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  1. Sorry, yes your're right. I'm getting my teams mixed up. My point still stands though. What Pool and City did last night wasn't just because they were playing sh*t teams, because they were not!
  2. Why is it, that on this forum, (and many other fans forums), that whenever one of our rivals put 4 or 5 past a team, it's because said team must have been sh*t? Is it really that hard for you guys to give our rivals credit. Basel have a fantastic record against English teams, which just goes to show how good Pools result against them was. Especially at home!
  3. Completely disagree with this. Basel and Porto are quality teams. Had they come up against us or United they would probably have got a result. Unfortunately for them they both came up against what are probably two of the best attacking teams left in the competition!
  4. To challenge for the title! Or at least show some fight in games! Play like we are the current champions!
  5. Do you think he's doing it deliberately to get the sack? Can't think of any other reason to pick the same old duds game after game, with the same dull tactics!
  6. Yep, I checked a different site. He was there but wasn't amongst the favorites, so I didn't include him.
  7. Wasn't among the favorites when I checked but I'll add.
  8. Who is your choice for the next Chelsea Manager going into next season?
  9. We'll see if we sign him. How good is Carrolls close control???
  10. Good argument. And yes that is how City beat the pack defenses they come up against. My only counter would be that everyone of Citys front line are far better than Mahrez. P.S. There were 13 games after the City win, not 12.
  11. Listen, I hope you're right. And if he comes to us, I hope he does as well as your hoping. We won't know unless we do sign him, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be the case this window. As for who we do sign! I refuse to get drawn into the Andy Carroll rumors, because if that is who we end up signing, I will be hugely disappointed.
  12. Yes, he doe's all those things for Leicester, like I keep saying.......Leicester! Hazard is the best dribbler at our club and probably in the League. But he has rarely been able to break down these stubborn defenses we've come up against this season. Mahrez is nowhere near as good as Hazard, so how on earth is he going to break them down. Just look at Mohamed Salah for instance. When he played for us he was playing against teams that sat back and soaked up all the pressure that we threw at them which countered his ability, which was and still is his speed and shooting from outside the box. As soon as he moved to Italy he was banging them in again. And unfortunately now he's playing for a team that plays to his strengths and is ten times the player he was then. Now I'm not comparing Salah and Mahrez in ability, but Mahrez will have to put up with the same sort of conditions that Salah did for us, and I just don't see what he has that will help us that we don't already have at our club.
  13. I hate to come over like a broken record at the moment but I don't think people understand where I'm coming from in regards to Mahrez. I'll try and be clearer this time, maybe I haven't been before. I will agree that our defense if better than Leicester. Our defense is one of the best in the league and is one of the reasons we are where we are in the league. Our midfield is non-existent at the moment and is only just holding up due to the fabulous N'golo Kante. Our front line however is the joint worst out of the top 6 due to our team being unable to break down stubborn defenses. All I ask is for somebody to counter my argument with some facts that Mahrez is an upgrade on what we've already got!

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