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  1. Even though things aren't going as well as they were a couple of months ago I'm still enjoying this first season under Frank. We might me underperforming slightly at the moment, but I believe we were overachieving before. Our entire squad (including Frank and Jody) will learn from this. We shouldn't forget that even though Frank is experienced as a player in the premier league, being the manager is a whole different matter. He had a decent season at Derby, but suddenly he has to manage champions league games and big players. A lot has been said about Kante and whether or not he should be starting. I for one don't blame lamps for 'shoehorning' one of the world's best players into the side. He knows we'll need Kante at his best if we want to challenge for the major honors. With a bit of patience and backing from the fans I believe Frank will figure it all out, and we'll be much better next season. We just need to make sure we scrape through this difficult period so we can make top 4.
  2. I don't like to say it does really look like we need a new goalkeeper. Does anyone know if he was any better in Spain? I know next to nothing about Bulka, except that he looked very good in pre season under Sarri. I fully understand we went out and bought a goalkeeper. But it hindsight that is starting to look like a costly mistake.
  3. Bit of hazard magic wouldn't have gone amiss here.
  4. That's more like it Christensen. Show them who's boss
  5. Jesus Christ we're God awful at home. This is painful to watch.
  6. I thought he had a very nervy start. Lost possession a couple times with some sloppy passing. After that though, he was excellent.
  7. This ref is a complete and utter moron. Unreal how he can be a referee at this level.
  8. You just know that c**t Alli will score against us
  9. I heard Jeremy Boga has been doing well in Italy. Wonder if we have a buy back clause with him?
  10. I don't like to see Carlo sacked. I still have very fond memories of Carlo's time with us. We played some fantastic football back then.
  11. Is the Amazon prime thing also available for people outside of the UK?

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