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  1. I will be pissed if/when he does leave, but life goes on, and so does Chelsea FC. What I would like to happen though, whether Hazard stays or goes, is for the club to decide what it wants to do. Are we going to try and compete for top honours? If so, go out and compete for the best players and spend big! If not, then start focusing on bringing some of these amazing youth players through. If that means no trophies for a while then so be it.
  2. I think the answer to that (BIB) is obvious, they have the ambition to be the best club in the world! How do you achieve that? By having the best players in the world. And by having the best back up players for those best players in the world. Now the reasons for Sanchez wanting to go to City...... Money and trophy's! With him there I'm sure they will achieve at least the league and come very close to the Champions League. And they will pay him handsomely for it too!
  3. Which is why I believe he will end up leaving us soon. Probably end up at Real Madrid. Good luck to him, it's his life and he aloud to live it how he wishes. However, the club needs to decide on what it wants to be! Is Chelsea aiming to be in the top tier of elite clubs? In which case the boards need to start chasing the top tier players, regardless of cost. Is the club aiming to be self sufficient? That will only happen if the club is challenging on a regular basis for top biggest trophy's. Otherwise cash revenues start to dry up. The club might also want to start bringing through some of the amazing youth products that we have been producing other the past few years. But are the fans and the board ready to be patient and forgo winning the league and maybe not making the Champions League for a while?
  4. One of Hazards biggest problems is simply that he is Eden Hazard! Most teams know at the moment that one step to stopping Chelsea play is to stop Hazard playing. If you do that effectively then you have a great chance of getting a result against us. To counter this you need other players to take up the slack left by teams marking Hazard out of the game, which simply isn't happening at the moment. Morata goes so far in giving us another target man, but when he's out of the team no-one else steps up. City are by far the best example this year in how to deal with this problem, by having so many talented players in midfield and up front, there is no way you can target one player to affect how they play. If you mark Jesus, Silva will be left free to do his bit. Mark Silva? Well Aguero will just smash 2 past you instead! So what's the answer? I think it's obvious what we do depending on what your expectations are. But I'll let you answer that yourselves.
  5. It was actually seen by some before he deleted the tweet. Long before the above report was seen

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