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  1. 3rd place - at least we are ahead of the Mighty Spurs!
  2. Stunning result and very well played Spurs. A really exciting watch,
  3. Agreed - in spades! 100% what our team currently lacks.
  4. Humble Pie time: Not a big fan at all until yesterday - he played superbly. Hope his back issue gets sorted (and he plays like this most of the time) as it's nice to have a big marauding lump in the middle as opposed to our current midgets.
  5. You are correct but please don't have a heart attack and miss us winning the CL next year! 😁
  6. So what (?) - he's paid enough to shine for 20 minutes. Needs to take his chances when he gets them. Looked like he was auditioning for a Zombie movie - if he is Chelsea's future then we may as well give up.
  7. Awful today - no hunger whatsoever.
  8. Utterly pitiful performance from GH - clearly does not understand the offside rule. Dross of the first order.
  9. Higuan - how on earth did he stay on for 98 minutes. Hopeless. Atkinson - dreadful too.
  10. Well, last night Pedro scored 2.5 (haha) goals and an assist whereas during his cameo CHO looked like he was auditioning for the latest Zombie-fest movie (and he wasn't much better vs LFC at the weekend).
  11. Bloo


    He can do one - watching him laughing and joking with Pep after the game is beyond the pale.
  12. Presumably you are not talking about last night's play? I've seen funeral corteges move faster than the interminable efforts last night. Super slow and lacking any fizz whatsoever. I've even gotten to the point where I get very excited when, following an opposition attack, Kepa grabs the ball and charges to the edge of the penalty area full of purpose and then, in one anti-climatic moment, he stops, clings to the ball like a long-lost lover, and then waits for the opposition to get back into position, likewise for us and then, when everyone is nice and ready he throws/kicks it to a defender (using the term loosely) and off we go with our set play piece of shuffling the ball around the box whilst hapless sod from the opposition tries to lamely get the ball etc etc. And then my despondency sets in yet again.
  13. Not a trick question but is this really the much vaunted and hyped up Sarriball? Please tell me it is not so.

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