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  1. Train? Our fans should all urinate on him as he is leaving the stadium.
  2. Sarri doesnt have a fecking clue mate. He is trash. Epitome of a garbage disposal. Total football fraud. Feckers style is Sarrifraud not Sarriball.
  3. Whoever thinks Sarri should stay, have your head checked at your local psychiatrist please.
  4. Mate, I wont read that long post because I dont need stats to tell me our attack is sh*te.
  5. Im pretty sure he has many years as a season ticketholder.
  6. When Roman first bought us, he did not love us. He was either going to buy us, or Tottenham. We made top 4 that year and Hit the lottery due to this fact. Roman does love Chelsea now, although it does seem that love is dwindling down. Therefore if Ratcliffe takes over, he already owns a season ticket with us. He would learn to love Chelsea just as Roman did. After all, 2.5B is a lot of money to invest in.
  7. I have no hope the board will buy quality players. Theyre lazy and lack ambition. Its better for them to spend huge money on dross and have an easy deal, then actually negotiate hard to get good players in.
  8. We cant attack, we cant defend and we have a midfield who cant defend nor attack. Shambles.
  9. I expect to see these headlines: "Roman tells England to feck off from his Yacht as he announces he sells Chelsea FC to a Rat!", "Sarri still confused about his players mentality", "The Betrayal! Eden Hazard leaves Chelsea for Real Madrid- Player states on twitter he was side fecking with Madrid for 3 years."
  10. Where is this quote and question? I want to see it. Also pretty sad state of affairs if its true. Can only blame the board for lacking ambition. I used to be pissed off at Hazard for flirting with Madrid but not anymore. He gave us a lot of chances to change for the best, but we have accepted mediocrity. We are top 4 at best in England and there are many other clubs in other leagues better then us and with more ambition.
  11. I wouldnt want to lose Roman. Thats all ive got to say about Ratcliffe.
  12. Hazard appears to be playing with less intensity lately. I suspect he is trying to stay injury free for the rest of this season before his deal with Madrid.
  13. He can also switch between Kova and Barkley you know. ?

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