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  1. He's spoken about his new philosophies vaguely before and it centers around not treating today's young smartphone generation with old school discipline. It was crazy how harsh he treated Pogba for a simple harmless tweet, there were so many times he didn't need to be hard on players and he could've gotten more out of them by being chill. Tactically though I think he is capable of bringing something new to the table, again his old school 100% effort in defending and applying pressure at all times without rotating will burn out most teams unless you have a team of Willians and Ramires'. We'll just have to see what he comes up with, part of me thinks Jose will never change no matter what club he's in charge of but another part of me thinks the 15/16 season and his experience at Utd caused enough trauma for him to doubt his ways.
  2. As a defensive winger he'd do well for Jose, have golden boy dive and win free kicks high up the pitch and Alonso to bang em in. He's good at winning headers too so he can be an auxiliary target man to hoof the ball to, at first I was thinking of a joke answer but he actually makes sense for Jose's team.
  3. I have this same feeling as well, he even threw Chelsea fans under the bus a couple times, we've been the best fans he's had rubber stamped by the support he got in 15-16, when he was just trying to keep his job and lifestyle in London he goes onto the Clare Balding show to express his love for Chelsea in such a disingenuous way, he's never been that soppy before until his own interests was on the line. If you want to see true affection from Jose watch him talk about Inter and compare. He hasn't said a single good thing about Chelsea since he left.
  4. Jose loves living in London and working here is the perfect scenario for him, he can't really go wrong at Spurs as they have some decent players and some kind of a budget at least so he can at least compete for top 4 and cups and if he flops and gets sacked he can blame them for being a small club and point to Pochettino as an example of it not being the managers fault.
  5. Our title winning back 4 was Azpi - JT - Cahill - Ivanovic Champion defence at less than £25m
  6. Jesus' last pen in the CL was bloody awful as well, he's got to be off pen duty now
  7. CAS is not having it, the investigations will continue. If they have nothing to hide they wouldn't be trying to block the investigation, hopefully they get to the bottom of it so in fairness we didn't have to sell KDB etc in vain.
  8. Depends what he says, every manager has criticised VAR with impunity as they know it's a sh*t work in progress, that being said maybe Pep will get some leeway this time being 9 points and considered less of a threat now
  9. It really stinks as they are falling over themselves for this one, the referee team is also from a different 'independent' body so to be able to liaise and produce a statement so quickly and before the game is even over just smells of panicking over wrongdoing
  10. City making so many chances and can't even get a shot on target
  11. Nevermind the ref and VAR, they are getting luck like no other on top of actual title winning quality and just look like they will win it this season
  12. There seems to be more emphasis on tackles using your legs when VAR is used, handball rules all over the place as well. Complete sh*tshow atm
  13. Well done Spuds for getting the draw, they are now 6 points from relegation so relatively safe for now

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