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  1. Hudson-Odio seems a very good prospect, but Is nowhere near ready to start in the first XI on a regular basis. Oh, and as Hazard permanent replacement? He'll no. Jesus! Same goes for Ampadu.
  2. I think Barcelona would prefer Salah over Hazard. Barcelona wouldn't have been impressed after watching him up close and personal. 27 seems the right age to move on if that's what he wants. Who knows eh. But after the sh*t show he's put on over the month or so, who's going to want him anyways. Also, whos to say Chelsea want to keep him if they think they might get a top offer for him. If he's average in the World Cup he can kiss goodbye to any dream move he had planned. People can defend him left right and centre, but the truth is, of late, he's been bang average. And even if he stays what Haz
  3. Age is a problem now. For him personally, If he stays to play in the Europa League and help the team qualify for CL and then play in it the season after (All BIG ifs and buts.) he's 29. Maybe he will have declined in talent by then, etc etc. The time is now if he is to leave. Also, if he and the Belgium national team perform well in the World Cup with all eyes watching, I'm sure bids galore will be coming in. It will be highly unlikely he is at Stamford Bridge next year.
  4. Absolutely. Well let's hope he ends up as good as Marcos.
  5. Yes indeed we will. All your fantasy will come true then if Loftus-Cheek and Batshuayi come very good. Don't hold your breath my Belgium brother.
  6. One of the cleanest, robust shots in the business.
  7. Be careful RIP Mourinho might read this. Haha
  8. You could fly to Dortmund for as little as £24 on some airways. Make that dream come true and watch your man in his BVB colours taking on the best Europe has to offer. If you told him you were the famous RIP Mourinho from the Shed End Forum he might pose for a photo with you. Sounds good to me. Plus, you get to visit the beautiful city of Dortmund.
  9. Congratulations to BVB. Maybe Batshuayi can help them get past the group stage. Check out BVB ticket prices, maybe then you could watch your boy in action in the Champions League.
  10. A World Cup in one of the most corrupt countries in the entire world. I wouldn't be suprised if any fans who become hostile end up disappearing
  11. Agree. Formation change means nothing. The players are the reason we are where we are at the moment. Bakayoko on a football field is dangerous. It's 10 v 11. He cannot be trusted. Against Spurs 11 v 11 is imperative. You couldn't trust him against Sutton United never mind Spurs. He has a red card, vital mistake or brain freeze in him every time he is on a football field.
  12. Decent character, average footballer. If I were him I'd sign with BVB.
  13. Strange how some people don't rate Aguero really highly. I think he's a gem. Oh, and Aguero is on a different planet to Morata.
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