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  1. It's the other way around. Both Kai and Timo had a massive drop in form after the 0:6 loss to Spain.
  2. Well that was horrible, yet again. We look like 11 individuals. Toothless in attack, midfield is pressing like headless chickens, defense is out of position. This is structural, can't blame the players for it anymore.
  3. When we lost our best player and had a transfer ban last season we had no expectations and could play carefree, that simply isn't the case anymore. There is a lot of pressure now and I think our young squad and our inexperienced manager (I think it's absurd to compare him to Klopp or Guardiola) are starting to feel that, especially in the extraordinary situation with the pandemic. While we are only 7 points behind Liverpool and 1st, we are also only 7 points ahead of Crystal Palace and 15th in the league. We lost the ability to consistently win close games, which will cost us and we are not lo
  4. No worries, you're on ignore from now on.
  5. He was horrible, but since you don't have a clue about football I'm not expecting you to agree.
  6. Really? Grealish went past him so many times today we could've used this guy just as well
  7. Me too. Don't understand why I'm so much more nervous than the last few games against Arse. Maybe because I'm still mad about that cup final last season and the brilliant refereeing decisions.
  8. This is obviously solely because he's being played out of position. If I put Mount or Pulisic on CF I'd expect him to miss all those too.
  9. At this point I feel he was massively overrated, but while Havertz is young and maybe suffering long term Covid-19 effects I don't understand the excuses for Werner. Being played out of position (which isn't even true, since he can play on the wing as well) doesn't make you miss sitters on a regular basis or have a poor first touch. Stop living in denial.
  10. The Teutons were one of many germanic tribes, nothing else. The finnish are calling the germans "saksa" I believe (because they were in contact with saxons obviously), while the french are calling them "allemans" (because the germanic tribe they were in contact with mostly were the allamans). The name "germanic" itself comes from the romans and means "javelin-carrier" if I remember correctly, which they obviously used going forward. Nothing to do with covert or derogatory, just a bit of geography and history.
  11. My wife's german and I live in Austria most of the time over the year, so I assume one can't accuse me of racism or anti-teutonic sentiments. But Kai has to massively improve his game and I don't understand whats wrong with Werner. I always knew he wasn't very good on the ball, but his first touch is atrocious. Really, really bad and totally unexpected of a star signing. That being said, Mount got bullied too and was only slightly better than Kai, Reece James and Chillwells "defending" for the equalizer was horrible, Reece James and Zoumas defending for the 2:1 was just as bad. All in all it w
  12. So you are saying that Keane disliking a player doesn't necessarily mean doesn't rate him? I can agree with that. But you're also implying that Keane liking a player means that player doesn't get bullied at all. That is something you pulled out of your arse. Also, after years of training my eyes in the mountains of Tibet I'm also slowly starting to be able to tell Keane and Souness apart. Currently I'm working on doing the same with Evra and Cahill, but it's going to take a while.
  13. My point was that I have the feeling people on this board are overrating Mason because of the over the board criticism he seems to get on social media ("Lampard's son" or something, at least that's what I read here). About the Barkley comparison; in my book, a mistake is a mistake and the result is the same. It doesn't matter to me how old the player is as long as he has enough playtime to find a rythm -which incidentally Mason had a lot more than Ross. Saying it's ok to have double-standards because it's an academy or young player we're talking about is making the whole "team picked on merit"
  14. Well I certainly wasn't one of the people that were calling out Mason on single mistakes, not on this board and generally not online, since I don't use any of that social media garbage (twitter, facebook, instagram and such induce brainrot imho). I discuss it with my brother mostly, who's a massive Mount fan too and I feel he's always exaggerating when Mason does well. I thought Mount was very average against Spuds and that both Kovacic as well as Kante would recieve a lot of criticism if they were in his place. Mateo was arguably our best player on the pitch that day, yet people still said th
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