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  1. It's a joy to watch this lad express himself tonight on the international stage. I have a feeling he will be national news tomorrow. Sarri is looking more stupid by the minute here. Second youngest player for England behind Rooney. We have a very special talent on our hands.
  2. I like Rudiger and think he is one of the better players in the squad. However, I also feel Sarri has man-managed his squad poorly over the season which is principally he finds himself with an unhappy player.
  3. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11674926/andreas-christensen-trapped-with-chelsea-keen-to-keep-players Interesting comments from Andreas. You can interpret from this that he clearly wants to leave. I can't blame him for wanting out. Completely understandable when the first eleven is effectively a closed shop and the manager doesn't trust young players Keeping players against their will result in an unhappy camp and seasons like we have had this year will only continue.
  4. Couldn't agree more with the above. He was rightly subbed off and was absolutely awful all game. After the goal last week, I was hoping we would see him kick on and start showing his worth in the team. Sadly he was back to his usual self today.
  5. Disagreed with the team selection again today. Whatever he has been trying in midfield since the start of the season (Kovacic/Jorginho/Kante) it still isn't working...
  6. An absolutely awful 45 minutes from Kovacic. Hopefully there are no plans to make this loan move permanent. I wouldn't put it past the club though. The even bigger tragedy is he prevents Ruben from playing (who will seemingly never get a fair opportunity and would be well within his rights to hand in a transfer request at the end of the season). Hopefully he improves in the second half but I'm sure the inevitable 60 minute substitution will arrive.
  7. CHO transfer request is just the tip of the iceberg. Christensen is surely set to also hand in a transfer request in the summer having been completely overlooked so far. It's an important part of his career and he can't continue like this. Some won't be bothered by the looks of things, but I fully expect him to develop into a very effective centre back.
  8. As a fan the transfer request is awful news. Although I can't blame him. Sign a new contract and be sent on loan for the next 3 years? Our treatment of young players has been disgusting at times so reputation goes before us unfortunately. He wants to leave to somewhere he will get a proper opportunity - good on him.
  9. It's very sad that Chelsea will never do this. Harry Kane had some very uninspiring loan spells and is great proof of what can happen when you give someone a chance. I would love to see him recalled and given a chance amidst the current striking situation but it's very sad Chelsea don't operate in this way. Hopefully they will prove me wrong.
  10. Can't see confirmation either way as to whether he was carrying a knock or just not selected. If the latter, I'm very concerned. Hopefully he is injured but not seriously.
  11. I think Willian has been a great player over the years for Chelsea. No doubt in the last few games he has been far from his best. I'm not sure if he is declining through age or if he is just a bit tired. He has started the last 4 games (one of which was a dead rubber) so perhaps Sarri needs to rotate him more to see him back to his best.
  12. Really having to do it the hard way if he is to make a success at our club. Sarri just won't give him a chance from the start in a league game (Wolves the only exception so far). Agree with all the above, RLC should have started today in place of Willian who just looks completely jaded and looks like he has played far too much football recently.
  13. Opinion of Andreas seems mixed amongst fans this season. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/dec/17/football-transfer-rumours-chelseas-andreas-christensen-to-barcelona Personally, it is no surprise for me to see another big European club linked with him. I think he needs regular game time, so wouldn't be surprised to see him leave. Is this something we might regret? I think so
  14. I hear both Skinnedy & Atomis arguments and do accept your points. I don't think the club bought these players believing they were average though. Some players bought for modest transfer fees do indeed turn out to be world class (Azpi a great example in my opinion). Emerson for me actually hasn't had a proper chance yet and but has looked good when I've seen of him.
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