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  1. Hudson-Odio seems a very good prospect, but Is nowhere near ready to start in the first XI on a regular basis. Oh, and as Hazard permanent replacement? He'll no. Jesus! Same goes for Ampadu.
  2. He's not even on David Silva's level right now. As for Ineista, if he has a career as good as his purely on his football talent, he's done well. David Silva is a fantastic player. Effortless technician who makes the game look so easy.
  3. He'd be a fantastic signing. Don't see it happening. Well as Sunday proved, records are there to be broken.
  4. I can't remember a tournament that has been this open. If Alderweireld is fit they have one of the best defences in the tournament, very solid midfield, and an explosive attack. Keeper not too bad when he's fully concentrated and motivated. Gotta love those Tottenham Hotspur players in that Belgium side, there what really makes Belgium a serious contender.
  5. I think Barcelona would prefer Salah over Hazard. Barcelona wouldn't have been impressed after watching him up close and personal. 27 seems the right age to move on if that's what he wants. Who knows eh. But after the sh*t show he's put on over the month or so, who's going to want him anyways. Also, whos to say Chelsea want to keep him if they think they might get a top offer for him. If he's average in the World Cup he can kiss goodbye to any dream move he had planned. People can defend him left right and centre, but the truth is, of late, he's been bang average. And even if he stays what Hazard will get next season? A guy who turns it on for a few months then goes missing? If so, try cash in now. It's going to be an interesting off season.
  6. Not a smart guy to go on top of it. Melt. Haha
  7. I think you just did that a minute a go with your gangsta message. Your age is shinning through. Now just carry on with your business pal. I'm not carry on going back and forth with this bullsh*t. Do your thing. Ignore me or whatever suits you.
  8. Mud was flung at me intentionally. Shaggy called out the old fella and the young boy and then they( More RIP Mourinho )started crying on about how to be a true Chelsea fan and how his sh*t is blue and so is his blood, all this whilst their circle of long standing forum members stroked their ego(s) As I said before I'll listen to yorkleyblue as he's probably been a blue for an awful long time, but as for the RIP, well, enough said. Kids will be kids until they grow up a little and broaden their horizons so to speak. But thanks for hijacking the restored thread. Haha
  9. Age is a problem now. For him personally, If he stays to play in the Europa League and help the team qualify for CL and then play in it the season after (All BIG ifs and buts.) he's 29. Maybe he will have declined in talent by then, etc etc. The time is now if he is to leave. Also, if he and the Belgium national team perform well in the World Cup with all eyes watching, I'm sure bids galore will be coming in. It will be highly unlikely he is at Stamford Bridge next year.
  10. Anyways, here's to a potentiality fantastic World Cup. Whatever nation you are from, support your nation how you want to. Hate a nation or player if you want, or don't, if you want. Peace and love to the world.
  11. You were spot on with your comments. No need to apologise one bit and you know that. The 22 year old boy was the one who shoulda kept it shut. I'm sure next time he'll be commenting on his dad been harder than everyone else's dad.
  12. Absolutely. Well let's hope he ends up as good as Marcos.
  13. Daddy paying for your internet? Haha You are hilarious you little mug. But yeah shaggy is right.
  14. Hopefully one day we can be considered real Chelsea supports like you and yorkleyblue. That's the dream. And a 22 year old calling someone little boy and lad. Haha funny. yorkleyblue I can listen to even though his behaviour for someone the age of my father is strange. As for you, well, this forum probably makes you feel like a grown man, when the reality is your just a little boy where Chelsea is your life because that's what counts as a real Chelsea fan for someone your age. Maybe when you grow up you'll see the bigger picture. But in the mean time do your thing, kiddo.

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