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  1. Surely no one wants him now, he can't even make it in Turkey. Think we're going to keep him around as a homegrown player and training partner.
  2. He plays like a regular sized striker and doesn't use his height at all, if only he had that Peter Crouch jamminess of being able to compete in the air purely by being tall then he could make it here.
  3. Bats acting like he lost a CL final
  4. Michy has been decent but you just know if we include him in the squad he'll turn to sh*t again
  5. He glued his feet to the floor as usual
  6. Pissing about Ziyech, could've shot or paid it off for a tap in
  7. Looking at his track record, he's probably below PL level but any keeper we sign from now on with Cech on board bears a bit of optimism. I think this one is purely strategic to meet the homegrown quota though.
  8. There is no way we sell him for £20m, I bet WH wouldn't even entertain a part swap for Rice so f**k them. I can't imagine Zouma wanting to go there either.
  9. Less vibrant colours probably make it more acceptable to wear casually. But for me the definitive yellow kits are 14/15 and 18/19 depending on what collar you prefer.
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