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  1. Mendy Azpi - Christensen - Rudiger James - Mount - Kovacic - Alonso Havertz Pulisic Giroud If Jorgi plays push Mount forward and take out Havertz. If Werner plays take out Pulisic. Most of the team picks itself, the two players I'd really like to see are Christensen and Giroud.
  2. I was honestly just curious. Imo people are quoting stats far too much nowadays, because it's a rather convenient way to "prove" a player did well and I'm not a fan of that. I prefer to watch the game itself and I didn't get the impression Kanté had a big impetus going forward. So when you say there were three key passes I got curious, since I must either be wrong or the people making those stats are wrong.
  3. It doesn't have to be black or white. For the record, I thought Kanté was our best player vs Leeds and I prefer him over Jorgi in most situations. Still, I'd like to know more about those three key passes, because I must have missed them.
  4. Would like to know what exactly those 3 key passes were.
  5. I could teach you a thing or two about orgies then. 😛
  6. I'm watching a russian stream and one of the commentators clearly said "Varchester United" when they were checking for the penalty, lol.
  7. So Kova/Kanté/Kai midfield next game? If Kovacic gets a yellow too Billy will play.
  8. Are there really 12 people on the bench in the CL now? Wow.
  9. Without the ball, he's stellar. With the ball, not so much.
  10. Every shot he takes is from the edge of the box with 6 or so opposition players in front of him. I doubt he had more than one chance where he was actually in the box, so you're the one exaggerating when you claim he gets into exceptional positions. He doesn't. You're welcome to prove me wrong here, but imho "he needs to score or assist" is just nitpicking after very good performances for whatever reason. I don't understand. Are you saying Verratti doesn't have many assists because his attackers are so good, while it's Kovacics fault that he doesn't have many assists despite his attackers
  11. So instead of asking our front line plus attacking midfielders to stop faltering, you are looking to Jorginho and Kovacic to do the job of that faltering front line on top of already controlling the game and connecting defense to attack? Everybody else seems to be absolved from actually doing their job, because if we don't get enough goals it's because our midfield doesn't contribute goals to our "faltering attackers" and if our defense is comical it's because of our midfield not offering protection to our "faltering defenders". With such a lazy argument I propose the following: let's giv
  12. He's not an attacking midfielder, you can expect the odd goal here and there, but that's it. You should be looking to Mason (and take away his assists from corners same as you took Jorginhos penalties) or Kai for consistent contributions in terms of assists or goals from midfield. Compare Kova to Verratti, who had 5 assists in a lot stronger team compared to his league last season, yet nobody in PSG is asking him to contribute more in terms of goals. Tuchel recognizes this, I believe.
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