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  1. Didn't really know where to post this. But look at this finishing.
  2. I'd rather take the risk and let Kepa take our corners than let Willian take another one
  3. Kepa has weak hands, he needs to work on that. Still proud of our boys tonight. We showed we can go toe to toe with the European champs.
  4. No one is denying that racism is still a thing. Reading is not your strong suit is it?
  5. It would be great if Barkely keeps up this form, he looks terrific.
  6. Who's the defensive midfielder?
  7. Oh god there's rumours we want to sign Zaha? Sounds like an awful idea to me
  8. Don't know anything about the subject. All I know is, people who button the top button on their Polo's look ridiculous.
  9. That's a shame. Probably means the initial assessment was wrong?

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