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  1. What a terrible performance by Higuain against Manchester United tonight...
  2. Raheem Sterling has been a massive contributor for Manchester City in the recent two seasons (including this). Hazard is far more skilled than him indeed, but there's no denial that Sterling has a better end product and will only continue to improve.
  3. Raheem Sterling: 19 goals & 16 assists Eden Hazard: 16 goals & 11 assists
  4. My goodness, Higuain is so fecking bad. Just shows on how freaking good Diego Costa was during his time with Chelsea.
  5. Azpi and Sarri post-match interviews with Sky Sports... https://streamable.com/c320t
  6. It's too late, Vinicius Jr. has quickly established himself as a key player for Real Madrid and has plenty of room to grow. Hazard should've joined them at the first opportunity instead of signing that contract extension in 2015.
  7. What’s this obsession with CHO, haven't seen any good reasons that justifies his hype. It's not like he's the second coming of Kylian Mbappé as advertised lol. At this point of time, CHO is been used as a tool to criticise Sarri with.
  8. I never rated Sarri particularly high and it looks like I'm being proven right.
  9. Both Morata & Torres are among Chelsea's top 5 most expensive signings (all of them costs £50m or above). They came with big expectations, but couldn't live up to them. As the title says, who do you think was the worst if you had to chose?
  10. Good riddance. Definitely one of the absolute worst signings since Abramovich took over the club. Morata Miss Compilation (all sitters missed 17/18) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPLrgXNFuJA&t
  11. Here's footage of that situation. https://streamable.com/rp95c
  12. Out of curiosity, what was your initial perception on Fabregas before he even joined Chelsea?
  13. Yes, it's offside and yes he scored 2 goals against Nottingham Forest today. But still... how on earth did Morata to make such a ridiculous miss on an open goal. https://streamable.com/r1uoq
  14. Thibaut Courtois best goalkeeper of 2018 in Ballon d'Or final rankings https://twitter.com/francefootball/status/1069651271341223936

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