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  1. We can have one of the greatest seasons in our history or a complete failure and it all hinges on the last 4 games
  2. Ah hopefully soon, thanks for your blessing.
  3. I'm a charity case so can you donate back to me?
  4. If we win the CL, I will buy this kit.
  5. I think both clubs will be managing the next 2 games in the same way, a shame it can't be an end of season thriller with full strength sides.
  6. Oh no, we could be wearing these kits for ur finals...
  7. The team was flowing better and creating chances when he was on, we might have actually won if he had just stayed on. MOTM despite only playing half the match
  8. What a dopey guy, put your laces through it for once
  9. Yeah he was amazing in the last match and dreadful today, I think he either relies on team mates to play like that or just couldn't get it up today
  10. Btw this is why we wanted United to beat Leicester for those who kept complaining about us wanting that to happen
  11. Despite the poor performance, not making that one mistake + getting a pen that we desrved we still could've got the win. Can't believe this
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