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  1. dustbin719

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    As some here have already pointed out, it would be utterly stupid to sell CHO now. Put aside Chelsea / Homegrown / He's one of ours sentiment for now. From a purely business perspective, here are the possibilities if CHO doesn't sign in 6 months: 1) He plays regularly for the next 6 months. Does reasonably well, proving he is PL ready. Come summertime, he still refuses to sign (for whatever reason). Still with 1 year on his contract, if we list him for the current bid of 35m, there will be suitors. Possibly can ask for more given today's inflated prices for high potential youngsters. 2) He doesn't play at all in the next 6 months. Refuses to sign in the summer. Still with 1 year left, given previous hype, I would say you would get offers at 25m (30% discount). Might even have more than 1 interested party in the summer, which would increase the final price as well. If Bayern are interested now, there will be a market in 6 months time. 3) He plays regularly for the next 2-3 months. Does poorly and is benched. Or sustains a minor/medium injury and loses his place. Refuses to sign in the summer. Given his previous levels of hype, at worst, there will be interest at 20m (about 40% discount from current 35m). This would be the perfect price for someone like Dortmund who can develop him in a slightly "easier" league, and then sell him on again for 60m+ 4) He plays regularly and gets seriously injured (Ligament, broken leg) (knock on wood!!) In this case, he'll probably sign with us, or maybe even lose the Chelsea contract as well. It'll be a long road to recovery, but with his technique, even if he loses his pace, there's still a fine player there. May have to learn a new position. Scenario 1), if this happens, he most likely would sign with us anyways. And even if he doesn't, we're looking at the same transfer fee, or possibly more, than 35m Scenario 2) I don't see this happening given our current Winger situation. Sarri also seems to have changed his tune, and I think we can all agree, would rather see CHO than Willian at this point. And if he really doesn't play, we're looking at a 10m "loss", which is nothing in today's transfer world. Scenario 3) This could happen. In my mind, a "loss" of 15m is worth the risk for a potential superstar level player Scenario 4) The absolute worst case and probably what the club is most worried about. But you could say the same thing about every expensive signing we make. The only difference I can think of is that without an open market transaction record, perhaps insurance companies would only value CHO at a few million pounds vs 35m? Hence if he has a terrible injury, Chelsea would only get insurance payouts based off of a much lower valuation. If CHO refuses to sign in 6 months, scenarios 1-3 would still be considered a WIN by Chelsea in my book. Scenario 4 would be a LOSS, but with such a generational talent, risking 35m (aka 1 Thirsty Danny) seems like a no brainer to me.
  2. dustbin719


    An interesting tactical breakdown comparing Willian vs Pedro. Seems like Sarri-ball is playing straight to Pedro's strengths, hence the markedly improved performances
  3. dustbin719

    Alvaro Morata

    New poster here but long time lurker I think Giroud has shown enough over the last 3 games to merit a stater's place moving forward. Especially against teams that play a low block and try to park the bus, Giroud's pressing, hold up play and even link-up play with Hazard is just so much better than Morata's. I would much rather have Giroud on the pitch and hopefully get on the front foot with a goal. Morata can come on when teams are chasing games and are forced to come out of their shell. The only thing he seems capable of doing decently these days is to make runs in behind. I think the main problem with Morata is the Intensity with which he presses. Going back to the Arsenal game, I remember distinctly thinking that he presses at a "saunter". Giroud, Pedro and others, when they go in to press, they immediately close down the space with intensity, forcing the opposition to quickly have to make a decision. They may not win the ball outright, but if they force the defender into a mistake, this creates an opportunity for our second or third "wave" of pressing to win the ball back high up the pitch. With Morata, his initial press is not done with enough intensity or urgency. He presses at almost a half-sprint, which gives the defender much more time to make the correct decision on how to pass out of the press. The frustrating thing is, this should be the easiest thing to do. This is about 90% commitment and maybe 10% tactical awareness on when to begin the press (the triggers that Sarri talks about). I'm not looking for him to dive into every tackle, I'm just looking for him to close the space with intent. Make the defender feel that we're "on top of them in a flash". This leads me to believe that he is one of those people, who believe they are working at their hardest, but are actually not working anywhere near hard enough. He likes to talk about how committed he is, and I think he might genuinely believe (or at least has convinced himself) that he is giving 100% on the pitch. However, his performance speaks for itself. He has very little impact on the game. I think at this stage, he needs to be dropped. Giroud has out worked him, and out performed him. Morata needs to show that he can impact a game in 20-30 minute stints, before he can be trusted for starting duties again. With the congested fixture list coming up, I do hope Sarri has a plan B for the striker situation. If Morata doesn't wake up, I think even RLC or Barkley in a False 9 Role would be better than what Morata is contributing now? Or move Hazard into the middle with CHO on the wing for Europa games?