change that approach. From what i understand this is similar to his philosophy in his earlier coaching stint. We really should have let Giroud go to a Inter or any of the other clubs in a different league.
  2. looks like he was playing with a fever.
  3. It seems Lampards game is based on fast running and pressing and I can see why he feels like Giroud is not going to be a good fit for this style. But having said that, we are doing an absolute disservice to Giroud and our bank by not letting him go to a team where he can get a chance to play. This is bad - a huge disconnect in the vision between the coach and the board which is ending up affecting the player.
  4. Sarcasm or genuinely curious ?
  5. You are saying that - but he too had some crazy give aways in dangerous areas that could have easily translated to goals for Everton.
  6. Ideally if Zouma was ready, he would have gathered steam and run into the ball in stride and carried on with the ball forward. Also, Had Kepa been more cognizant, he would never have just kicked the ball there without even checking on Zouma. There would have been no 3rd goal. I dont think our defense is built to play from the back or is consistently in sync with each other.
  7. I am glad that the transfer ban is gone. Zouma needs to go - I dont think he fits Chelsea's style.
  8. Good point. For me personally and maybe some of you might agree - This transfer ban is a great way for us to evaluate our existing squad. We can determine which youngsters are worthy of hanging on to. Which of the older players can still do a job for us. What kind of players do we need to make Lamards vision of football successful. Then we can target those players.
  9. Having a great striker will go a long way in showcasing his importance to the team.
  10. How would you rate his play vs Liverpool ? He did not try anything stupid. He still did not look comfortable with the ball at his feet, but did enough to quickly get the ball away to the next person before he gets pressurized and did the basic mop up when the attack came his way. Good enough for a squad defender , right ?
  11. 2 people spoke to a Danish newspaper that they signed for City and played before they turned 18. That does not imply that those were the only 2 breaches. Also, I dont think there were any numbers dallied about as the minimum requirement for punishment. You are right if they have lesser breaches then their punishment should be lesser - like a 1 window transfer ban. But coming away wish a tickle as a punishment is just a farce.
  12. No news on the contract yet .....
  13. Does anyone feel maybe he will do better in a 2 striker system ? Maybe a better question should be given that our entire squad is a collection of past the prime or subpar or unproven players - what would be the best formation and players for scoring the most goals ?
  14. I dont understand the desire to sell Zouma. Zappacosta cost us 30 million odd and a player like Zouma will cost something similar if not something slightly more. You want some one like a VVD then be prepared to shell out mega money like striker level money. And with Chelsea being where they are I think that sort of money should be spent on a scoring striker. It is unfortunate that Zouma had a mega brain fart at the wrong time, but can we honestly say that all the 4 goals we let in are primarily due to Zoumas fault alone ? He will take time to get adjusted to Franks demands, having a relationship with Christensen as well as learning to play with the ball at his feet.
  15. So City were found guilty by FIFA of the very same thing Chelsea were accused of but instead of handing the same or a lesser transfer ban they were fined pocket money. I rule for Chelsea one rule for the rest of the soccer clubs.

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