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  1. Almost 7 years ago since we won. Year on year it just doesn't feel like it was that long ago. I really wonder at what point will this night seem like ancient history to me.
  2. TO be fair it was deflected off Azpi's tackle, if would have to have stayed a 1 on 1 for us to see if he would've saved it
  3. There's no option to buy and we have an upcoming transfer ban. I don't think he'll be an option for next season. Kovacic is really average as a player and adds nothing beyond cycling the ball in midfield. RLC has got to take his place.
  4. United were poor so they didn't deserve to win but PSG were so cocky and relaxed they absolutely deserved to lose. That penalty was very open to interpretation though, his arm was in a natural position, what was he supposed to do tuck them in Ivanovic style whilst in mid air?
  5. He was a lot more selfish today and fired at goal at every opportunity, problem was that he was trying to squeeze it through tiny gaps or no gap at all. Should've tried to find another player in the box.
  6. It's been a long time since I've seen him not grumpy, think the break from management is doing him some good.
  7. Petulant insecure fool who is losing it, tries to fight anyone who gets the better of him
  8. Very good defensive organisation these last 2 games, let's hope he employs it as part of a permanent tactic and not just a temporary patch up against top teams.
  9. Azpi is fine with the armband, he's a role model, loves Chelsea, world class etc. Those who will perform as captain in these specific situations will step in and do so regardless of their status in the team.
  10. Never mind the header back to the keeper while they have players in our box.. I've seen enough from him and RLC to know that RLC is the better player and has room to grow. There's just this bit of awkwardness/nervousness I get from Barkley when he's playing, it's like he's overwhelmed by playing for Chelsea. He was a lot more relaxed and confident in a Everton shirt for sure.
  11. He was never a great defender and was always too slow/lacked energy to bomb up and down the pitch. He only works in 3-4-3 with plenty of cover, same for Moses.
  12. Looks like a poor man's Ramires in this role. When he's attacking you can just sense hesitation in his decision making, he won't develop that natural attacking instinct.
  13. Sarriball started well but was found out a while ago, he sticks to his guns and every team uses the same blueprint to play against us now, our results now depend on whether or not the team we play against has the quality to execute it. I don't agree with blaming players/dressing room culture. JT, Lamps, Drogba, Cech have seen through plenty of managers. Do we want a bunch of soft yes men like Arsenal did in those 9 trophyless years? Wenger told them how to play and they just nodded. If winning trophies is the main aim over sticking with managers, promoting youth etc. then we have to just keep doing as we've done.
  14. He's not going to make it here, every time he misses a chance or 'get's fouled' and falls over without getting a FK you can tell it affects him. You can't teach mentality to another person easily if it all. Zola's comments are typical of someone who doesn't understand another's personality type, a carefree magician telling Morata to just get over it doesn't work.

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