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  1. What the f**k is that supposed to mean? I'm here to discuss Chelsea, the same as everyone else. My opinion though doesn't mean I can't discuss the teams performance.
  2. Because I've seen them play plenty of times this season to know how this game went, even without watching i! Don't give a fat one what you think mate, our football is atrocious in my opinion. And my opinion is the only one that matters to me.
  3. Boring boring Chelsea! Made the decision a few months back to not watch any of our games against our top 4 rivals. So far I've definietly made the right call! Not one ounce of fight in this team. Boring negative manager. Looks like Conte went to the Mourinho school of football management, and graduated with a 2:2! Looking forward to the world cup this year. Even England have more fight than this bunch of cowards!
  4. Sorry, yes your're right. I'm getting my teams mixed up. My point still stands though. What Pool and City did last night wasn't just because they were playing sh*t teams, because they were not!
  5. Why is it, that on this forum, (and many other fans forums), that whenever one of our rivals put 4 or 5 past a team, it's because said team must have been sh*t? Is it really that hard for you guys to give our rivals credit. Basel have a fantastic record against English teams, which just goes to show how good Pools result against them was. Especially at home!
  6. Opinions mate. "On their day", this season they have been far better than we have "on our day". In my opinion of course. And it sickens me! Especially when there best player this season and Citys best player this season were both on our books not that long ago!
  7. Our you could look at it this way - Despite having those players, they are looking absolutely formidable. Can you say the same about us?
  8. Completely disagree with this. Basel and Porto are quality teams. Had they come up against us or United they would probably have got a result. Unfortunately for them they both came up against what are probably two of the best attacking teams left in the competition!
  9. There is a huge difference now though. There are teams streets ahead of us in terms of technical strength and style, amongst other things.
  10. I'm worried now that we are going to fall away during the next couple of seasons. If we don't get through to the next round of the Champions League I'm afraid that may be us for a while.
  11. Your're aloud to have your opinion mate, but I still don't agree with it. I could go on about how times have changed since Terry came through the ranks, or about how 10-15mins against a big strong attacker would have done Ampadu the world of good once the game was done and dusted at 3-0, but I don't think you're going to agree with me either. Sol lets leave it at that.
  12. Again I disagree with you. Yes they're gaining experience by training and travelling with the first team squad. But (and here is the BIG but), they will not improve as footballers by sitting on the bench! And yet nobody has answered why Ampadu was on the bench if he "had no chance of playing"! Listen, I'm not going to go as hardcore as doctorblue, because I don't want Conte to be sacked. But I do want to see him change things up and experiment with the youth. If he's not going to do this now as he's scared for his job, then what's the point on him being here?
  13. Ampadu was on the bench last night. So explain to me why he was if he had no chance of playing?!
  14. It may be that they were being saved for tonight's youth team game, but that is no excuse for them not being played last night. If it was the case that they were being saved for tonight's game, then why have them on the bench in the first place? Getting those players first team experience is far more important than the youth team game tonight. And maybe had Ampadu and/or Hudson-Obi played last night maybe two more young players would have got the chance to play against Tottenham tonight which would also have been beneficial.

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