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  1. looking forward to this one, went last year to the night game and we was doing well till it all changed second half. As people have already mentioned, keeping it tight at the back is very important but we must take our chances when we get them. be a huge bonus to have Kante involved again. 2-1 to chels with the usual nervous moments
  2. Happy with the draw but dreading the VWR ticket fiasco
  3. Agree with this post. I certainly don't won't Chels to lose, I want us to win all our games that's why i'm driving 3 hours tomorrow and next Wednesday I also am baffled by Sarri's tactics, stubbornness and his predictable line ups but nature will take its course with Him and I imagine the decision will be made after the games against City and the Spuds on Wednesday. Anyway, you never know, the team might actually turn up Sunday and give city a game, we will see. Hoping to see CHO start tomorrow as Pedro is apparently injured
  4. Hudson-Odoi in the first half, thought Azpi and Kante had good games too, feeling confident about the second leg but still crying out for a striker
  5. Just got back that second half performance was horrendous, totally bullied off the ball, our players knocking the ball about like we was 3 or 4 up not losing with 20 to go. A sense of urgency is required alonso needs to be dropped when the opposition has pace like that, exposed so many times. Morata, where do I start, he is just not good enough for Chelsea. It was embarrassing how many times he went down and as for the chance he missed straight after halftime words fail me. another worrying thing is our lack of a plan B, like for like subs all the time and nothing different tactically. anyway rant over, more points dropped because we don’t have a striker that can finish. Lets hope they try some different on Saturday because city will tear that 433 to pieces, not that I’m suggesting we do a conte and don’t come out are half goodnight all
  6. agree with that line up but would start Pedro instead of Willian but maybe he will be rested for City, maybe bring Cesc on early to for Jorginho if things are going well. Alonso needs a rest for sure. Tricky game either way but looking forward to the trip there.
  7. Hi All, Cant post on the ticket thread yet so was just wondering if the Burnley tickets have been dispatched yet. apologies for using this thread thanks
  8. Agree with this post. DL does have an issue with concentration and giving away needless free kicks like the one that led to Cardiffs goal on Saturday but still think he is good enough for 80% per cent of our games. I must admit though I am a little worried about when we play the top teams and he is under a lot more pressure, on a positive note some of his passing is a joy to watch.

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