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Charly Musonda jr.


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Surprised there wasn't a thread about this lad.



A similar player as Jeremie Boga, and also very young (17 years). He can play everywhere in the AM and is very similar in his style like Hazard (a very good friend of him btw). 

In Belgium he is regarded as the biggest young talent (his youth coach at Anderlecht even rated him higher as Januzaj). 

He has been solid throughout the academy, but in recent months really broke through. He had some luck with the Boga injury though. He saved the team's ass in the first leg of the FA Youth cup final in where he limited the damage by scoring a late goal for Chelsea (2-3 against fulham) and equalizing against Man U in the u21 Play-off Final. 


He's currently playing for Belgium's u19 squad where he scored the only goal against Wales in a 1-1 draw, and 2 goals today against Greece (2-4). They are 1 win away from qualifying for European Championship in Hungary. 


Chelsea will probably keep him for another year to achieve homegrown status, before he goas on loan. 

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Too early to say he won't make it, but I think he might need a couple more years because of his size. Boga on the other hand has tremendous strength for his size but has struggled with injuries. I expect to see him get more chances in pre-season.

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Size Blue Daze ?


Messi, Hazard, Zola, Maradonna,..........


Sorry, I meant he might struggle with his size unless he's either one of the two greatest players who have ever lived or one of the two greatest players who have ever played for us.  :face_palm:


I'm a big supporter of our young players but even I wait until they've got a squad number before anointing them Messi's heir apparent.

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A talented player no doubt, but £8.5m is surely too good a bid to sniff at?


There are a few rumours flying around about Musonda, the others all seem to involve him going to France on loan. That article claims that Marseille want him, and there was an article on WAGNH the other day which suggested he might go on loan to Monaco as part of the Falcao deal.

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Well to be fair to him we should at least consider that bid.
8.5 million is a good price for a player who probably won't get a chance with us anytime soon. I highly doubt Mourinho will start giving game time to multiple youth players next season. If Arsenal were to buy him for 8.5 mil it means they take him seriously and probably want to start giving him game time straight away.


If we're not going to use him, might as well take that offer.

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Irrelevant, he won't be given the chances to develop into a £40m player here.

I agree with your point; you would think once top clubs start sniffing around our youth players we would stick them in the first team squad and be patient.

Instead of spending £15-£20m on "experienced" bench players, just stick Musonda on the bench. Personally I felt whoever we are bought going forward will be 1st team starters but players we have been linked to say different.

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Can they? How many of their fabled youth make it into the first team on a regular basis?

I agree that Wenger and his way with the youngsters gets blown out of proportion. But when he picks them up at reasonably young age (16-17+) such as Walcott, Ox and Bellerin he does tend to give them plenty of game time.

I'm sure there are plenty of examples where he buys these type of players and they don't end up in the first team, but my knowledge of Arsene and the rest of them doesn't reach quite that far.

But if he'd spend the best part of 10 mil on Musonda I do think he'd be inclined to play him.

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