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  1. Clearly the press are just throwing mud and seeing what sticks.... Crazy thought... If Conte is staying (my personal preference) does that then why make an anouncement at all? Pre-season will start next week with Conte at the helm... simple
  2. Na, I'm pro conte but he has to take the blame, its clear to anyone with eyes that we have played the whole season with basically one center mid. (Makes Kante look even more impressive) Fabregas is so shot its unbelievable, why have the club not got a specialist working with him on acceleration and a bit of explosiveness because the guy can not run.. like at all and bakayoko is not what we hoped he would be.. so do something, recall a player on loan, put Ampadu in there (pre injury) maybe christenson on can step out? be inventive because we literally have had no cover. The guys is clearly a great manager, i'm just not sure he cares anymore
  3. Something I wrote elsewhere to a liverpool fan who posted this: Because of the volatility in the market, the net spend is a completely irrelevant, indicator.. for instance, a Chinese club spending in excess of 40 million on Ramires is insane for example and then 60 mill on Oscar. The only true marker is your gross outlay for players,there is no way a stoke can spend as much as a Liverpool or Chelsea, coutinho is a statistical outlier as are the Chelsea players mentioned above and you should probably take it over 3-5 years as teams are always going on about this transition thing. Based on that you are actually 4th over 5 years . You are also 4th since the inception on the premier league in 92, so were you are positioned currently is probably a fair reflection of were you should be. by the way Spurs are joint 5th with Everton who probably should have a head look at themselves. (the later not the former)
  4. Just to double down on the point above you can see giroud played a very big part in bothe goals, he's a focal point that keeps the play going, you could call it high percentage plays but it seems to be what conte wants
  5. Hears the thing... contes number one priority for a striker is not goal scoring... I'm not saying it's not a factor but if you look at his Juve team you had a lot of goals from midfield because he had strikers that would bring others in to the game, both skill sets that morat and giroud posses ( I don't really rate the latter) michy is a pure goal scorer , his first instinct is to turn and go... I just think this is a conflict in what conte what's
  6. Feel like michy could end up being a salah or KDB??
  7. This is like saying I prefer Crabs to Genital Warts!! (sorry I had to go there...)
  8. Dixon and Townsand (Wash mouth out with soap) then Stien, and Spencer... luckily Gullit joined ... could never bring my self to shout Glenda, don't know why In all honesty when not on the playground I was a keeper, and my guilty secrete is that i Idolized Schmichael ... I tried to kid my self that Beasent, Hichckock and Karine were all top notch but deep down i knew...
  9. In the same game, he scored a great lob as well and the reff gave 2 offside goals against us that cost us the game 3-2 if I remember correctly . Thats probably as well as he ever played in the top top games most of the time he was anonymous.
  10. I think there are some key differences 1) Torres was establish in the PL, he didn't have the first season excuse It's morata's first year 2) It was clear Torres has lost a yard of pace Morata looks fine with the pace.. passes the eye test here. 3) He wasn't getting involved in games, he went hiding. I don't think you can accuse Morata of hiding. Ultimately it's up to him, he has had success in the league but is going though a sticky patch, if he's the player we want him to be he will mentally get through it, if not then i guess he will be of back to spain.
  11. Have to say Coco, quite shocked at this thought processes. Mostly because although we have never met Iv'e been reading you're posts along with a few that remain for close to two decades.. you have seen it all. Including drogba who was reffered to as championship level player by many. Maybe it's me that has the blinders on, who knows. I see a player that is an excellent footballer, has all the tools and comes up with big goals who is in a bad run of form. Does he need to stay on his feet a bit more? yes, same could have been said of a number of strikers we have had over the years.
  12. Never been the biggest fan of pedro, has come up with some big goals spurs and everton spring to mind and has more of a instinct for goals then willian but never seems in complete control, often over runs the ball and never looks up. Lets say that the ball from Willian in to hazard yesterday for the 3rd goal, Pedro doesn't play (hope i'm thinking of the correct instance) Pedro probably provides more expirence defensively and that's where Charly will struggle at such a young age, but I would have Hazard and willian as are starting two behind Morata with a center mid combo of knate plus another, meaning we now have Drinkwater/Baka/Fabregas/Barkley competing for one spot... Charly would be my first choice of the bench for either Hazard or Willian unless we change the shape.
  13. I think this is not entirely correct, the players on 150k are only worth what the market will pay for them, Willian will not get more then that any were else so why would we pay him more. If a player can get a higher salary at another team its got nothing to do with out structure it's about them maximizing their worth
  14. I don't think it's that crazy a deal. lets call it 45 million transfer fee (including the agent) plus 18 million for 3 years.. that's the thick end of 90 mill for an elite level player who needs no adjustment to the premier league and we have a ready made position for. Now lets examine the alternative, to a similar quality player. I'm not as up on European football as I once was, so I'd have to guess. lets take Dybala at Juve, in today market the transfer fee alone will be 100 million. Then he's be looking at wages in an around the 150 mark maybe as high as 200k. but lets go low for now - that is 7.8 mill a year and 23 hand half mill over 3 years a cool 123 mill (not considering agent fees). You could argue that Dybala's shelf life is longer, and you would be right but also no guarantees he makes it in this league. The resale value is of little interest to me because you never want to see you're best players sold in their prime, we would hate to ever see profit for Hazard for example I'm sure. Another factor to consider is that we are in a 3 way arm wrestle for the CL spots with Liverpool and Spuds, and on recent form it's safe to say we have lost a little bit of leverage, if Alexis is the difference maker here thats worth about 40 million on it's own. The deal add's up fiance wise. The only small issue you might have is giving Hazard Parity.

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