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  1. Harsh to call Mutu a flop as he looked really good early and then we all know what happened next. Out of that list though flip a coin between Sheva and Torres. Such a shame about Sheva, he should have banged in the goals for fun when he joined us. When we signed him and Ballack and then Ashley Cole I was so pumped. On paper that transfer period was on par with getting Cesc, Costa and Filipe Luis. In both windows only two out of the three went on to so well.
  2. No way we sell him, especially with Hazard all but gone. Our team would be decimated.
  3. Danny Drinkwater - 2 (times the legal limit) - Played the very first match of the season then went into full George Best mode by driving expensive cars, getting hammered with chicks and then squandered the rest. I mean what else are you going to do with all that money when you don't even make the bench? NOBS - Australia - Despite his name he would rather drink beer than drink water.
  4. We really were blessed back then, weren't we?
  5. Higuain has come on and somehow been worse than Giroud.
  6. If we can't score in a 5 on 3 situation then we're not getting another one.
  7. They're all over us. A 2nd is on the cards here.
  8. Sometimes I think it's more of an advantage to play the second leg away.
  9. Decent half and we deserved the lead, but nothing changes from the Germans, they still need a goal regardless. Kovacic gave the ball away far too often, think he will be subbed sooner rather than later. Well taken goal by RLC, just picked his spot and passed it in. Hazard has been ok without really taking the game by the scruff of the neck. Thought Emerson had a good half as well. We definitely need another goal, if not two. They will try and hit us hard after the break, but that should open up some chances for us if we can defend well. Just need to hold out for 45 minutes, come on!

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