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  1. I heard yesterday it was going to be at least 3 seasons before work starts, don't know how accurate this is though.
  2. From Instagram I understand it involves being on a yacht a lot. Are his kids free from school already?Private schools break up start of July.... Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  3. Yes I have lots of them too, our kitchen wall was covered!! The excitement of getting there was immense. I found some old photo's too that I had taken with Kerry back in the day, really sad to look at now.
  4. Just found these rolled up in the back of the wardrobe!!!
  5. We saw that in the cinema with the kids and really enjoyed it, a great family film.
  6. My fave video too, my husband and kids laugh at me as every time there is nothing on TV and I'm flicking through the planner looking for something to watch we always end up with the penalty shoot out!
  7. I love Django, fave scene has to be the one with the kk style hoods on the guys on the horses with them all slating the hoods! Funny stuff, I love Quarantino though.
  8. Welcome to The Shed End chelseagirl1 :)

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