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  1. I think his biggest asset was always that he was one of the quicker players in the league, which meant he could look dangerous going forward but also recover and keep up with most wingers defensively. The trouble with players that rely on pace rather than actual technical ability is that once they lose even a fraction of it through injury/age, it ends up being obvious how average they are, which I guess is why he's fallen off massively since his injury.
  2. I just can't get behind the idea of paying big money to re-sign a player we let go years ago. The pressure and scrutiny will be huge for those reasons, and we know from experience that a Chelsea striker rarely performs under those circumstances. Add to that the pressure of him returning to the PL after a relatively dissapointing time at United. I would love to be proved wrong, however, and for this to be a great story of redemption and us finally managing to get it right with a record transfer for a striker, but I can't help but be sceptical! I guess the optimistic spin is that under those circumstances it's "written in the stars" for him to return and win us the league, scoring a crucial goal away in his first game back at Old Trafford or something, so, y'know...there's always hope!
  3. I’ve seen the debates in the match day threads, I’ll pass the honour to @Zeta, and we can see which colour Stamford will be wearing... 😂
  4. I had to zoom in, but honestly, it was all the thanks I needed!
  5. Yeah, they've also been pushing the storyline of it being a "rags to riches" story for City, despite 3 weeks ago them being "everything that's wrong with modern football". Honestly though, I'm pretty used to it by now - the state of the FA Cup final coverage meant this was to be expected really! Focusing solely on us now, the players have had nearly a week to rest and regroup, and hopefully with the pressure of getting top 4 removed their heads might be in a better place than they were for the last few games of the season. Cup finals often exist in their own bubble, separate from form and recent results etc. and, as we know very well, anything is possible, 'part of the narrative' or not!
  6. Speaking of the BBC bias yesterday, I also seem to remember Ian Wright saying he was supporting Leicester because they had 'proper owners', obviously a dig at the Super League nonsense. Felt sorry for Ash, they made their feelings clear they were all Leicester fans for the day. Also, whenever you get one of those close VAR offside calls on MOTD, Lineker, Shearer etc. all spend a good 10 minutes ranting about it killing the game, advantage should go to the attacker and so on but yesterday, glossed over completely. As for the game, I've got nothing to say that hasn't already been said, we did ourselves no favours at all. Certainly not enough to deserve winning it any more than Leicester. Also didn't like Tuchel saying we weren't angry, just disappointed. They should bloody well be angry after such a limp display in a cup final, we all are!
  7. It's a funny one because I think it's something of a catch 22. We want to, broadly, keep playing the same way and getting the same chances, but we also want someone to finish them off. However, I don't necessarily think that it's as simple as swapping Timo out for Oli, Tammy, Kai or anyone else in our squad, because it'll completely change how we play and how other teams setup against us. Timo does work hard, he does provide assists and his movement and pace occupies defenders and causes them problems. Real were very aware of him, and it afforded space in the midfield for the likes of Kante and Mount to run into at times. Yes, he doesn't appear to be much of a goal threat and misses golden chances, but I don't think any team would be willing to take the risk of leaving him alone to do what he wants and play into his strengths of running beyond them at will. Especially if we're going to be playing the game of 'keep it solid and hit them on the break'. Ultimately though he's failing at his primary job of being a striker - at this level you need to be taking your chances more often than not, especially when you may only get 1 or 2 in these big games. Benzema did basically nothing all game, but when he did, he hit the post and scored a great goal to level it up. I'm fairly sure we'll see someone else given a shot up front against Fulham so it'll be interesting to see who, and how they do, although I think it's also pretty clear at this stage of the season that the club must be lining up another striker for the summer.
  8. Gave myself a day before reacting, and honestly this pretty much sums it up. Whilst Silva was clearly a bit rusty and on the edge of being a liability at points, it's always baffled me that defenders lunge in to block shots (often inside the box), completely wipe out the striker but because the shot has already sailed over the bar, nothing ever gets done. It's a quirk of refereeing that apparently got completely forgotten about yesterday, apart from of course when we had a similar shout, at which point I can only assume the VAR lads had popped out for lunch. I felt the first yellow was fairly soft too, despite Danny Murphy on MOTD claiming it could've easily been a red for that alone 🤪 Even accepting the red card, at that point we were 1-0 up and still having opportunities of our own for 2-0. The fact we completely imploded at the end of the first half and rolled over for West Brom is inexcusable. To have Big Sam swanning about the gaff, grinning like a dog with two d**ks, should be embarrassing for Tuchel and the players. There were some abysmal performances dropped out there and the blame has to equally rest on the shoulders of the players for their attitude and general level of performance when things got tough, and Tuchel for completely botching our tactical response to going down to 10. Plus the you could argue the starting line-up was looking decidedly underwhelming from the start, although maybe that says just how reliant we are on Mason Mount and/or Kante in the midfield! There's not going to be another 'new manager bounce' this season so TT and the players are going to have a find a way to lift their heads for the Champions League midweek, but it's worrying because whilst I can accept an inevitable loss to someone, in some manner, to end the run we've been on, it being to the second worst team in the league, and it also being our joint worst home defeat in the league I believe, is serious.
  9. From what I remember, Robben had a lot of hamstring injuries, so clearly once he left us he managed to get a handle on it a bit better. Maybe it came with age and physical development, but I do think he saw a specialist for it. Michael Owen was a fast player affected by numerous hamstring problems as well, mostly from being played a lot from a young age, and ultimately it shortened his career. I'd like to think Christian is at a point where with the right approach, he can ultimately overcome these problems and I'm pretty sure Lampards approach to how often he plays him must be factored around that rather than any theories about disliking him etc. I'm hopeful it's just a reaction to a very physical and demanding league, as well as a particularly gruelling schedule right now, and he can work his way through it.
  10. United signing Cavani has a 'last lap of the nightclub before the lights come on' feel to it. I guess for a free there's not much to lose (aside from presumably a hefty wage?), but it feels like another Falcao situation to me. Certainly the exact opposite of signing Sancho.
  11. No way we should've lost that, we had the game right where we wanted it, but showed absolutely zero killer instinct. 1-0 up, dominating, and at one point in the second half it looked like Spurs had more or less given up and run out of ideas, but we didn't take advantage of that, instead we ended up looking just as lost.
  12. Not a fan, mostly because it does look like a Palace kit but also because blue and that particular shade of red is an ugly combo. I decided to quickly swap the red for yellow in Photoshop to see if it can be rescued, and to be honest I'd be into it...
  13. Last I saw there was talk that BL want to secure a replacement before letting him go, as of course the price will shoot up once they have the Havertz money burning a hole in their pocket! Although given that signing any replacement guarantees they'll be selling and getting the money anyway makes it feel a bit pointless, but it kinda makes sense. Either way, the bigger deals do tend to have finer details to work out and various things to align etc. first so as long as all the rumours/news are still positive I think it's just a matter of time.
  14. Yeah, I don't get the whole 'winning the CL' bit. He's going to spend a year of that 3 year deal trying to get back into the CL, then he has 2 years to win it. We're already qualified for next season, so with a 2 year deal with us he has the same number of goes. I get that maybe he felt like he'd play a bigger role at Arsenal than with us though, with some of the players we have already, plus the new signings, I'm sure he'd get less and less game time. Ultimately that sort of talk is usually cover for 'they gave me the money I wanted and there's a bit less competition', which they can't really say! Absolutely no problem with any reason a player wants a move though, if you don't want to be a Chelsea player any more for whatever reason, then fair enough. Not going to hold it against him at all, he's given us a lot of his professional career and been a part of some great moments. No point getting annoyed by it with some of the exciting talent we've got in our squad for next season, onwards and upwards!
  15. Yeah it's a weird one, although I believe a fair few footballers use it, even during games sometimes. Jamie Vardy spoke quite openly about using it at Euro 2016. I'm surprised though, it's still got nicotine in and isn't exactly 'healthy'.
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