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  1. sonic90

    Alvaro Morata

    He's not going to make it here, every time he misses a chance or 'get's fouled' and falls over without getting a FK you can tell it affects him. You can't teach mentality to another person easily if it all. Zola's comments are typical of someone who doesn't understand another's personality type, a carefree magician telling Morata to just get over it doesn't work.
  2. sonic90

    Club finances and general CFC news

    To be fair "earnings" can mean either gross or net, right?
  3. sonic90

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He's just not the same anymore, but he's still trying to build a Porto/Inter/Chelsea team from over 10 years ago at all costs. He needs a stint at Southampton to learn to deal with what he's got in order to evolve.
  4. bloody hell Giroud's got the bug
  5. one black eye is not enough
  6. Morata's jogging home. Cheers lads see you next week
  7. Everybody going for those low corner shots now lol
  8. sonic90

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    They won't be as bad as us in 15/16 because the condition of their players is better but Jose is reaching his lowest point again. They really should consider sacking him if they learned anything from us.
  9. I haven't screamed like that for a goal in a long while. What a f**king goal
  10. sonic90

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Him being attracted to the attacker coming at him is a big problem, he has tunnel vision and locks on that one guy ignoring all else. The reason he was so perfect during 16-17 was because he had 2 CBs for cover. If he played last season as well we wouldn't have suffered as much.
  11. sonic90

    Marcos Alonso

    With his lack of pace and quick feet, taking on players is a big risk. What he's doing now giving and going, using his movement is most suited to him.
  12. sonic90

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    This is actually good because keeping schtum on Baka is not going to help him or keep his value, now he is under pressure and forced to improve instead of being coddled by Conte. Milan are becoming more ambitious and won't tolerate him I reckon, he'll come back in Jan and we'll loan him to a midtable club somewhere.
  13. sonic90

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    He's had good games there too, maybe my memory isn't that great but it feels like Jose didn't really play him there a lot, he was reluctant to do it. I think Sarri now just sees Luiz as an asset attacking wise, he's still pulling the strings from CB position so maybe he's just like f**k yeah Sarri-ball and feels the trade off is worth it.
  14. sonic90

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    The balance would be off but we are defensively suspect at the minute so it's an idea, even if he were just to be subbed on regularly like Mikel. And Luiz is like a Cesc-lite so he's not too shabby attacking wise either.
  15. sonic90

    Bias media reporting

    Yeah they are consistent in dictating what deserves respect in football, all we now need is to go bankrupt, rebuild and win the league with a squad of kids from the youth academy and then we'll the darlings of football.