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  1. I felt so sorry for Azpi when he was defending the counter against the young bucks Rashford and Daniel James, he got left in the dust...
  2. I don't know why they didn't give the pen though, if I had to argue against it I would say that perhaps it's because Greenwood's arm made contact with CHO's so you could say that his arm was being pushed into that position.
  3. I would have taken this point if it was a one off tense match against a top 4 rival but the problem is that we play like this every week
  4. Christensen has been pretty good for a couple games now
  5. Apart from Lamps' first season, I have been bored by our general play since Sarri, 3 out of 4 seasons our football has been more or less like this
  6. This guy doesn't know what he's doing. CHO should do an Mbappe and kick up a stink, we all know Tuchel can't handle that, picks on the quiet boy
  7. Another The Athletic special... I find it hard to believe as well since he isn't a coveted player, why would he refuse the chance to secure his future earning maximum wages he won't get else where. Because of rumours that we are chasing Haaland? Just doesn't sound right to me.
  8. Suarez is such a c**t, apparently he grabbed Rudiger and dug his nails into his leg which is why he squared up to him on the touchline, got a corner out of it as well the bastard. In the PL he was mostly just a diver and one time biter but he's really turned into something else since.
  9. He's got such great vision that he was celebrating the goal before Giroud even made contact with the ball
  10. Don't know the letter of the law but, their only defense is that if somehow Giroud being offside was the reason why he did the backpass then it should be ruled out but I think it was really Mount that was challenging him, so for me it was a good goal
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