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  1. Well, last night Pedro scored 2.5 (haha) goals and an assist whereas during his cameo CHO looked like he was auditioning for the latest Zombie-fest movie (and he wasn't much better vs LFC at the weekend).
  2. Bloo


    He can do one - watching him laughing and joking with Pep after the game is beyond the pale.
  3. Presumably you are not talking about last night's play? I've seen funeral corteges move faster than the interminable efforts last night. Super slow and lacking any fizz whatsoever. I've even gotten to the point where I get very excited when, following an opposition attack, Kepa grabs the ball and charges to the edge of the penalty area full of purpose and then, in one anti-climatic moment, he stops, clings to the ball like a long-lost lover, and then waits for the opposition to get back into position, likewise for us and then, when everyone is nice and ready he throws/kicks it to a defender (using the term loosely) and off we go with our set play piece of shuffling the ball around the box whilst hapless sod from the opposition tries to lamely get the ball etc etc. And then my despondency sets in yet again.
  4. Not a trick question but is this really the much vaunted and hyped up Sarriball? Please tell me it is not so.
  5. Oh the irony... just like we are doing today.
  6. Dross. Can we not get Barclay and Giroud on?
  7. He was *iss poor today when he came on - running around like a big half-hearted floppy rag doll. No commitment to making tackles. Not going to ever be a Chelsea great.
  8. You expect Hazard to score in every game right?? No, but 0.5 which is his current average (although it drops to zero over the last couple of months) is hardly stellar for someone alleged to be up there with the gods of European Football. I'm tired tbh of his mazey runs that have no end product and simply slow down any attacking move
  9. No, I'm not being 'silly'. When he's good he's very very good. But more often than not he's not really at the races. How many times has he been out of form since he's been here? I've lost count tbh. He's hardly the reliable player that can constitute part of the spine of our team week after week. Too many people look at him with rose tinted glasses imo.
  10. Just checked and Hazard is currently at 0.5 goals a match and 0.33 assists a match. Although he hasn't scored in the PL for around a couple of months now. Not exactly top of the world form is it. Just needs to go - he doesn't want to be here.
  11. Dross of the first order. Not one player stood out for me. Same problem re striker. Same old same old pass left pass right pass back pass every direction except towards the frigging goal. Is Kepa really a £70m keeper? - he doesn't look top dollar to me. Hazard is a joke, usual running around looking great but when did he last score. RM can have him for all I care. Losing faith in Sarri too. Glad I never went tonight too.
  12. Well, I hope that this incident and yesterday's Southampton incident finally shut the VAR naysayers up.
  13. Well, I hope that this incident and yesterday's Southampton incident finally shut the VAR naysayers up.

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