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  1. Feared the worst after the first half. Everton did exactly the same against Liverpool and could have won that match too.
  2. You may not be a spoiled brat but your post comes across as one. I'm Irish but am with the angry 'Cockneys' on this one as I hate them feckin cameras also.
  3. I think I saw a very impressive implementation of Sarriball while watching Ajax trounce RM.
  4. Sarri's comments on the official site are spot on, i.e. we are too slow, not enough movement off the ball, holding on to the ball too long etc. The problem is that we've seen it again and again this season. So why haven't we addressed it?
  5. Worse, there's a failure to learn. Exactly the same situations led to goals in the Europa League earlier in the season.
  6. He's still a liability and doesn't appreciate what is going on around him. Pity, as he had a couple of good games recently. If Alonso can play like he did against Spurs he is our clear number 1.
  7. So it was you. I've still got pieces of shell down my neck. Pity you didn't share the Wild Turkey.
  8. When Sarri took the job he was apparently advised by Pep to limit to 14 players those who would be seriously coached in the new style. Apparently Pep blames his first unimpressive year for having bitten off more than he could chew. Make of it what you will but Sarri has shown a stubbornness - not always wise - in sticking rigidly to a plan.
  9. ^^^ Agree with most of that but bear in mind that RLC's back pain has been a major impediment in getting more game time. Also, Kovačić, and Barkley(not always) are decent players. CHO is a little less developed and for now is more likely to be used when we are sitting comfortably and/or playing weaker teams.
  10. Something in my gut tells me Sarri is not under CL qualification pressure from Chelsea this season, and he's been given time considering short pre-season, last year's performance etc. I wanted him gone after the MU debacle but I was too hasty in my disappointment at that and other recent performances.
  11. Good game. Can appear slow at times but then the other guys are trying their damnest too.
  12. Excellent performance, as was Emerson's on Sunday. What annoys me is Chelsea fans dissing Alonso which puts them in the same category as Spurs lowlife fans booing him.
  13. A great result which makes one wonder where this team had been hiding all along. If we continue to play like this we really can press for a top four finish. All the backline and the midfield did very well. Up front is still a concern - it was two Spurs errors (thank you very very much) that led to our goals and for a while there we looked like having another blank. Maybe it just ain't easy. Everyone is parking the bus nowadays when out of possession and Spurs didn't get a shot on target.

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