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  1. This tbh. Don't get me wrong, I love Azpi and he puts in every game he plays for us and he's been one of our best buys ever considering the price we paid for. What he's done for us is absolutely amazing but he's 31 now, almost 32, and we need to have a plan in place. He'll still play as it's going to be a huge season but we'll also need depth as well. James and Hakimi are 21 and 22 and we could get ten years out of them both compared to just another two or three out of Azpi with his behind him at that point.
  2. He would be a class addition for sure! Big money but I think it would be well worth it if it doesn't effect our other major plans. IF we went big this transfer period and signed Haaland and Rice (and possibly another CB), for example, Hakimi would be the cherry on top!
  3. That's a penalty. There was a clear foot out on CHO there. Extremely unlucky.
  4. The first one, yeah, but I'd put the second one down to a good save. His shot was on target and was goal bound.
  5. Mount deserved that goal. Brilliant from Giroud again.
  6. And that was his last touch before being subbed. xD
  7. Silva is coming off. He's looked good except for that one early mistake but probably a good idea to give him just the hour for now.
  8. Apparently Kai has never got a senior hat trick before. What a time to rectify that!
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