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  1. I'm not surprised but very disappointed with the club that they did not at the very least give him until the end of the season. With each sacking I'm starting to lose that investment/bond I have with the club I once knew. I don't think wanting stability is too much to ask for.
  2. Maybe it's just me but rivalries aren't really a thing these days amongst players, everyone is friends with each other for the most part so it's not surprising to see them smiling and laughing at full time. It annoys me as well to be honest but that's just how it is now. In regards to his ability as a player, he's is a perfectly fine squad player and still has room to improve. You aren't going to get better strikers than him willing to sit on the bench.
  3. It's not one or the other, both things can be true.
  4. I would still back Lampard but if he was to get sacked then I don't think even he would have any complaints. I'm also a bit fed of up our managers not lasting any longer than 2/3 years to be honest, a bit of stability would be nice for a change.
  5. This would be the most underserved win if we managed to scrape a goal.
  6. I would wait a bit into the second half but agree on the changes.
  7. 1 bad month does not void all the good he's done thus far. Not to mention we tend to be pretty bad/average come this time of year anyway over the past few seasons.
  8. I think some people are overreacting to what has only been a bad month. I agree we need to perform better and believe that will happen, still plenty of football left to play, but calls for his head already are quite premature.
  9. I'm not talking so much about the wins, Arsenal now are playing better football than they did before. I don't expect us to magically start winning tons of games but I do hold out hope for us getting back to playing how we did at the start of the season.
  10. His performance today was bizarre. He's not a world class player by any means but you can usually rely on his dribbling and being press resistant, looked like a completely different player out there. Extremely low on confidence.
  11. Don't really care where he plays, he needs to start. Our only good attacking player atm.
  12. What I will say is that we don't look as bad as Arsenal did during their rut under Areta. If they can turn it around I see no reason why we can't.
  13. He's been pretty bad for the past few games.
  14. Better to lose it in their half than ours like Kante was doing.
  15. Kante has been dreadful the past few games, get him off for his sake.
  16. I will fault Christensen for staying down, I'm not going to fault him for the goal. It's not the first time they would have had to defend with 10 men and it won't be the last.
  17. I thought he was the only one trying to actually penetrate the defence with a through ball instead of mindlessly crossing it in all the time, that alone puts him above the others in my view.
  18. I disagree. Was probably our best attacker over the full 90, Pulisic was better for the first half.
  19. Both Grealish and Christensen were play acting to be honest (hence Grealish magically feeling ok once the ball falls to him) but 9 times out of 10 that is given as a foul.
  20. The worse part about this match was that no one played badly, we are just completely devoid of any ideas that isn't crossing. I miss watching us playing with triangles and actually putting in through balls behind the defence.
  21. I'm not going to blame him for the goal, there's still a whole lot that happens afterwards. Team should have adjusted accordingly.
  22. I don't buy that, we had worse players last season and even at the start of this season with all the injuries.
  23. How have we ended up being a crossing team overnight? I don't understand.
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