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  1. Funny enough for the past 10 years or so we've been scoring something over 100 goals per season with the exception of Ancelloti's first year and 2013 where we went nearer 150. What killed us this year in particular were all those scoreless games. A good part of it came down to Sarriball not working in the attacking third of the pitch.
  2. Notwithstanding Hazard's talent, I'll go for Kepa. Just a kid with that most expensive keeper in the world tag - it could have all gone pear shaped but he was good and will hopefully get better. A top goalie is an absolute essential for success.
  3. Expect Spurs will also be knackered so a draw or even a loss could still mean third.
  4. One big mistake but I still stand by him. A true leader not without faults. Great peno as well.
  5. I go along with the view that it's next season he should be judged by. We've now exceeded expectations this season imo but some of the football has been painful to watch, like most of the 2nd half last night. An issue I think is team pecking order. Back in the day everyone knew who the untouchables were and the team took their lead from that. Now when things go wrong it seems that no-one has the authority to pull us out of a downspin.
  6. Played well and was another good substitution. For some reason our midfield caved in at the start of the second half.
  7. Spot on. We were being massacred and then he has this Rudiger type shot to remind Frankfurt that they were in a game. He had another one later on and of course he cleared off the line. Thank you Zappa.
  8. Three tremendous games of football already this week. I know, I should get a life! Let's hope for an easy and boring win tonight.
  9. That's ugly. A football stadium would have enhanced the old structure.
  10. That's ugly. A football stadium would have enhanced the old structure.
  11. That's ugly. A football stadium would have enhanced the old structure.
  12. I'm sniffing glory hunters. We're right beside a team in the league who has made it to a CL final. Okay, we're a distance behind the leaders but, like life, there are peaks and valleys. I actually think, taking everything into account, that it is a pretty tremendous achievement to make top four this season.
  13. Almost perfect but there had to be room for the king of stamford bridge.
  14. ^ Come on folks. If we get there we can beat Arsenal.
  15. Will the 5th place PL team now get a CL spot? P.S. how many Chelsea fans will be watching the final?[emoji6]
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