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  1. You're doing the right thing, just let him talk. It's obvious that he isn't good with exponential growth.
  2. In the post you quoted I wrote that there's no need for a panic. But if the death toll reaches millions and a quarter are pregnant women and children (both high-risk groups)... I don't know if we can trust the chinese government with those numbers. They are not known to care very much for their people, they have an economic interest in downplaying the issue and they wouldn't build multiple new hospitals for fun. I'm all for stopping them, but I don't have to be at Stamford Bridge for that, I'll bathe in their tears regardless.
  3. The virus is very dangerous for people with a chronical illness, a weak immune system and older people in general. I can't believe how careless some are with the lives of those people because they fear a recession, want to travel or want to go to events of any kind. If the mortality rate is 1-2% and let's say 10million out in the UK get the virus... well, you can do the math. Those are massive numbers and that's just the UK alone. Comparing Corona to the flu is ridiculous and while there is no need for panic I don't understand why we are playing with the lives of people just so some can watch a football game in a stadium or go to a concert. Because of the long incubation time it will be far too late when symptoms start showing with this kind of disease vector. If Liverpool get's denied a title, even better. But my priority are obviously my parents...
  4. Well, I could try being more honest but then I'd have to be rude.
  5. I spent hours telling you and others that they shouldn't invoke names such as Scholes, Messi, Iniesta and Modric after a single performance, because those players delivered similar (and better) performances for years. It's called consistency and I'm a big fan of it. I still stand by my statements since I don't believe I've been unfair towards Gilmour and my comments were somewhat echoed by Lamps and Keane. Also, after the Everton game and I made another post in his topic that you conveniently ignored. So you basically just built another stupid strawman, those aren't going to work on me. How about you stop trying to put words in my mouth so you can respond to them instead of to what I actually said and you can wiggle your way out of answering my very simple questions and clarifying your positions. Apparently you don't understand statistical analysis and you should stop using stats in your arguments. The values you chose for comparison are completely arbitrary and self-serving as @Slojo correctly stated and @RIP Mourinho (his stats are arbitrary too, but I believe he is just trying to prove a point) so very aptly showed.
  6. So many words and you didn't even try to answer my question. Amazing. I don't understand what you are trying to say or how it is a response to my post. Except that you refuse to answer yet another very straight forward question about Gilmours performance -since no goal/assist means he doesn't have "the stats" in his favour so I know how much weight you think scorers have in a players performance. Instead, you confront me with the next incoherent rant. So please enlighten me; what qualities and stats are you looking for in a midfielder? Clearly, it can't be successful dribbles or a high passing accuracy. Is it really just goals and assists? PS: I stated multiple times this season that Jorgi is a very important player and will be very important next season. I also stated that our midfield pivot was never the issue when it comes to our results, no matter in what exact setup we are playing (Jorgi-Kanté, Jorgi-Kova, Kova-Kanté are all fine for me). YOU are the one that doesn't want to see one specific player and I'm not the only one that noticed it. So how about you stop projecting?
  7. @Gol15 That's because I didn't see anybody calling Jorginho average like you said about Kova. I saw people calling him slow or unathletic or sloppy, but never average. So I asked you a simple question about what I am that makes him average. But instead of answering you go on a rant about me not coming to Jorgis defense (what?) and build a stupid strawmen to the point where you start comparing Barkley to Kova on goals and assists alone and act like they are basically the same player. But those aren't the same stats. Those are just two values that you picked rather self-servingly and then claimed they have the "same stats" because of it. Do you really think goals and assist are the only relevant numbers when it comes to a midfielder? If so, what do you think of Gilmours performance in the last two games - by your logic he was average, since he didn't get a goal or assist. Correct?
  8. The Pedro goal is the perfect example since it was his first goal this season out of 13 games or smth. We are usually very wasteful in front of goal and a bit shaky at the back. I don't see how that has anything to do with Kova, Jorgi or Kanté though.
  9. You didn't answer my question. What do you see that makes Kova average that Lamps doesn't? Do you think Frank -or coaches in general- should just look more at player stats instead of what's actually happening on the pitch? I'd also like to know how Ross has the same stats as Mateo... About Barkley... I always defend him when fans try to make him a scapegoat, but you can't deny that Ross is not a very consistent player. That's what "he will come back to his usual self" means. Kovacic on the other hand is probably our most consistent performer this season.
  10. @Gol15 So what do you see that Frank doesn't and that makes Kova average? Since only two weeks ago when the game picked up speed and our players reached their limits Lamps said Kova was our only player on the pitch that has the character and skill to play in any team. It's an honest question.
  11. A few more games like that and the kid will turn me into a believer. He was brilliant in his last two outings, lets hope he can keep it up.
  12. Kepa Azpi Rudiger/Christensen Zouma Alonso Reece-James Gilmour Pedro Barkley/RLC Mount Giroud Only 3 points ahead. Every game feels like a final now.
  13. How about overexcited instead of just excited? When people get overexcited they start to build expectations that will get disappointed sooner or later. Praising a player for a performance is fine, but you can only become like (not as good as) any of those world class players if you're showing consistency week in week out and that's simply asking too much of Billy at the moment. I've seen countless players being labelled and compared with the greats, only a tiny fraction of them ever makes it and I believe part of the reason is that they get overhyped by overexcited fans and journalists after a few good performances. I really hate that you think I'm not getting excited for us and for him, most of all. He's a good lad, a promising player and I wish him all the best. Plus, we won against Liverpool. How could I not be elated? I'll admit that I wasn't very confident when I saw the starting lineup, but actually thought to myself: "Well, at least we have nothing to lose and everything to win. Especially Gilmour.". And he delivered. I think he's very composed and mature for his age, I think he has good technique and an impressive ability to weigh his passes. But I didn't see anything that would warrant comparing him to any of those proven world class players or anything that would make me go "He plays like world-class player XY". I need to see a lot more before making those kinds of statements and since the namedropping was all over the place I believe I'm not the only one. So how about we (or you 😛 ) calm down a little and watch how he does in the next few games instead of comparing his acceleration to Messi and his vision to Xavi?
  14. Ah. Glad to hear you are so concerned about me going in circles and comprehending "what people are saying". Thank you. Actually, I was asking you if you're trying to bully me and laughing about it. But you are free to build that narrative if that makes you feel better... same as you're free to have ridiculous opionions on youth players.
  15. So if you're not a child or a bully, why are you thanking god for me not discussing a youth players similarities to Messi on a Chelsea internet message board? Admit it, you want something from me. PS: I left University about 10 years ago.

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