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  1. Fair play for trying something different, and hopefully it turns out how it did at Napoli with Insigne, Mertens etc. I also hope it's something we've at least worked on a bit rather than it being a knee jerk, try-something-for-the-sake-of-it decision, but I guess it can't produce any less goals than going with a recognised striker has of late! I just hope we're brave today and don't end up camped in our own penalty area hoofing it upfield to no-one!
  2. From seeing most of their comments, they want a full scale investigation into Carragher as well, presumably because he wasn't frothing quite as much as the fans. Anyway, always a very satisfying fixture to win, and glad we could do it in such style...a comeback late on makes it even sweeter. Needless to say we'll be in for an even tougher test at the weekend, but it's good to have the momentum and mental upper hand going into it, and also to have Hazard firing on all cylinders. For now though, let's carry on making the most of last night! Glorious stuff.
  3. Anyone know if this is covered on any DAB radio stations? I'll be driving home during the first half, so would be nice to listen along at least!
  4. Believe me, there’s no overconfidence here! It was more a criticism of PSG, and how the hype surrounding them and their stars is levels above how they performed when they stepped up to the big stage. They got lucky they weren’t smashed by a few more goals. The fact they were even in it by the 90th minute tells me there’s weakness in that Liverpool side too. When we play them it’ll be an interesting test for both...
  5. PSG are just a glorified marketing excercise.
  6. Remy10

    Eden Hazard

  7. A bit weird to heap praise on a striker who's hardly scored recently, but Giroud is the perfect strike partner for guys like Griezmann and Hazard. His footballing ability, intelligence and general awareness are all highly underrated by a lot of people, who see him as little more than an exotic Peter Crouch, but he is an excellent footballer. Morata was seen as the 'ball playing' option, but I think Giroud has proved that wrong. However, I'm sure we'd all love it even more if he could chip in with a few goals soon! Hazard was on another level today, really great to see him playing how he has done this season. Unstoppable, and getting his second ever hat-trick was great. Also, the way he celebrated in front of their fans, tapping the badge, was hilarious As for everyone else, comfortable enough but a little too casual at times. If we could just play like we're 1-0 down from the start, we'd be OK! Very happy to be 5 for 5 with only 2 other teams, something not to be sniffed at with a new manager. Tougher tests to come, but I look forward to seeing how we progress!
  8. Remy10

    Eden Hazard

    I saw about that on Twitter, but a lot of people were saying it's a non-story, as he was actually at a promotional event? He certainly posted on his Instagram that he was. Might be wishful thinking, but it all lines up.
  9. Both teams have been absolutely awful here. Defensive errors, misplaced passes, unable to control the midfield and constantly giving the ball away especially. Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic would have an absolute field day dominating this bunch!
  10. Remy10

    Chelsea edits/wallpapers

    Oh he’s definitely next on the list! Instant hero status.
  11. Hi all, As a graphic designer, I get bored from time to time and decided to explore doing some Chelsea edits/wallpapers this season. I've quickly put together a Calum Hudson-Odoi one as an example, if people like them I'll carry it on! Feel free to move or whatever if this is in the wrong place.
  12. Remy10

    Eden Hazard

    Indeed, please don't think of me as otherwise. I was referring to the level of Drogba, Lampard, Zola etc., a player associated primarily with Chelsea. My point was actually kind of similar to yours, as I also said you can't blame him should he take this opportunity and as Chelsea fans, we will of course be biased and dream of him retiring here, but knowing that would be fantasy more than something we could realistically expect.
  13. Remy10

    Eden Hazard

    I had high hopes of him staying with us and going on to become a real club legend, as he didn't seem to have any real desire to go, and I wondered if the highly pressurised (and occasionally toxic) atmosphere at Real would suit his personality. Still, you can't blame him if he wants to go and test himself at that next level. It's easy for us to say 'he should say', but we're Chelsea fans! My biggest concern is not having anyone who could step into his role. I guess we can hope one of the youngsters can do it, but it's a huge blow to lose a player like him even just in terms of appearances and morale. We're trying to make some statements with our manager choice, getting Jorginho, all the other rumours, but not having a 'star' player like Eden wouldn't be a good look for a club trying to claw their way back to the top. ideally I'd like a swap deal with either Asensio or Isco, but I seriously doubt that would happen!
  14. Any day you win a trophy is a good day, and after the season we’ve had today was extra sweet! No matter what’s happened, or will happen, it was nice to see our boys lift a trophy, the last one of the season no less. Hopefully onwards and upwards for here, but either way, let’s enjoy it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend all
  15. I can’t believe the stick the BT commentators gave Hazard for going down, then Young actually dives and they’re all making excuses for it...not that we should really be surprised but still!