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  1. Barkley going to be sold? I didn't realize.
  2. Why would we sign two additional midfielders for an already overcrowded midfield when it's clear that we need a new keeper and defenders? If we get rid of Jorgi signing Savic as an additional CM makes sense since Kova and Kanté can play both DM and CM, but if Havertz comes Mount or Barkley (one needs to be sold) will see a huge drop in gametime and I doubt RLC will play at all.
  3. He cost us too many times already. He has no control of the box, he can't organize his defense, looks lost and scared at set pieces and brings insecurity into the whole team. He's not good on the line because of his weak wrists and people said his distribution is good, but every other game he misplaces a ball which leads to huge opportunities. On top of that he's the only player I know of that refused to come off the pitch, so it's not like his character makes me think he will improve. The worst transfer in a while. He needs to go.
  4. Nah. Kova was limping a bit at the end of the first half and in the second half as well. Didn't look fully fit.
  5. Still don't know what to make of him. It's like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I still remember his monster long pass from pre-season, but I also remember his passing yesterday. He's a good lad I think, technically sound and strong physically. He's just a bit too slow in the head for the highest level. He's the perfect man for obvious plays and runs, but if you give him multiple good options to chose from on the pitch he will start thinking and do neither.
  6. Made us look like a different team the moment he came on. Immediatly took control of the midfield, forced Leicester errors in the buildup and took a ton of pressure off N'Golo. Consistently playing on a high level and seems to be by far the most comfortable player in our squad when the tempo of a game picks up. When you try to disposess or press him he will embarass you.
  7. Agreed. Imo Barkley did very well, though this was probably due to our gameplan. Playing the posession game simply doesn't suit him as much and I'd say the same about Kanté. They won't do spectacular passes or start spinning their opposition around like Kovacic or Willian, but imho successful football today is counter attacking and not posession based. I still don't think Ross is starting on a regular basis, but he deserves some credit for two good performances. Obviously we were also a bit lucky since both our goals came from massive sh*tty mistakes and it could've ended 0:1 just as easily, but our midfield did well and I wouldn't even blame N'Golo too much for De Bryunes goal as that was a brilliant strike. What I don't understand are some people here being angry because of the media coverage and Liverpool. I don't care or even think about them in the slightest, it's our 3 points that matter. It was slighty annoying to see some random Scousers cheering for our goals instead of showing our fans, but look at it this way: if we didn't win a league in 30 years maybe they'd show our fans celebrating. Long story short; as long as it's not Tottenham winning a trophy everything is fine.
  8. Don't think I saw Jorgi in any of the lineups proposed. Is he still suspended?
  9. You think so? I believe it'll be Christian-Timo-Hakim most of the time with Timo sometimes going to the left to make space for Tammy and Hakim going CAM sometimes to make space for CHO.
  10. Fair enough. I will admit that except for the strawman at the end this is an excellent response. Thank you.
  11. "Depends on where you would put Kova in your personal ranking. Still just an average dribbling merchant?" "You didn't answer my question at all and more or less responded to your own post" "you refuse to answer the question wether you still consider Kova an average player and dribbling merchant" Shall I send you a carrier pigeon or a notarized letter? A telegram or fax maybe?
  12. Wow. Werner and Ziyech are a massive upgrade to Willian and Pedro. Both are very flexible which means there will be pressure on our young attacking players to perform compared to now. Ziyech can play Mounts position as well as on both wings and Werner can play any out of the front three. I love it. If we get two wingbacks and a keeper now we can play for titles next season.

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