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  1. Kinda sad. It wasn't really that long ago.
  2. As long as the paperwork was in before the deadline they don't have to announce it right away. I would imagine it's gone through though.
  3. Yeah, somebody renewed last year's league as I've been added as well.
  4. I still think 4th, but that's us playing to the best of our ability with this squad. It'll be tough, but it's certainly achievable.
  5. Haha, like everyone else I'll take this seriously for a month then forget about it for a week and think my season is over.
  6. Nice, I'm from Australia as well. What part of Aus are you from, I'm from Tassie. Cool album btw.
  7. Agree. Jorginho is a nailed on started for me.
  8. I thought he had a great game. Bossed the midfield and made some excellent passes... Ok, I couldn't keep a straight face whilst saying that. I was willing to give him a chance when he came back but I've seen enough. Sell him. Don't care who to or for how much, he just needs to go.
  9. I'm just a poor old man. My eyesight is bad, my eyes are poor, my nose is knackered.
  10. You can't be praising him for bad performances either. If you put in some good, consistent performances and then have a bad game then yeah, I agree, don't come down on a player like a ton of bricks but if you're consistently bad you should get called out for it. I'm the type of person that gives people second, third and even fourth chances, and I'm willing to that to any player that comes back to Chelsea, but you also gotta put the effort in.
  11. Harsh on female footballers who would have done a better job than him towards the end as well.
  12. I think Dave is the best choice because there's really nobody else that's ready. RLC may be a good choice in the future but we don't need to be adding that pressure to him at this stage of his career.

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