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  1. As pessimistic as we’re all feeling right now, a cup final is still a cup final, both an achievement and an opportunity to grab a slice of glory and one of the 4 pieces of silverware up for grabs in a season. Finals often exist in their own bubble, separate from form, past results and all that noise, so we could do with some of our traditional cup final magic tomorrow! We may moan about some members of the squad, the manager and all that, but we’ve still got plenty of winners who I’m sure still have at least another 90 minutes of glory in them! Obviously you have to be realistic and acknowledge the very realistic possibility of another pasting, but why be a fan if you can’t find a little enjoyment from being in a final, at least before the game anyway...
  2. I’m not sure I can take another 3 minute long passage of play where we pass it from side to side along the back 4, before eventually passing it to Kepa and having a tough time playing out of a press before eventually giving it away.
  3. Are we the only top 6 side not to have done a cringey handshake celebration...?
  4. Glad some of the shine was taken off the OGS love-in last night. Given PSG have flattered to deceive on the big stage for the most part, I wasn't sure how they'd cope without Neymar and Cavani. They looked a bit shaky in the first half but came out all guns blazing in the second and fair play to them, really showed up United weaknesses, which were emphasised when they lost all their pace in attack. Also, why such hatred for Di Maria? Just because he played for them once and wasn't very good? Fair play for pretending to drink out of that bottle chucked at him and telling them to f*** off after assisting both goals
  5. Yep, sadly I agree. With a transition things may get bad at times and there will always be 'growing pains', but there will also always be signs of improvement as the transition progresses. You'll lose, but also be hopeful. This just feels like a sinking ship, things are getting worse if anything. I've no idea what the answer is, but it doesn't seem like whatever we're doing at the moment is it!
  6. Anyone know any good streaming websites? I know this gets asked every match thread, but normally I just go to Reddit Soccer Streams! As it's now been shut down I'm at a loss.. In terms of the actual game, given our recent form, God only knows what could happen! I'm hoping we get 'big game Chelsea' and everyone is bang up for it, but City have a sniff of the title again now. I hope that at least we give it a proper go and don't roll over.
  7. Still buzzing! A great performance, and in truth we performed well across both legs, even the first one when their star men were playing. Difference was we actually managed to get the ball in the net tonight! I was glad to see Emerson in (he did well and should've had at least one assist) and Hazard not playing as a false 9. With Higuain here now I hope that's an end to that. I loved our energy right from the start for a change, and the way we played far more direct and got the ball forward as quickly as possible. I'd rather have got the job done and dusted within the 90 mins, but winning on pens, at the Bridge, with Dier skying one and Jorginho mugging them off, was just as sweet! I can only imagine their rage at that, especially when he was laughing and joking about it after Seen a few of their lot going on about 'yeah well it was our B team', but that's part of football. Games can't wait until everyone is fit and a club isn't represented by only one set of 11 players. If they don't have players good enough on the bench then there's no moral high ground, your team just isn't good enough and doesn't deserve to go through. Simple. And I say that knowing full well that if, for example, Hazard, Kante and Dave were all out we'd likely have been in some trouble too! We've beaten City once this season and we can be a bit mercurial at times, losing and looking uninspired in some games, but then being bang up for it when we least expect it. Either way, getting to a final can only be a good thing and it was a great response after the Arsenal game and the fallout from that. Onwards and upwards!
  8. Interesting idea. His strength does seem to lie in wriggling free in tight spaces and driving forward with the ball at pace, which is something Kovacic etc are capable of, but Willian has that extra burst of speed and trickery. He's also capable of putting a shift in. However, he does tend to disappoint with his end product more than most though, so I'm not sure it'd really help with that. Overall I like Willian though, and certainly wouldn't want to sell him to a direct rival. In terms of Emerson, I always find myself wanting him to play, then being disappointed with his performance when he does. He completely got caught in no mans land for their second goal last night, and had no idea there was anyone behind him. Other than being quicker, I'm not sure he offers anything more defensively, and going forward Alonso tends to look more of a threat.
  9. Fair play for trying something different, and hopefully it turns out how it did at Napoli with Insigne, Mertens etc. I also hope it's something we've at least worked on a bit rather than it being a knee jerk, try-something-for-the-sake-of-it decision, but I guess it can't produce any less goals than going with a recognised striker has of late! I just hope we're brave today and don't end up camped in our own penalty area hoofing it upfield to no-one!
  10. From seeing most of their comments, they want a full scale investigation into Carragher as well, presumably because he wasn't frothing quite as much as the fans. Anyway, always a very satisfying fixture to win, and glad we could do it in such style...a comeback late on makes it even sweeter. Needless to say we'll be in for an even tougher test at the weekend, but it's good to have the momentum and mental upper hand going into it, and also to have Hazard firing on all cylinders. For now though, let's carry on making the most of last night! Glorious stuff.
  11. Anyone know if this is covered on any DAB radio stations? I'll be driving home during the first half, so would be nice to listen along at least!
  12. Believe me, there’s no overconfidence here! It was more a criticism of PSG, and how the hype surrounding them and their stars is levels above how they performed when they stepped up to the big stage. They got lucky they weren’t smashed by a few more goals. The fact they were even in it by the 90th minute tells me there’s weakness in that Liverpool side too. When we play them it’ll be an interesting test for both...
  13. PSG are just a glorified marketing excercise.
  14. Remy10

    Eden Hazard

  15. A bit weird to heap praise on a striker who's hardly scored recently, but Giroud is the perfect strike partner for guys like Griezmann and Hazard. His footballing ability, intelligence and general awareness are all highly underrated by a lot of people, who see him as little more than an exotic Peter Crouch, but he is an excellent footballer. Morata was seen as the 'ball playing' option, but I think Giroud has proved that wrong. However, I'm sure we'd all love it even more if he could chip in with a few goals soon! Hazard was on another level today, really great to see him playing how he has done this season. Unstoppable, and getting his second ever hat-trick was great. Also, the way he celebrated in front of their fans, tapping the badge, was hilarious As for everyone else, comfortable enough but a little too casual at times. If we could just play like we're 1-0 down from the start, we'd be OK! Very happy to be 5 for 5 with only 2 other teams, something not to be sniffed at with a new manager. Tougher tests to come, but I look forward to seeing how we progress!