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  1. We'll get used to it like everything else, Yokohama Tyres with the red logo is no longer an eyesore for me so I don't think the 3 logo will be in time. We should have Jose wear it while holding up 3 fingers to promote it..
  2. We just cling on lol, for at least 2 or 3 more games in the worst case. PL best league in the world my arse
  3. Maybe we can sort it out, hell we have to try, he's a £70m problem. If we sell now we'd make a massive loss and pay a premium for the next guy.
  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with his attitude, he tries to do well. But recently some analysts are saying there's big problems with his technique and positioning. He does have great reaction times and athleticism and if you watch our goalkeeper training videos on Youtube, he's definitely our best keeper in terms of that. It's him or the goalkeeping coaching that's not good enough.
  5. He's got to be done now, f**king hell... Apart from that goal against Ajax which he nearly bounced off the post despite being a simple finish, he's done nothing of note this season. I would've kept Giroud over him just to keep high up the pitch, as least he can score.
  6. He played like he usually did but my God that slip was the cherry on top, we would've won despite having him on if it wasn't for that uncharacteristic mistake.
  7. I think he hasn't been reacting game by game, that's what I mean by final lesson. I don't know how long it took for him to realise zonal wasn't the way to go. We have to accept we are sh*te at defending and need to double down on our attack and outscore our opponents.
  8. Lamps has finally dropped Kante so maybe he's seeing the light, there is time to sign a new striker as well and maybe a left back. The season isn't over yet we can still improve, just hope that this has been the final lesson learned.
  9. We can still win this, unless they get another lucky goal
  10. Another weak goal from a set piece, they must be sick of us
  11. His general play never mind the slip, I actually give him a bit of benefit of doubt as Emerson left Martinelli for him to deal with as he was on a yellow. Kante probably expected him to be fouled

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