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  1. Is the Amazon prime thing also available for people outside of the UK?
  2. Excited to watch him Wednesday. Is there any news on our transfer ban?
  3. De Bruyne gets hyped up way too much.
  4. Willian really is doing my head in with his set pieces
  5. While I do think we were alright the possession stat doesn't mean a thing. About half of our possession was Zouma and Tomori passing it to each other, Pep was very happy to just let that happen. Once Jorginho went off our build up was completely gone. He's looking like our most important player at the moment.
  6. In hindsight I very much doubt we'd splash 70m on him again. Unfortunately that's not going to help us now. Personally I don't think he's good enough, but I don't see us replacing him anytime soon.
  7. Emerson is so much better with his feet than kepa.
  8. The opinion most dutch people seem to have is that Blind was fouled by Pulisic before his challenge on Tammy. Which is bollocks btw.
  9. f**k me this is awful. Can't believe we're losing to this lot

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