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  1. I think at some point he surely has to, and Pulisic will be back in the next week or so aswell. Its actually pretty impressive ehere we find ourselves after 5 games and some tough fixtures, when going forward it hasnt been great. Thankfully we have goals coming from the rest of the team.
  2. Really good changes from Tuchel today, I wouldnt even say he got it wrong to start with either, having Mount in the front 3, should let us move to a 3 man midfield, but he was off the pace again today, so Tuchel made what looked like a defensive substitution, but in reality, it let us completely dominate the game.
  3. I think he has been decent before the international break, but these last 2 games have been poor. Mount the same, just not clicking, and when they get an opportunity the quality from both is seriously lacking. Werner and Lukaku looked promising, and with Kante, Kova, and Jorginho, all looking in great form, none of these creative players are shoeins to start for me at the moment. Long season though, but my god we miss that Fabregas, Mata, and Hazard creative spark.
  4. Alonso is playing better now than he did under Conte. Fantastic ball retention, fights for every ball. Chilwell might be kicking his heels for a bit longer.
  5. What a footballer! Pure class. Wouldve been motm even without the goal. He seems to love it here, I bet theres a part of him that wishes he ended up here sooner. Perfect fit.
  6. We looked good 2nd half, if im mount or Havertz, im worried. All 3 centre midfielders look way more in form. 3 point lane. Alonso, Kante and Silva were great shouldve been more.
  7. Spurs have played well, we have coped okay though. Silva magnificent 1st half. Mount and Havertz ineffectual. Some of the 'through balls' this season have been appaling. When we do get into a position to hurt them, the final pass has been terrible. Kovacic has been pretty quiet and struggled to break away from Ndombele. Could go either way tbh. Attack still doesnt function as well as it should, and is the most disappointing thing having seen us spend massively in that area. Juan Mata, Fabregas, and Hazard, were all infinitely more dangerous players for us.
  8. I can never be confident with Kepa in goal. Dont really like the line up, but not going to complain too much, because i havent liked the line up a lot in the big games under Tuchel, but we have won most them. I don't feel this will be a classic. Hopefully we make it 3 on spin at their new stadium.
  9. Yeah it was pretty laboured in that 1st half, Ziyech didnt offer him any support going forward either tbf.
  10. I think last night highlighted why we were after Hakimi. James has great delivery, but he doesnt have that 1v1 ability or pace to get by players frequently, and with Alonso on the other side, it meant we werent able to hurt them in wide areas. I was all for James playing more at right centre back, but there were some objections to this because some posters think it would take away from his crossing game, which is ironic since Azpi's cross from right centre back actually won us the game last night. Would this system be more dangerous with wing backs that have pace and can dribble effectively, like Hakimi, and Davies? Possibly something to consider in the future, even if it means bringing in a rotational option that can provide those characteristics, like Livramento or Lamptey.
  11. I think Mount is one of these players that look worse for having a rest. Hopefully back to his best against Spurs because he had a bit of a shocker tonight.
  12. Anyone still doubting his touch? Completely different player with his back to goal now.
  13. Not for me in games like today. In the big games id agree his movement in behind is great. No space for him today, and I think he wouldve struggled like we saw in these sort of games last season.
  14. Tough game. Loads of underperforming players, and it was difficult against that deep defence. However Lukaku is lethal. I thought he has great again, just a pity the supporting cast are not in form at the same time. Feels strange seeing a striker take half chances, after 3 years of Morata and Werner. Nice to start win a win. Bring on Spurs.
  15. Mount and Ziyech devoid of any quality in that half. Ziyech not involved enough, Mount was involved, but very poor on the ball. This is the sort of game which I thought Hakimi would be perfect for, we dont have anyone beating their man in the wide areas, I think James attempted one dribble, he needs to be way more aggressive imo. Alondo diesnt have that in his locker. All very slow and safe, then when there is a chance its sloppy. Boring half. Hopefully squeeze a win. ps that Zenit corner is one of the worst ive ever seen.
  16. They ended losing 6 on the spin at home in that run. Brighton and Burnley also won there. We did well to get the 3 points, but the side we faced this season were in a much better place.
  17. Surely you have apply context. Different liverpool side in different form. Down to 10 men, kante off injured. Full crowd etc. We are 5 points up on rest of the fixtures, but i dont think it really means much. 3 points are 3 points at the end of the day.
  18. I watched a few games last season at WBA, and whilst Gallagher looked good, i never really felt he was going to make it at Chelsea, then i saw him in preseason, and it seemed pretty obvious he needed another loan. Ive watched 2 and half of his 3 games for Palace, and my god, this kid looks incredible. If he carries this form for a season, he will force himself into Tuchel's plans, no question. Id be surprised if he doesnt get his 1st England call up this season. I think i might have got this one wrong, he looks like the real deal.
  19. Welcome to the premier league!
  20. If we can up the level of service he will get 30+ this season. Absolute gunman, and his touch is miles better aswell.
  21. Good 3 points from a tough fixture. Lukaku is lethal, 2 goals from that service is incredible.
  22. Saul is going to be having nightmares that McGinn is behind him.
  23. That debut from Saul is up there with some of the worse ive seen. Close to Bakayoko against Watford! He is going to need to adapt. We need to play better 2nd half to see this out.
  24. I hate Taylor, but he had no choice on this occasion, handball stopping a goal is a straight red. Intentional or not unfortunately. Double jeopardy is only applied when its a genuine attempt to play the ball. Rule probably needs looking at.
  25. No mate, apparently Laliga granted Barcelona, Atletico, and Sevilla 20 mins extra to get paper work done for Greizmann and De jong, so Atletico signed there part of the Saul deal. Crazy how clubs work. Its like students starting assignments the night before they are due! Typical Chelsea heart attack stuff though, seems its all done now though, I bet you are very happy! Im looking forward to seeing how Tuchel utilizes him.
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