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  1. You misunderstood me I think. I asked whether you believe Madrid would be "more than happy" to let Eden come back to us simply because it's their policy and they will do it if he hands in a request. I just checked and you're right, Kova picked up the injury in the game against Denmark already and had to play with a bad shoulder against Russia again (was the only Croat that missed a pen in the shootout). Afterwards he was on the bench, but apparently not fit enough to get any game time. But I'm positive that I watched an interview with their coach that said he wasn't 100%, seems I can't find it anymore though.
  2. Since there are rumours of Hazard wanting to come back. When they let him go, would you say they were happy about that too? *edit* Their coach said that they put him on the bench because there was no other iirc, but that he wasn't matchfit. He picked up the injury in the quarterfinals against Russia.
  3. It's Real Madrid policy to let ANY player leave that wants to go. If you aren't happy after a season for whatever reason and hand in a request they let you go. Wether they were more than happy to let him go or what they would've, could've, should've done is pure speculation that doesn't become the truth because you repeat it. They even let Ronaldo go, I doubt they were more than happy with that either. With Bale I'd agree with you though. Mate, please get your facts straight or stop it. He was left out of semi & final by Croatia because of a shoulder injury he picked up.
  4. This is stupid. A young player choosing to leave because he's disappointed with the time he got in finals doesn't mean a club is "more than happy to let him go". Don't act like it's the same thing. When Zidane came back he even mentioned how Kovacic would be a boost before a clasico because he was the perfect player to mark Messi. Now I know that a player that's just a ball carrier is probably also good enough to mark Lionel Messi in your world, but that's on you. I replied to you to set the record straight regarding his Madrid exit. A falsehood doesn't become the truth just because you repeat it over and over.
  5. It was Kovas choice to leave Madrid in search of more game time (or rather because he was dissapointed not to get any minutes in the CL finals). And it's Reals club policy to allow ANY player to leave that doesn't want to be there... see Ronaldo or Bale as well. The misconception that Madrid wanted to get rid of him is simply false. Lopetegui came in and wanted to build the squad around Isco and other spanish player, so Kova deduced he would get even less gametime and asked the club to go out on a loan and very obviously didnt want to go back afterwards. Now don't get me wrong, ballon d'or Modric was the first player to get the price after a decade of Messi and Ronaldo and I wouldn't compare Kova to him. But if you don't see anything other in him than a ball carrier I honestly don't even want to discuss the player with you in terms of football.
  6. Was rushed in against Leicester because of N'Golo's injury and had his first start since his hamstring injury, but some already know that he's not good enough. Because a confirmation bias is only fun when you judge a player on about 90minutes of gametime right when he comes back from an injury to validate and repeat what you always knew. Probably the same people that would've sold Kanté when he came back, because he wasn't a world beater in his first 3 games.
  7. If anybody is to blame for the Leicester goal it is Reece James. Not Kante, not Jorgi, not Silva, not Kepa, but the sloppy pass that initiated it. That being said, Jorgi doesn't offer much against teams that sit back and defend. Offensively, he can't dribble or break the press and he can't pick out a pass since there is no space for our attackers to exploit in behind. Defensively, if he doesn't manage to intercept a ball through his superb positioning it's like he isn't even on the pitch, most players are faster with the ball than he is without. It's no coincidence he had good games against Real and City. The problem with this is that there are very few teams that won't sit back against us and we can't just play him against the likes of Liverpool, Barcelona and Bayern. To me he's the very definition of a luxury player if you don't build an entire team around him (which only Sarri tried to do) and similar to Zyiech his physical attributes are ok for other leagues, but not for the PL.
  8. I thought his miss against Northern Macedonia was much worse , but yes. His finishing and first touch are atrocious.
  9. First 15 minutes they couldn't do anything, but then they took out the tempo of the game expertly and starting wrestling back control. This suits them because of their overplayed and tired squad. We must pressure them instead of giving Kroos, Modric and Marcelo the time to pick their passes.
  10. Madrid already seem really overplayed and tired. Can't believe how weak they are.
  11. First, what's the point of calling a league "super", when you got a team like Arsenal but not Leicester. Or a team like Tottenham, but not Dinamo Zagreb. 😆 Second, where's the joy in watching Arse and Spuds lose if there isn't a chance of them getting relegated? What a stupid league. This americanization seriously has to stop.
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