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  1. Pains me to say it, but we should really be looking to replace Lampard. These performances do not reflect the level of our squad. I didn't expect a title challenge from us this season, but we are severely underperforming. Sadly it doesn't look like Lamps knows how to get us out of it.
  2. Have you ever seen Quincy Promes play? Lmao
  3. This is why I didn't want Lampard as a manager. Didn't ever think it was going to end well.
  4. Really glad we put 3 past them in the end. Hoping that will do our confidence a world of good.
  5. I know Werner wants to play centrally but I'm really not sure our opportunities should be falling to him. He's an awful finisher.
  6. We should've gotten a winger instead of putting werner there every game.
  7. Obviously a good time to rest some first teamers. Hope to see Tomori, Gilmour, Havertz and Odoi all starting.
  8. Out of all the transfers we've done this year, Mendy is the best.
  9. He's always been a poor corner taker. Tends to hit the guy at the front post just like Willian used to do. He can take a decent free kick, but their specialist used to be Lasse Schone, not Ziyech.
  10. Looking for any excuse to give United another penalty.
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