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  1. He changed his play style pretty drastically the last 2 games, it's like he's David Luiz now with how far he comes out of the back. He never really got done by Antonio in a 1v1 duel but that style of play is dangerous with 2 CBs. When you combine that with how high Alonso was playing in the end, there's no surprise how we conceded that last goal.
  2. Without great service he can be useless on the pitch, he is always one of the tallest on the pitch but doesn't play the target man well. Also doesn't always drop back to get involved in the build up and doesn't have the character of a Costa/Drogba to be a bulldozer. He's still young and can be improved and can obviously score goals but I can only see him as second fiddle next season.
  3. I agree, Christensen did win duels against Antonio but Rudiger had more bad moments than good this game
  4. Always strange seeing how elegant RLC is when he's such a big player
  5. Alonso's flank always vulnerable on the counter but it's a risk we have to take
  6. Christian Pulizard can hold his head high with his dribbles, winning the pen and the free kick
  7. Christensen has improved recently but is now playing like Luiz, coming out more and playing in midfield. Don't know if he's being coached to do this
  8. That dive from Antonio put Rudiger off, he cleared it onto an onrushing Kovacic. Bit unfortunate actually.
  9. He could've saved the goal with better reflexes, I can't imagine Cech in his prime not swatting that away.
  10. We're actually doing pretty good defensively, it's specifically defending those 2 corners and corners in general over the season that has been a big issue.
  11. Azpi mismatch on the defender, Kepa and Tammy failed to deal with it too.

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