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  1. That's a penalty. There was a clear foot out on CHO there. Extremely unlucky.
  2. The first one, yeah, but I'd put the second one down to a good save. His shot was on target and was goal bound.
  3. Mount deserved that goal. Brilliant from Giroud again.
  4. And that was his last touch before being subbed. xD
  5. Silva is coming off. He's looked good except for that one early mistake but probably a good idea to give him just the hour for now.
  6. Apparently Kai has never got a senior hat trick before. What a time to rectify that!
  7. It would easily be 2-2 minimum if Kepa was still in goal.
  8. That was the most against the run of play goal I've ever seen, haha.
  9. Silva with a mistake that almost lead to a goal. Barnsley are really going for it early.
  10. I think 3rd. You still have to give respect to Liverpool and if City get Messi then that just makes them incredibly stronger than they already are. Plus I can't see them being 18 points off the pace again. We have the rest covered easily though and will finish 3rd quite comfortably I feel.
  11. Either side of the keeper and he would have really been struggling.
  12. It's on the Chelsea website or app. Werner messed the header up but that was a wicked ball in from Ziyech!
  13. Werner with his very first touch. Great ball from Ziyech found CHO who stuffed it up but it fell to Werner who buried it.
  14. Not convincing with that first defensive set piece. Dunk really should have done better in the end.
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