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  1. As a defender Cahill still has it as his block on Willian's shot at the end of the first half proved. But unfortunately just being a defender is not enough nowadays, you have to be able play out from the back and Cahill can't do that. Was at the game Shed lower and we gave Cahill a good send off he should have got last season especially at Leicester when we had nothing to play for.
  2. Pikeys have always done it, to there credit they are always well organised.... always arrive early get in a home pub and get surrounded by old bill who then escort them to the ground. Few years ago they came by boat. Where we used to have smaller mobs and not organised. I remember going to Forest away when 2 chelsea mobs squared up to each other.
  3. Looks like Dempsey is going for the Max Wall look........ The older generation on he will remember him lol
  4. You never know a good run of games could be the making of him....Kane couldn't get a game at s**rs until injuries then got a few games and started scoring..... IMHO opinion though Conte will go with Pedro Hazard Willian lots af pace will scare the hell out of defenses specially if they keep changing positions
  5. Correct it was 50p to get in via the shed.... Only used to go in there if my girlfriend now wife insisted she wanted to come to the match. Used to ruin my Saturday afternoon lol.
  6. Apparently he is off to Palace according to the telegraph
  7. Had a work colleague who went to Thailand and brought some moody Le Coste T shirts we kept winding up saying the crocodile was facing the wrong way
  8. With the Nike tick facing th wrong way and on the opposite side of the shirt
  9. Back in the day none of us old gits would never have dreamed of seeing win the league one let alone the champions league. I'm 56 now and went to West Brom to see us win the league and saw us loose at Wembley. Both times the support at West Brom and Wembley were great it wouldn't, have come close the the late 70's early 80's crowd or intimidation.
  10. Such memories of the good bad old days....I feel so old looking back at these pictures
  11. Sounds better than the Skoda hart lane or the Lada hart lane lol
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