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  1. From what I remember, Robben had a lot of hamstring injuries, so clearly once he left us he managed to get a handle on it a bit better. Maybe it came with age and physical development, but I do think he saw a specialist for it. Michael Owen was a fast player affected by numerous hamstring problems as well, mostly from being played a lot from a young age, and ultimately it shortened his career. I'd like to think Christian is at a point where with the right approach, he can ultimately overcome these problems and I'm pretty sure Lampards approach to how often he plays him must be factored around
  2. United signing Cavani has a 'last lap of the nightclub before the lights come on' feel to it. I guess for a free there's not much to lose (aside from presumably a hefty wage?), but it feels like another Falcao situation to me. Certainly the exact opposite of signing Sancho.
  3. No way we should've lost that, we had the game right where we wanted it, but showed absolutely zero killer instinct. 1-0 up, dominating, and at one point in the second half it looked like Spurs had more or less given up and run out of ideas, but we didn't take advantage of that, instead we ended up looking just as lost.
  4. Not a fan, mostly because it does look like a Palace kit but also because blue and that particular shade of red is an ugly combo. I decided to quickly swap the red for yellow in Photoshop to see if it can be rescued, and to be honest I'd be into it...
  5. Last I saw there was talk that BL want to secure a replacement before letting him go, as of course the price will shoot up once they have the Havertz money burning a hole in their pocket! Although given that signing any replacement guarantees they'll be selling and getting the money anyway makes it feel a bit pointless, but it kinda makes sense. Either way, the bigger deals do tend to have finer details to work out and various things to align etc. first so as long as all the rumours/news are still positive I think it's just a matter of time.
  6. Yeah, I don't get the whole 'winning the CL' bit. He's going to spend a year of that 3 year deal trying to get back into the CL, then he has 2 years to win it. We're already qualified for next season, so with a 2 year deal with us he has the same number of goes. I get that maybe he felt like he'd play a bigger role at Arsenal than with us though, with some of the players we have already, plus the new signings, I'm sure he'd get less and less game time. Ultimately that sort of talk is usually cover for 'they gave me the money I wanted and there's a bit less competition', which they can't really
  7. Yeah it's a weird one, although I believe a fair few footballers use it, even during games sometimes. Jamie Vardy spoke quite openly about using it at Euro 2016. I'm surprised though, it's still got nicotine in and isn't exactly 'healthy'.
  8. Whoever ends up playing will be up for it, professional footballers are winners and very competitive so I doubt anyone we could put out would truly be turning up in a Champions League game to just stroll about. It's a good chance for a relatively young squad (possibly even younger than usual with all the injuries!) to test themselves on the biggest stage against one of the biggest clubs. Plus, a result on the night (but not necessarily overall) could be a very small boost of sorts. Anything can happen in football though, so if we get at them with high energy early on maybe we can rattle them a
  9. I think maybe it's also because whenever Willian does play well, it's usually doing something that looks flashy and catches the eye on the highlights reel of Match of the Day, so other fans see that but not the many other games where he can be a bit frustrating and unproductive. Personally, I have no problem with Willian and have enjoyed watching some of his more spectacular goals and contributions over the years, even if I've been equally frustrated at times with his end product. Not every player can be Hazard though, and I don't think it's fair to say he's an awful player that we're gla
  10. They're both probably from the clip, just different frames I reckon, with the top one being the frame of choice for Arsenal fans...
  11. I like him, but I thought I'd seen reports he had an injury that might need surgery at the end of the season, with a recovery time of 3-4 months? Signing him won't do us much good right away in that case, but that doesn't seem to be getting mentioned so maybe it's wrong/we'd be happy to wait for the long term benefit.
  12. It's laughable to think he needs any more protection than he currently has, he gets a free kick if he goes down to tie a boot lace. In terms of being the 'most fouled', the big difference between Hazard and Grealish is that Hazard used to actually get fouled! He's most at risk of injuring himself with those bellyflops.
  13. Coming away from that feeling a little disappointed we couldn't get the win is actually weirdly positive. We were 3-1 down at HT and 4-1 down part way through the second half, so pulling it back to 4-4, technically scoring a 5th and creating several more chances is huge. I know they had 2 men sent off, but the fact our young squad were able to capitalise on that rather than being a bit overwhelmed shows a great mentality. All in all a great evenings entertainment, with it all still to play for in the CL!
  14. Pleased that he got the start today after his recent performances, and he certainly took his chance! It shows that Frank genuinely does pick the team based on performance and Pulisic definitely deserved it.
  15. I think it's worth remembering that several of our key players were playing in the Championship last season, so to see them now playing for Chelsea in the Champions League and holding their own is incredible. It was a difficult away fixture against a similarly young and exciting team in a tough atmosphere, so a different challenge to anything we've faced so far. To come away with all 3 points is great! I do agree that zonal marking is a car crash and we're dreadful from set pieces, both defensively and offensively, and there were a few lapses in concentration which put us in difficulty,
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