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  1. The way we ballsed this transfer period up we 100% did not put a buy back clause on the Lamptey deal.
  2. Mertens for £5m wouldn't be the worst signing tbh. He's still a great finisher and can play wide as well as through the middle.
  3. Michael


    I'd definitely take him. He would be a great signing and even at almost 33 he is still a deadly striker that would get us goals. He would be second choice striker so would still get plenty of minutes and his experience could be invaluable for Tammy to improve even more. An 18 month deal would be perfect tbh.
  4. Michael


    To those of you that don't want Isco, he would, at the very least, create more chances than what we are now. Who ever is in our midfield trio right now (Kovacic, Jorginho, Mount, Barkley etc) are just not doing anything in the final third. We are struggling to break down teams, and no disrespect to them, who we should be putting 2, 3 or 4 goals past. Isco would improve us, I have no doubts about that.
  5. That would be a mental January if we could pull that off! I'm not expecting it, but man it's fun to dream.
  6. I'd entertain the idea of a loan move. It's minimal risk and we don't have to go through with a permanent deal if it doesn't work out. He still has a skill set that could be useful, and the fact he's left footed is also handy. We're not going to be getting absolute superstars in this transfer window, so this loan move could provide some depth until the end of the season where we look to launch into spending money on players such as Sancho, who would be ideal.
  7. Kinda sad. It wasn't really that long ago.
  8. As long as the paperwork was in before the deadline they don't have to announce it right away. I would imagine it's gone through though.
  9. Yeah, somebody renewed last year's league as I've been added as well.
  10. I still think 4th, but that's us playing to the best of our ability with this squad. It'll be tough, but it's certainly achievable.
  11. Haha, like everyone else I'll take this seriously for a month then forget about it for a week and think my season is over.
  12. Nice, I'm from Australia as well. What part of Aus are you from, I'm from Tassie. Cool album btw.
  13. I thought he had a great game. Bossed the midfield and made some excellent passes... Ok, I couldn't keep a straight face whilst saying that. I was willing to give him a chance when he came back but I've seen enough. Sell him. Don't care who to or for how much, he just needs to go.

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