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  1. They will, more than likely. It's probably better they manage a lower-league team first and get some experience.
  2. From my favourite band of all time. I now laugh when I hear it because a DJ on a local station talked about his most embarrassing moments as a DJ, and this song was in the background.
  3. This is just a sample of what I've listened to over the past week or so Variety is the spice of life for me, what can I say?
  4. The first Chelsea-related thing I ever had was a Lampard T-shirt, which I wore every match of the 2012-13 season. League, FL, FA, and Europa League. It smelled so bad by the end that I was looking for a fumigate setting on the washer[emoji23]It sucked when he left. Good luck, Frank, I hope to see you and JT lead CFC to victory from the touch line one day.
  5. Then the two play rock-paper-scissors over who's gaffer and who's assistant?
  6. As I said before, time will tell if Roman was justified in sacking Jose. Right now, it looks good. Even if we have no CL football next year, we can use that to make our comeback. As for Jose coming back, not happening. It doesn't make sense. He's good for a while, and then it all goes downhill, and the slide was the worst this year than ever. As much as I hate to say this, and as much as I looked forward to his return when it happened, I'm glad he's gone. The drama week in and week out got to be too much. It was like a never ending soap opera. But if he does, I'll eat my Lampard T-shirt.
  7. I've been binge-watching "Clarissa Explains It All" on YouTube. It's a sitcom for kids, and it's about a girl named Clarissa Darling, and her life. When the serial starts, she's a junior high school student and aspiring journalist. It ends when she graduates from high school and goes off to New York City for an internship at a newspaper. One of the running gags in it is her sibling rivalry with her younger brother Ferguson. Her dad, Marshall, is an architect, and her mom, Janet, works at a children's museum. Her best friend is Sam, a young man who enters her second story bedroom window through a ladder.
  8. I'm enjoying watching episodes of this old show called "Tattletales". It's a game show from the 70's and 80's. Here's an episode, since it's easier shown than explained.
  9. Whilst part of me is hoping to see more of Didier and Frank tag team at making Steven Gerrard cry, seeing him as a coach would be great too.
  10. Can't say I didn't see it coming. But now what?
  11. I can't help it, he just seems to make the most inspirational songs

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