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  1. You're right. highlighted bit - agent fees. chels/Roman hates these parasites saudi fc will pay anything one day the saudi oil will dry up so its a state exercise to invest/corrupt away from oil and their own economy etc but chels is the comrads toy!
  2. Kante Jorginho Alonso azza to name a few you can only be so sure about a player until hes in blue on the pitch all the scouting and super computers in the world couldn't prevent crappy signings. buy an old escort cozzy as a runner/fun car lasts 25 years and then burns to the ground in your garage buy a mcclaren p1, lasts 2 weeks before the engine falls out its never easy and theres no solid math involved luck!
  3. tracked back covering azza today hes a funny one hot cold warm wet rinse repeat!
  4. wtf lmao defending the team and rebutting harsh unfair comments and defending myself isnt attacking anyone you on the other hand forum police? pathetic
  5. Roman, Get putin into uefa, needs a shake up! heh corruption premier league saudi at the top, How long the ruskis going to let this go on?
  6. ooo arrr mrs says the div doing nothing but butting in to attack me
  7. for sure. im just defending the team from a few negative nellys
  8. facts scotty boy, facts. such a boring wetty as per
  9. one sarcastic comment as a rebuttle all you want is a moan at me. go get laid ffs!
  10. opinion? facts brahhh 4pts off epic stats unbeaten moan moan moan p.s good input
  11. dig? you mean shutting down crappy uninformed opinions by whinging babys when were 4pts off the top? soz....Dad
  12. this is how you can tell who actually goes to the bridge instead of playing fifa and FM sat at home moaning
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