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  1. They won't restock it as it's limited edition, maybe they have some in the club shop but of course it's closed. Found S size here: https://www.zalando.co.uk/nike-performance-chelsea-london-cup-club-wear-rush-bluetour-yellow-n1242d2ww-k11.html Don't know how legit this site is but they have S and M: https://www.unisportstore.com/football-shirts/chelsea-fourth-shirt-cup-collection/197060/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9Na2hf_B6AIVVYfVCh2_Wg5lEAQYASABEgK9QvD_BwE
  2. I think fairness comes out of decisions made, if anything people who get the virus are the unlucky ones.
  3. f**k you indeed but I think you're the miserable sod actually, I'm surprised you're still here the amount of abuse you give people on this forum. But to reply to your comments, sure you can be more or less skeptical to how good this team is based on 2 performances, personally I want more proof over a longer period and against different opposition before we really start to think about ditching some or all of our regular midfield (Jorghi, Kante, Kovacic). I'm happy that we played well and won these games, I hope they play like this every game and that we've found the holy grail of formation/tactics etc and I'd be happy no matter what as long as we win but I think you're only happy when you have a go at people. Don't act like you actually care about people supporting the team I've seen enough of your posting pattern to see your motive.
  4. Is there a fancy word for the Fellaini role? Elbowista?
  5. Not only a victim of Jose and Conte but I think because he was the golden boy of the academy, the club forced him to be part of the squad probably despite the managers not wanting him, Conte saw a big guy like him as not useful in his system other than being a target man ffs, should've loaned him out then and there.
  6. Lingard, Alli, Barkley are players that don't strike me as people who make sacrifices, they are only as good as their natural talent and are likely to get side tracked by side hustles and nightclubs.
  7. They just don't look like scoring, the offside goal was the only genuine chance they've had
  8. That's a nice way to put it, or they were 8 years old and wetting the bed every night
  9. Billy was the furthest forward, lads really going for it today
  10. Is Reece in midfield? Surely Alonso should be moved up
  11. Maybe but it's a very attacking side against a poor defence so we're looking as good as can be, I'd like to see how well this side does against Bayern
  12. That 3 man midfield is working really well, we don't know how well it would work against a top team but for now they are really dynamic is defence and attack.

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