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  1. One big mistake but I still stand by him. A true leader not without faults. Great peno as well.
  2. Played well and was another good substitution. For some reason our midfield caved in at the start of the second half.
  3. Spot on. We were being massacred and then he has this Rudiger type shot to remind Frankfurt that they were in a game. He had another one later on and of course he cleared off the line. Thank you Zappa.
  4. That's ugly. A football stadium would have enhanced the old structure.
  5. That's ugly. A football stadium would have enhanced the old structure.
  6. That's ugly. A football stadium would have enhanced the old structure.
  7. I've a feeling these guys (commentators) stalk forums to pick up on fans' peeves and then regurgitate them as if they're feeding monkeys at the zoo. I just blow farts back at them. Not sure if they land.
  8. Would the two of them fit in the mini?
  9. Awful to see Rudi coming off but I think Christiansen did alright.
  10. I'll take this seriously when all racism is treated the same. Aint gonna happen we know. I've read some blatant anti Irish bigotry, disguised under anti celtic, anti Liverpool (the last one is a laugh) banter in here and no-one bats an eyelid.
  11. Anyone else hear that Courtois and de Gea might be swapped? If so I hope our bean counters got a sell on clause in the contract.
  12. Not that type of prick, thank you.
  13. Zola saying he will be back sooner than expected.
  14. Great player whose passing needs to improve and who has to hold on to the ball better.
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