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  1. I read that too, it's a case of them wanting more in this rebuild but Christ can't they show some respect to the Galactico they just signed? Talk about being spoiled...
  2. Just before you all start burning shirts
  3. Just wiping his snot.. Pretty much every player gets told to kiss the badge on their presentation day at Madrid
  4. As long as he has some kind of contribution and not a complete waste of a spot I'd be fine with him, sounds like there is a bit of promise there. I'll keep an eye out on him in pre season next month
  5. I've not watched any games of him playing in Milan, his season highlights seem pretty average. I have read the (negative) stories along the way of him arguing with the coach and taking the piss out of another player holding his shirt after the game and I have to say I don't mind that, it probably shows he has more confidence/arrogance which is an attitude far from what he had here when he was literally playing like a useless pussy. I don't think there is a top player in him but he is still a physical presence in midfield and if he is to join the squad next season, there probably is a bit of hope he can do a job in rotation or coming off the bench.
  6. It's easy when you leave out Bakayoko every time!
  7. Real and Atletico bans were suspended by FIFA. Pogba's agent Mino Raiola also had his transfer ban suspended a couple days ago by FIFA. Can't help but feel it is preferential treatment and if it was a different club in our shoes right now it would have been suspended as usual.
  8. Class from Eden. I'd like to think his new number 7 is connected to his 7 years at Chelsea 😊 Hats off to Marina as well, seeing reports that the maximum fee could rise to £150m
  9. That's fine, we can't even spend the money this season anyway. I'm sure Morata hasn't hit his targets so the bonuses won't be activated. We'd take a small hit but this is a prime opportunity to get rid.
  10. Watched the highlights and Stones was tracking de Ligt for his goal, just got beaten to the ball by him. The last goal I'd have to say now Stones is probably least at fault but he should've cleared it anyway as it was too risky, Barkley tried to pass to the keeper but couldn't do it under pressure of the man tracking him. Barkley came deep to receive the ball and surely the system made them play out the back, and got punished for it.
  11. Hmm, Pep wouldn't leave this season, he's got a superb squad and can sign more players if he wants this summer and have a real go at all trophies again. If they get the CL ban he might leave, but the ban would start next season. Also depends on how long the ban is, I reckon he can live through a one year ban.
  12. Gone out of fashion the season after we won the league, looking back it was crazy how every team we faced was switching formations just for one game to counter us, top teams keeping the formation and England adopting it too. Barkley had a decent game today, he'll be blamed for the 3rd goal but it was Stones who put him in that position. Kane has some good moments of dribbling but he doesn't link up well with other players, seems very selfish and keeps shooting it into defenders. Alas, I will never see England win anything...
  13. Poor move from Morata, he's found his comfort zone and wants to force a move cause next year if it's not Atletico then he's going to have to step down further. He's got to stop whining, it's down to him next season to prove his worth and make Atletico buy him.
  14. Sky Sports and some other papers say it's £88m rising to £130m with bonuses. If that's the case I doubt it is as simple as making a certain amount of appearances, you've got to think it's a significant amount of goals and assists or winning the Liga/CL or Ballon D'or.
  15. Alderweireld too, no way Levy is letting him go for nothing. Alli and Kane should think about jumping ship too

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