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  1. It's still been a good season. Real shame we couldn't grab a trophy. But hopefully there will be plenty of those in our future.
  2. I'm not blaming kepa for not keeping that out. Most goalkeepers wouldn't. It's just that I'm still dreaming about the days when we had prime cech in goal.
  3. It's not like his stopping a ball that would have gone in for goal if he hadn't used his hands, his head would have been in the way. All he did now was make sure he comes away unscathed.
  4. I'll certainly take it. But that's a harsh penalty for me. If he doesn't block that with his hands he's got a concussion.
  5. Just f**k off with your corners Willian, I can't take it anymore.
  6. Willians corner yet again. How the hell can he still be taking them?
  7. Same here, Tapatalk doesn't seem to be working with this forum anymore..

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