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  1. I agree with you, he's a lot better than people here are saying. How often does Giroud get on and score that last dich goal? He does it a lot and his all around play is very good. I'd have him over Crouch or Carrol any day. The price is high but I am a fan of football, not an accountant. But is he even available? I doubt it.
  2. Been a busy few years for you hasn't it. City, Chelsea, Leicester, Chelsea, and probably Man City again next. At least you can re-use the City and Chelsea shirts on a fairly regular basis, but those Leicester shirts and souvenirs you'd best keep for a collectors sale in about 2065.
  3. Lol. A wonderful mix of entitlement, hubris, ignorance and outright balderdash. I reckon you're only Chelsea when we win.
  4. Cleveland's finest purveyors of Avant-Garage for the last 40 years. Pere Ubu.
  5. They probably check out these fan forums.
  6. Rumour must have damned good hearing to have heard what those few words were about.
  7. I am not a fan of Metal, but a very long time ago before that word was coined there was seriously heavy rock of which Black Sabbath's first two albums were the personification - I balked at Masters of Reality; it lacked charm in any form. One of my favourite tracks on their second album Paranoid was War Pigs and here is a 1974 live video from California. Keep your eyes on Bill Ward and Geezer Butler, it's mesmerising stuff, a rhythm section to rival even John Paul Jones and Bonzo..................
  8. It was like going to sleep in a Tower Hamlets bedsit and waking up in Harrods with a no limits Amex Card.
  9. Oh my, where to even begin. George Hilsden maybe, 164 appearances and 107 goals! Jimmy Greaves 169/132 .I even liked Sutton. No one seems to be mentioning the marvellous Tore Andre Flo, or Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank. I can't choose three, it would be a crime. Each of our forwards had his time and with a couple of notable exceptions it was the right time for Chelsea. :) KTBFFH.
  10. Cheeky one this, it's an entire LIVE album. Zep in 1970, several years before Plants voice had melted his vocal chords, and at a time when Jimmy's hands still knew where the chords were. It's also mixed in such a way that Bonham and Jones' work can be heard for the brilliance it is. Basically this is the oment when no other rock band on earth came even close to Zep's brilliance.
  11. He looks pretty good to me. Young, athletic, smart. tackles well, passes well, scores. Who does he replace? Well, I reckon he could even play in front of the back three. It's all a lottery in the end but he looks a good bet. A good buy!
  12. Right. All you have to do is want to take it that way. No science needed at all, and clearly none used.
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