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  1. You expect Hazard to score in every game right?? No, but 0.5 which is his current average (although it drops to zero over the last couple of months) is hardly stellar for someone alleged to be up there with the gods of European Football. I'm tired tbh of his mazey runs that have no end product and simply slow down any attacking move
  2. No, I'm not being 'silly'. When he's good he's very very good. But more often than not he's not really at the races. How many times has he been out of form since he's been here? I've lost count tbh. He's hardly the reliable player that can constitute part of the spine of our team week after week. Too many people look at him with rose tinted glasses imo.
  3. Just checked and Hazard is currently at 0.5 goals a match and 0.33 assists a match. Although he hasn't scored in the PL for around a couple of months now. Not exactly top of the world form is it. Just needs to go - he doesn't want to be here.
  4. Dross of the first order. Not one player stood out for me. Same problem re striker. Same old same old pass left pass right pass back pass every direction except towards the frigging goal. Is Kepa really a £70m keeper? - he doesn't look top dollar to me. Hazard is a joke, usual running around looking great but when did he last score. RM can have him for all I care. Losing faith in Sarri too. Glad I never went tonight too.
  5. Well, I hope that this incident and yesterday's Southampton incident finally shut the VAR naysayers up.
  6. Well, I hope that this incident and yesterday's Southampton incident finally shut the VAR naysayers up.
  7. Candidate for worst opening post of the year?
  8. At least we won - and on a cold and misty night too which are not exactly great playing conditions. Definitely the B team playing with a touch of A - there were players out there last night that are ok as sub's but playing collectively they are a disaster. Last night the back four were shambolic at times. I did feel for Cahill at one point who was at least trying to organise the back four especially when we were defending a deep in our half free kick when, despite Cahill's insistent pleadings for Christenson to get into position, the lad seemed to turn deaf and was shuffling around like a headless chicken. Barcley & RLC looked hapless imo - the former at least tried but the latter looked like he was a fish out of water and knew it and promptly gave up trying. I've a long way to go to be convinced by RLC. Why we want to get rid of Willian is beyond me. He gets stuck in every match, pulls the opposition defence to pieces at times, provides assists and scores the occasional goal. Decent player imo and if he turns out to be good enough for Barcelona then he's surely good enough for us.
  9. He was a sour bar steward for sure. Hard done by - haha!
  10. Disgusting from Redknapp and Co. Chelsea - masters of the dark arts that every other snow white Premier League team has nothing to do with. Utterly bizarre.
  11. We played superbly today - good atmosphere from the Chelsea mob too. Burnley whose hard-core normally make a heck of a racket were noticeably quiet! Amusingly, the pub (under the bridge and on the right from the shopping centre) has been renamed The Royal Dyche! Even funnier is that the Henry VIII image on the hanging sign is actually an image of Dyche - brilliant! I'm not sure that we've played any better than this this season - Burnley (apart from a fast start) were played off the park. All our players put a shift in apart from Morata (who didn't have a bad game to be fair - it's just that he's so flipping static, like he is just waiting for the perfect ball in to him). Sad to see Pedro go off injured and there was a nasty tackle on Kepa in the second half. Shame on the couple of fans who couldn't keep their mouths shut during the Last Post - muppets!
  12. Sensible perspective re midfield options from Sarri. Good as he was RLC is receiving some over-hyping from some fans - nice to get some balance from the professional viewpoint.
  13. Hoddle: the difference between Chelsea and the Mighty Spurs Who Bring Young Talent Through is... ...Chelsea have a cabinet full of trophies. Dumb Klutz! Easy to pontificate from afar when your head is not on the chopping block each week.
  14. Bloo

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    How is he young at 24 years of age? He's about halfway through his professional career. He's gone as far as he ever will imo.
  15. Hahaha. Jose in post match interview; (paraphrased) MUFC had a phenomenal season last year as they, wait for it... ... came second in the EPL, won their CL group and reached the FA Cup final. How the mighty Reds have fallen.