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  1. An extremely underwhelming signing yet again. He works hard but seems to have absolutely zero natural football ability. It's unbelievable how awkward he looks on the ball.
  2. Stupid by Azpi there. But no way that's enough to bring someone down, let alone give a penalty. Carrasco should be booked for diving.
  3. Ziyech and his attitude has been the same his entire career. He had this at Ajax, and at Twente before that. We knew what we were getting into with him.
  4. Even for Ajax ziyech never excelled at playing in the middle. He needs to be played on the right. Also his attitude is something that's always been a problem. I'm sure we were aware of this when we signed him.
  5. Never should have been a United free kick to begin with.
  6. Gilmour, and the rest of the team looked shakey the first 15mins. Since then he's done well
  7. Yes but it wouldn't have effected his run. Now if the gk doesn't take him down he's left with nothing. I haven't been too impressed with his decision making and finishing. If it wasn't for his speed I don't think he'd be at the top level going on what I've seen from him for us.
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