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  1. Session 1) 5 best tactics to defend your contract. Session 2) 100 different ways to spend hard-earned dosh.
  2. I readily admit my ignorence, but what are these caps? I thought it was just a figure of speech -"to win a cap". Is it a physical object that they give you every time you play for your country? An actual cap maybe?
  3. Ricky Carvalho scored for Portugal against Serbia earlier. Many will be pleased to hear Tiago is doing well and Bosingwa is apparently still alive.
  4. Good God, I can count the number of days since he was referred to here as "Fibreglass" and mocked for being the spine of a spineless Arsenal. We want to win trophies and he's here to win trophies, pure and simple. It's a workable arrangement, but let us not pretend we can grow to love him and let us certainly not pretend he can EVER come to love us after our history against the clubs he's been at. It actually physically f***ing hurts me to know that one of them is a Chelsea player and it isn't Lamps (although in a sense I am mightly glad Frankie doesn't have to call him teammate for a season). All you need to do is google "Lampard Fabregas" to remember all the bad blood during the years. I can forget that no easier that I can forget Benitez.
  5. Welcome. I will be celebrate your goals, cheer your assists and enjoy the hell out of the trophies you will help us win. But if you sully the name of my club, I will look forward to seeing the back of you; and all the while, I will wish you weren't here.
  6. Fabregas is everything we all despise about Barca and I would hate the day he joins my team. For me, his signing would come pretty close to us being managed by the FSW for 6 very long months. I resent who he is and what he stands for.
  7. I have spent the last few days growing with concern that this is actually happening. Dear God, please no! I can't stand the cheating, whingy c*** and want him as far away from my Chelsea as possible. I don't care how good he is, he will stain the shirt and make me cring whenever I see him in blue. I'd rather we play Ramires or Mikel every game - there simply have to be other good options out there!
  8. Today my Bulgarian team, Levski Sofia, signed him as their new manager. It's pretty awesome to have an ex-Chelsea around, even if he's not exactly a legend of ours
  9. Chalobah just scored one of the goals of the season against Leicester. An absolute rocket of a shot, something like Luiz's goal against Fulham. He's been pretty good in the game as well.
  10. It's over. My patience, like so many else's, has run out. I freely confess I didn't want the transfer at the time and every worry I had has been justified, but Roman gets what Roman wants and it has wasted us two years, 50mln pounds and caused us to miss out on one or two suitable strikers to fill Drogba's boots. I have a lot of sympathy for Fernando and I wish him all the best. I will never question his hard work, but this is torture for him and it is torture for us. It needs to end.
  11. I am still in dreamland and still in the best football high I've ever had. Watched the game at home, with only my first Chelsea jersey and my scarf as companions. But, strangely enough, just as the game started, all my nerves disappeared and I just knew, I saw, that whatever Bayern throw at us, it won't be enough, that we are the stronger, if not the better team, that tonight we will NOT be beaten, no matter what. I felt we were always going to equalize just as I felt Bayern would probably score in the minutes before they did. I thought we would win it in ET, but this way was even better. When Mata missed, I kept repeating that the first team to miss usually wins; when Schweinsteiger missed, I couldn't believe the implications of it - Didier scores and we are there! - and I had to pace around my small room and repeat it to myself. When he stepped up, there was only one outcome. When he scored, I just collapsed on the floor and watched in disbelief - bliss is the best way I can put it. My mind empty of conflict, of thought, just pure, boundless pleasure and relief. Who played how is unimportant. We were a force of nature last night and we won it, that's all that matters. My every footballing dream is fulfilled, every footballing dragon slayed and buried. There is nothing more I can ask of this team - Chelsea has given me everything.
  12. Huge balls of steel from Robbie if Ryan starts, but I for one am excited. He has played very well in our games so far and is a better option than Malouda (although most players would be). Now if just Torres starts on the right, I will be a happy bunny, but so many changes to personnel in relation to positions might be too bold. I am going out for a walk to calm myself down.
  13. For those looking for some calm, try this: http://www.youtube.com/uefa?feature=inp-lt-ueu It's a veterans game between World All-stars, including Le Saux, Zola and coached by Ruud, and Bayern All-stars. The World is up 1-0 to an Eto'o's goal.
  14. Saw this today: The writing is on the wall. Edit: With the exception of Liverpool being 7th, of course.
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