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  1. Absolutely devastating news.
  2. People talking about Sarri's motivational skills, I'm not sure that should be an issue. We're taking about a European final here, a f**king European final. If the players aren't up for this they can piss off for all I care.
  3. This spurs team is so sh*t. How can a player like wanyama be a starter at this level?
  4. Not looking good for the Rams. Was afraid this was going to happen.
  5. All or nothing for Lampard today. Probably needs a win against WBA to make the play offs since Middlesbrough are playing Rotherham. Come on Derby!!
  6. Never a foul and an own goal. Very unlucky for the rest of the world.
  7. Never a foul and an own goal. Very unlucky for the rest of the world.
  8. I must say I've been a bit underwhelmed by Kepa. But then again, it took De Gea a while to adjust to the premier league as well. We definitely have bigger problems in our squad than Kepa.
  9. Sarri has said RLC got a back cramp yesterday and asked for the substitution. It's a real shame he keeps having these back issues. An injury free loftus cheek with regular game time would be a sight to behold.
  10. Pedro you idiot, stand up. We were attacking ffs

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