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  1. Man Utd are an absolute f**king waste of space. I hope they get ruined by Unai the Europa League slayer.
  2. Man Utd look like rabbits caught in the headlights here. They need to remember who they are, that Fernandes is their captain, that they have the dodgiest ref in the country, and cheat like their lives depend on it!
  3. Another specious similarity from the 1970/71 season - for what it's worth we also lost at home to Arsenal during the run-in.
  4. Patrice Evra is preparing his speech...
  5. What in the f**k is going on here? Werner really does seem in his element as a model though. None of the others can keep a straight face.
  6. Have to disagree with you there lozzer - he is clearly the new Willian. He will instead spend his career at a top side and be consistently accused of stealing a living. Was it only four days ago that he played a crucial role in our comeback victory against the best team in the country by miles?
  7. Perhaps I just feel the need to overcompensate after our third defeat against this tinpot Arsenal side in a calendar year, but it's always seemed to me that even when we're sh*t (and we frequently have been over the past few years) teams are still scared of playing us just "because it's Chelsea". Could you honestly say that about Roy Hodgson's Liverpool or David Moyes' Man Utd? Our aura isn't quite what it was now the Drogba generation have all been and gone but there's still something there which causes disquiet. Tuchel's contribution so far has only contributed to that.
  8. f**king hell - I think the neighbours have taken out a restraining order after hearing some of things I shouted while watching our corners tonight...
  9. Why do I get the impression this will be a low-voter? Take your pick.
  10. Well that was... unfortunate. A no-look backpass the one time the man who never comes off his line goes for a wander. To be honest I do feel like we will break Arsenal down if we are patient, but it will require a tweak to the front three. Pulisic and Havertz have been pretty ineffectual - I’d hook one (probably the former) for Hudson-Odoi and bring Giroud on later if we still haven’t scored. I have a feeling we might see Werner... this really isn’t the game for him. Gilmour is showing the most ambition on the ball but again has been inconsistent in his execution. If he improves tha
  11. f**k's sake Solskjaer - while it's good that he took note of almost tanking their season a year ago by never rotating his players, I feel like there's a happy medium to be found. Ah well... I suppose maintaining the gap with West Ham/Liverpool is what matters. Plus I wasn't particularly comfortable wanting Man Utd to beat Leicester in the first place.
  12. I thought to myself that he was quietly having a very good game. Then he (with surreptitious help from Hudson-Odoi) evaporated the 'quiet' part. Alonso could well go down as one of my favourite fun but flawed players. Strangely enough that was only his second goal this season.
  13. Was excellent off the bench - he is really quite an intelligent player, particularly considering he's still only 20. Not a chance we'd have won the game without him. Oh, and it was against the best team in the country. Probably worth pointing out that this is not the first time he has made a difference as a substitute. Really hope to see more of him going forward.
  14. Absolutely f**king outrageous - I love it. I am so incredibly happy with that, all over them in the second half. Brilliant stuff boys, let’s have some drinks!
  15. Hahaha f**k off Anthony Taylor you incompetent c**t - why on earth were we not allowed to make that sub? It was a kickoff you complete idiot. Anyway - justice was done.
  16. They occasionally play Cancelo in midfield - looks like a 4-4-2 to me.
  17. To be honest I think it's more to do with playing in a midfield two. I know I've said this before, but it's Kanté's main world-class attribute: you can play a two-man midfield without suffering the usual consequences of having a numeric disadvantage.
  18. Unlucky Wednesday... that was a very entertaining game between two terrible teams. Helped by some awful officiating from Mike Dean™
  19. Sheffield Wednesday's team is hilarious - they have Jordan 'the new David Nugent' Rhodes, Dean Windass' son, Sam Hutchinson, a 95-year-old Kieran Westwood, a now apparently good Barry Bannan, and Liam Palmer, who had to take to social media to explicitly deny that he's Carlton Palmer's son.
  20. Sam Hutchinson has just put Sheffield Wednesday 1-0 up against Derby (slightly offside but no VAR in the Championship). Just need Rotherham to drop points now...
  21. Thanks for posting this - it's very funny hearing Mount's squeaking compared to Rüdiger's more audible bass. Will be interesting to see how we are affected by the return of the fans when it will be much harder for the players to hear each other and the management. Expect a big improvement from Arsenal - they won't be affected at all!
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