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  1. Shocking news considering he had just completed a successful brain surgery, you'd have thought that the hard times were over. RIP
  2. He was a bit of a laughing stock before and never really appreciated by Arsenal fans, I don't think any of them wanted to keep him, it was just like yeah move on we got our new toys now. I don't think he was even really that bad at Arsenal, maybe the play style didn't suit his strengths but he scored enough goals, I think the branding of being one of those 'cheap French players playing for Arsenal' hurt his image a bit. It's a bit of a turnaround now that he is always recognised as France's number 1 striker (ok helped by Benzema's indiscretions), their second highest ever scoring pla
  3. I don't know if winning the group matters that much any more, these days Barca, Real and PSG no longer always win their group and we can be lumped in with them all the same.
  4. lol how f**king stupid to waste that last corner with a short pass, idiots
  5. I hate those I told you so guys but I frickin' told you so! I really hated that a lot of Chelsea fans didn't think Kante was able to be a CDM when he is decidedly world class at the key things in that role. "Don't even try, it would be a disaster" "It's a waste of a player having him sit back" " He's a box to box player not a CDM" No Jorginho is not better than him..
  6. David Coote will be awarded the FA Cup Final for his fine performances tonight I'm sure
  7. Even United fans think it was a pen, how can you not think anything other than corruption
  8. Feels like a long time since we touched the top of the table
  9. Somebody had to take a riskier shot there before they settled the defence
  10. Lamps: Well done on scoring a brace for France last game, I'll reward you with 5 minutes in the next one
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