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  1. Im pretty sure he has many years as a season ticketholder.
  2. When Roman first bought us, he did not love us. He was either going to buy us, or Tottenham. We made top 4 that year and Hit the lottery due to this fact. Roman does love Chelsea now, although it does seem that love is dwindling down. Therefore if Ratcliffe takes over, he already owns a season ticket with us. He would learn to love Chelsea just as Roman did. After all, 2.5B is a lot of money to invest in.
  3. I have no hope the board will buy quality players. Theyre lazy and lack ambition. Its better for them to spend huge money on dross and have an easy deal, then actually negotiate hard to get good players in.
  4. Where is this quote and question? I want to see it. Also pretty sad state of affairs if its true. Can only blame the board for lacking ambition. I used to be pissed off at Hazard for flirting with Madrid but not anymore. He gave us a lot of chances to change for the best, but we have accepted mediocrity. We are top 4 at best in England and there are many other clubs in other leagues better then us and with more ambition.
  5. I wouldnt want to lose Roman. Thats all ive got to say about Ratcliffe.
  6. Hazard appears to be playing with less intensity lately. I suspect he is trying to stay injury free for the rest of this season before his deal with Madrid.
  7. He can also switch between Kova and Barkley you know. ?
  8. Show Sarri mercy and put him down. Let him manage the rest of his career in the Serie B.
  9. Us showing him no ambition and effort really doesn't make his case to stay strong. If anything, he is currently trying to give Chelsea a chance, but just like any hard headed man, we wont change, so the lady will walk away and be in the arms of another man eventually.
  10. Weve found another scapegoat it seems...
  11. LOL! Mate, give your head a wobble. Hazard is easily better then them all aside from Messi and Ronaldo. Neymar id rate as his current equal.
  12. CB passes to LB, LB passes to Winger, Winger passes to LB, LB passes to CB, CB passes to RB, RB passes to Winger, Winger passes to RB, RB passes to CB.......... Rinse and repeat for 90 minutes. Fecking clueless attack. Whiskey C*ck penetrates deeper then we do.
  13. Ultimately Jorginho's job is to recycle the ball safely and to make sure he passes correctly. He is the registra. It's his job and quite simply, the only job thats been placed on to him by Sarri. He does not help much defensively, nor is there pressure for him to score. Just as there is more placed pressure on David Luiz' defending and how the spotlight is always on him defensively, the same goes for Jorginho and his role.
  14. His passing was subpar yesterday, but at least he had the match winning goal.
  15. Here is a fun fact for everyone: Kovacic has gone 100 senior games without scoring any goals.
  16. Shocking behavior. Must know Sarri is getting sacked.
  17. Booing Jorginho is a disgrace to be honest. You can boo Sarri for his tactics but not Jorginho who is simply doing his job, in his first season in PL. Cut the guy some slack. He is learning the league in probably the most difficult place in the team.
  18. You go topic to topic attacking posters because you think your opinion is better then theirs. You and your little crew of few. Dont moan about this being an internet forum and not being a court of law when you act like a wanna be sheriff to begin with.
  19. Get rid. I stand corrected to assume he needed time. He is useless.
  20. How is this is any way media being anti Chelsea? Get off that victim mentality mate.
  21. I would say that Jokanovich was easily the worst player ever for us.
  22. Lol he is not better then either of them...
  23. Pulisic is not better then Donovan ever was.... He will be probably, but he is not yet. Currently Donovan is the best player ever for USA along with Tim Howard. Pulisic will probably surpass both, but not currently he has not.
  24. Kepa let in a soft goal yesterday (Gundogan's goal), but that's fine. It's not like anyone was helping him.
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