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  1. Pogba getting racist abuse and media outlets are covering it to be fair. But it's not HEADLINE article like it was for Tammy and they are reporting it after his team mates spoke out about it. Different treatment but good to point out as much as possible so action is taken and people think twice about what they say on Twitter.
  2. Scored twice for U23 match, sure maybe if we sent Tammy to the Championship he'll start scoring immediately. But I don't know how Tammy will feel after another scoreless game and God forbid missing an open goal or any sitters. We should play Bats just to take the pressure off Tammy for the moment, he also seems more in form and didn't do badly in pre season anyway.
  3. Being sent out to accommodate Reece James I suppose, I thought Lamps might like him as he's basically the right side version of Emerson. One RB too many I guess.
  4. It is sad seeing him play like this, he's lost a yard of pace and is also less agile when tackling. He no longer looks impenetrable
  5. Epic game again, he's not done but after that injury he could barely play anymore, he should've been subbed instead of Pulisic. Frustrating that Pedro played the same way he did before pulling his whatever + tiredness, it ended up with him giving away the ball a lot
  6. I think he is going to be our main source of goals this season
  7. Awful today, it's his first game back though and the competition from all this talent is playing on his mind
  8. I know that Lamps is on a mission to blood in the youngsters, but for the sake of our results I think he needs to use Michy as the primary rotator for Giroud. Tammy gets cold feet in the box massively, if he can get over it then he can be a much more effective striker. But how long do we persist?
  9. I just did a search for Rashford + N word and can find a tweet from a United fan abusing him racially, I bet it happens every game but yet they are pulling this up now. They are trying to unsettle Abraham and Chelsea cause we are not like to have the nightmare season the media are preparing for.
  10. Jorginho ended the season strongly last season but Kante and Kovavic are definitely much improved this season, I agree that Barkley and RLC will play better in this system too, if there's one thing Lamps knows about its the midfield.
  11. He's much more decisive than Hazard, Eden would only be selfish and take a strike at goal if things were getting desperate. Pulisic doesn't quite have the ability to hold the ball up like Eden though so it's the perfect thing to be in lieu of this.
  12. What a joy he was to watch, the silky football is what he lives for, it's something he has experience playing in Barcelona, I think he's going to enjoy this season against teams who don't press as well.
  13. He's looking amazing so far, I'm most impressed by his shooting ability, his disallowed goal so well taken you don't always expect players to hit the corner at an angle like that. Most if not all of his shots so far have been on target, he's accurate and always tests the keeper, I can see him developing into a 20+ goal a season player.
  14. A couple seasons ago he was the best 1 on 1 defender in the world, he's definitely declined a bit. Hopefully when Reece James come in Azpi can have a bit of rest and get back near his previous levels. Remember he's been absolutely playing his legs off as long as he's been here except maybe the first season.
  15. He is much more confident attacking and running with the ball and making attacking forward passes, he still did these before but the hesitation in decision making is gone. I think his last performance was better than how he played under Sarri though, everyone's level of passing and attacking football has been raised this season and we have to give credit to Lamps as well.

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