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  1. Yep, same for RLC imo. Gave the ball away quite a bit and missed a few easy passes, but I can also appreciate that there's a bias.
  2. We need Rudi to step up again and take out De Bryune.
  3. Watching a russian stream and clearly hearing "it's happened again, it's happened agaiiin...." 😁
  4. Ha! I usually just don't like to predict games, but there's no doubt in my mind we will smash them. It's Tottenham.
  5. I like simpleton theories. 🙃 Imo us and City are favourites to win the league now, but you cant really plan for a CL. With the addition of Donnarumma and Messi PSGs lineup went from overkill to insane this season. But they still won't win it.
  6. I have a feeling now that we have a competent striker the number of assist from midfield this season will normalize and certain people will stop moaning about the lack of Jorgi, Kantes and Kovas goal contributions.
  7. Obviously won't judge him on 45 min, but I thought he had a few easy and logical short (some would say "jorginhoesque") passes to Kovacic but decided to ignore him only to get in trouble a moment later. It was baffling. If Kante is still out I'd put Saul in with Jorginho tomorrow since Kova looked knackered against Villa from min 70 and needs some rest for the upcoming games.
  8. Imo it's not because he touched the ball, but because he moved the ball with his arm after it touched him. Plus, he's on the goal line. Unlucky, but I can see how you can give a red card there. Even worse when you see Mendy would've caught the ball the moment before but Alonso headed it out of his hands basically.
  9. I don't think it's just titles. When Modric got it in 2018 it's because he stood out, despite Varane winning the CL just like him and the WC as well. That being said, it has to be Jorginho this year since there's really nobody that stood out and he did win the most. Not that it really matter, individual awards are completely irrelevant and made so some sports journalists have to write something about.
  10. 2018 Modric can do anything Jorgi can and a lot more. Comparing them is as mad as saying Ronaldo was better than him by far.
  11. I was answering to the question about the break. 😉 I obviously hope you're right though.
  12. IF its a broken clavicle 6 weeks until he gets back full range of motion and can start light training, but no serious sports before 12 weeks. At least that's how it was with me and I was a few years younger than Hakim is now.
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