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  1. Well.. no 8 goals and 4 assists for CHO so that means he'll have to wait a while for his next appearance.
  2. It's almost as if more players in the box equals a bigger goal threat.
  3. Take Pedro off. Enough is enough.
  4. Don't think that's what I said? Clearly this group of players isn't good enough. But to exempt Sarri from all blame is laughable. Open your eyes.
  5. If we're lucky city decide to conserve their energy and they won't embarrass us.
  6. Sarri hasn't got a clue what he's doing either
  7. Hope we can keep it under 6
  8. CFCholland


  9. I think we'll bounce back and win today. Will be interesting to see how we do after today.
  10. If we're lucky we can score 2 in about 15 matches
  11. I'm not losing patience yet. But the football we play is awful.
  12. Torres would've .. never mind.
  13. Does Kepa have any kind of record with penalties?
  14. Imagine what goes through CHO's head when he sees a Willian corner like that. And yet people blame him for wanting out.
  15. Make a f**king sub