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  1. Even though I agree with the latter part, you can't be serious about him being our best player by far.
  2. Do you have the perspective from above too? Especially for the first one.
  3. So is CHO then since he did the same thing a short while ago.
  4. Thing is, who is going to give us 70m for him?
  5. Frank gave special mention to Kova for three games in a row now. Either he really likes him or he realizes how big of a factor confidence is with the player. Or both.
  6. This! If the push on CHO wasn't a pen and the kick on Azpi wasn't either for VAR, how can this one be?
  7. The video assisting referee should get an assist for the goal. Nice one.
  8. Well, not quite. This time 5 minutes overtime and a freekick into match winning corner were enough.
  9. Wow. If Villa and Southampton can keep their results, 3 points would be massive. Pretty sure Villa will get a penalty against them though.
  10. One thing I noticed about VAR is that it tries to analyze if there was an intent to dive in the box. And tbh, I think it absolutely was CHOs intention to drop to the ground as soon as he felt contact, therefor it was clearly a dive and has to be a yellow. Only issue I have is that this is not being done consistently. Players like Kane, Salah and Neymar will not only not get punished by VAR for the same thing, but most likely get the penalty as well. *edit* That being said, Dyche is a c**t and should pay more attention to his team losing at home with 4 goals. Never liked him, he's the kind of person that acts a hard man when winning, but when he's losing that persona fades away and he suddenly forgets that you have to lose like a man as well.

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