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  1. Michael

    Too many midfielders?

    The fact we have Europa means I think we're ok for mids. At best maybe we have one too many, but I'm happy we have a bit of depth in that department. Drinkwater will be the one that sees the least amount of time, but if he can come on to give a first teamer a rest in a Europa League match then that's fine by me.
  2. Great ball from Jorginho. Deserved to take that penalty.
  3. And you guys were worried about who was going to score. We have the mighty Kante!
  4. Don't think people were complaining about him not starting, it was more the fact we have both Zappa and Moses on the bench when one of those could have dropped out for CHO.
  5. Maybe the thought is that Moses will play further forward and Azpi can shift to LB in place of Alonso if Zappa comes on. Not saying I agree with it, but I would imagine that's the thinking behind it.
  6. Would have much preferred CHO over Moses, but it's about what we expected.
  7. Michael

    Alvaro Morata

    I mean, if we're using YT videos then those that don't have faith in him have this. For what it's worth I still have faith in him. I think under a more attacking style he can come right. If he's still not looking good after the first couple of months then I think he'll be on limited time.
  8. Yep, that touch was terrible. I think he had too much time to think about it. Didn't even really need to take a touch, should have hit it first time.
  9. Yeah, he's made a couple of really nice, direct runs. Skinned a couple of Spurs' players, so that's always nice!
  10. Michael

    Squad numbers revealed

    Yeah, Kenedy would have been my guess as well.
  11. I thought Pedro looked ok in a couple of games in pre-season so I'd give him the nod on the right. I'm expecting something similar to this. Kepa Azpi - Luiz - Rudiger - Alonso Jorginho Kante - Barkley Pedro - Morata - CHO
  12. Michael

    Squad numbers revealed

    Wasn't Boulahrouz #9 for us? Think that's the most unconventional one we've had in a long time.
  13. Michael

    2018/19 squad

    Either him or Hazard. I'd be fine with either.
  14. Michael

    Squad numbers revealed

    Haha, yeah if I play as Chelsea in PES I tend to stick with the squad numbers for a season and then start promoting the younger players to lower numbers that are available.