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  1. So, this is slightly off-topic, but I was reading the "Steven Gerrard's Autobiography" thread on RedCafe because I felt like I needed a laugh, and guess what I found there? A morally upright Charlton fan, like our very own Gladstonian Liber, lecturing the United supporters on a United forum for making fun of one of their most hated rivals. He goes by "David Court" and here's his post: So, are all Charlton fans sanctimonious twats or are David Court and Gladstonian Liber the same sad person? Or, and this might be it, do Arsenal and Liverpool fans (two very similar fanbases, one just 5-7 more years of failure and a few poetry lessons behind the other) use Charlton as a front to defend their teams on rival forums because the notion of a "Charlton Fan" is so alien that none of us would even consider that they're lying?
  2. 1) Diego Costa did not intentionally break anyone's leg, so your hypothetical example of an Arsenal player doing the same and it causing you - the moral authority on all things - to stop supporting him is utterly meaningless. I do, however, remember a lot of Arsenal fans commending Welbeck for the two-footed, attempted leg-breaker he tried on Fabregas last season. But I'm sure you tsk-tsk'd it, sadly shaking your head at the television screen, because you are a wonderful and pure human being. 2) Just because you and large sections of your fanbase are immensely fickle in support of your lead striker, doesn't mean we have to be the same with ours. We cheer him on because he gives it all on the pitch. No one's going, "YEAAAAH DIEGO! GENTLY SLAP HIM IN THE FACE MATE!!! DIEGO DIEGO DIEGO!!!" Most of us are, at best, lukewarm / mildly uncomfortable over his other antics, and you'd have known that if you'd actually read most of this thread instead of coming in firing shots with your cute little custom-made waterpistol. One day, after Arsene leaves following another 5 years of not winning the League and embarrassing himself and English football in the Champions League, you'll once again find a striker who isn't terrible and actually gives a sh*t, and you'll get it. 3) Your club tried to buy Luis Suarez. Talk about abandoning your morals.
  3. Love this guy. Just found out it was he who started the counter for the 2nd goal with the excellent pass to Willian. I don't know if it was a tactical adjustment or it just happened naturally as the game went on, but I feel like him and Ivanovic switched roles in this game, in that Dave seemed to have a lot more freedom to go forward while Iva mostly stayed back. Didn't particularly help Iva's performance any (though we did get to see fewer crosses slammed into the middle of an opponent's chest / face from 2 feet away), but it paid off with Dave.
  4. I think he'll be even better when Oscar comes back. Great performance today. I know it's early days, and this was West Brom (not that we can take anyone lightly the way we've been playing), but he's a much better dribbler than I thought he was. As someone who wasn't initially keen on him, I hope he keeps proving me emphatically wrong.
  5. @Davey Baby, I don't disagree with your view that Willian might be better in midfield, but I think you're really, really reaching with the Iniesta comparison. The only thing the two have in common is a lack of end product. Iniesta is a magnificent dribbler who can skip past two players in a tight spot, execute the right pass at precisely the right time and turn a potentially dangerous situation for his own team into a fatal one for his opponent. In a similar situation, Willian usually dribbles 5 yards backwards, looks around, dribbles a further 5 yards backwards, looks around, then makes the simplest possible pass (backwards or sidewards) which gets us to the grand destination of absolutely nowhere. Iniesta is unpredictable when he has the ball at his feet because he has every trick in the book and the talent to execute it, and that's what makes him so dangerous. Willian is probably one of the most predictable players in the league. Every pass and move is telegraphed well in advance except for the occasionally delightful backflicks. And as far as vision, Iniesta executes passes Willian doesn't even have the ability to see. Willian in midfield has much more of a chance to be a Makele than he does an Iniesta. And I don't think he has much of a chance to be a Makelele. These are special players with special skillsets, and as much as I like him, the only thing special about Willian is his stamina and his magnificent hair.
  6. It's shocking how unclinical he is at finishing for a professional footballer, and an attacker no less. It's just completely unnatural to him - like Fellaini trying not to elbow someone in the face but worse. His miss today is one of many where a teammate has done all the hard work and put it on an absolute platter for him, only for him to completely fluff his lines (he had about three or four last season with the ones at West Ham and Swansea being glaring examples). It's like the more time he has to aim the less likely the ball is to go in. Dave, of all people, showed more of a natural eye for goal than he did. Plus, despite executing a decent pass today that you really should expect one of your forwards to make in acres of space (couldn't see who it was, but the pass to Willian was more impressive), for all his speed and decent dribbling skills, he's often shocking on the counterattack as well. Despite my obvious frustrations, I do still like him because he seems like a nice, humble person, and a guy that works so hard for the club is tough not to like, but I'm at that point again where I'm thinking, surely we could do better? And I don't even mean going out and buying someone. When Oscar comes back and presumably (hopefully) starts, do you really want Willian as your game-changing attacking option off the bench when we're a goal down? I'd rather have Traore or Remy or even Musonda come on before him. Perhaps we can use Willian as the attacking mid version of Mikel to come on to kill a game when we're ahead.
  7. My fear is he's going to be our version of Pogba. He's extremely talented but also highly ambitious and driven, and I don't think he's going to tolerate not being given a chance for much longer. Him not making the pre-season tour suggests he has no shot at making our first team squad this season, so my hope is we loan him to Monaco or Marseille - Champions League teams that are open to playing youth - as we were rumoured to, and he proves himself by cementing a place in the first 11 there. This would then, hopefully, give us no choice but to give him a chance next season. Anyone know how much longer his contract lasts?
  8. I absolutely love Schurrle, but he was far from ideal for us. He is a limited player who excels at movement off the ball / making diagonal runs in behind a defence, qualities that are nullified against the packed defences we usually come up against. He wasn't good at the things you traditionally expect from a winger i.e. dribbling in tight spaces, going past a player, crossing etc. He tried his hardest at defending but he was awful at it. If he wasn't getting in behind and scoring, he offered nothing - pretty much the exact opposite of Willian, who offers everything but end product. I do think Jose had high hopes for him post-World Cup, which is probably why we didn't even consider the likes of Sanchez. I think he started the first couple of games of the season and did alright, but I remember him being atrocious in the game against Swansea where we massively struggled in the 1st half. He was subbed at half-time, and we completely dominated the second half, and then the mystery illness took over and he didn't do enough to justify his selection thereafter. Maybe we could have tried using him as a second striker, the way Atletico use Griezmann, but he wasn't good enough technically to consistently start on the wings for us - certainly not the right-wing. Think he's destined to be a great super-sub type player, but unfortunately, he didn't want to accept that role with us. I'll still always root for him because he seemed like a very likeable guy with a great attitude and a genuine affection for our club, but being better than Salah and Cuadrado does not make him the answer to our RW woes.
  9. Even if this was true about him "angering" someone at the club (there's about zero evidence that it is), why would we sell him clearly below market value only to hurt ourselves? Like, what point does that prove beyond throwing a tantrum befitting a child instead of a large corporation? Also, why would Remy agree to the lower visibilty and stature of the Turkish league when he could be starting for about 10 other Premier League teams? The only reason I can think of is wages, but surely, there must be a team in the PL willing to match that along with a much more appropriate transfer fee. If this deal does happen, and I'll be shocked and confused and angered if it does, the likelier explanation would be that whatever health issue the Liverpool medics picked up on him is real and no other team wants to take a chance on him. I mean, that still makes very little sense, but I'd rather believe that than the idea of us, as an organization, behaving like a stupid, vindictive child.
  10. So you're saying we have a chance in January?
  11. I haven't watched a lot of him, so could you tell me what this would be? Just from looking at his stats - a crude method to judge players, but it's all I have (because Youtube clips are even less reliable) - do we really need another attacking midfielder who doesn't score a lot? This from WhoScored: Roberto Firmino had 7 goals from 95 shots, giving him a worse conversion rate (7.4%) than any other player with 5+ goals in the Bundesliga last season. Wouldn't he just end up being another expensive (29m) squad option? His best position appears to be no. 10 and we already have Oscar there, and if/when Oscar goes into his midseason rut, we'll have Willian and Hazard who are more than adequate in that position. He's probably a good signing for Liverpool because of the paucity of their options in the market, but surely we can do better. The last thing we need is to take another expensive risk on an unproven player. We have enough of those now.
  12. I don't think there are many, if any, players who can consistently score from as far out as Lampard could. Oscar is our best option, but we don't really see him shoot all that much. Think he's the cleanest striker of the ball that we have. With all the underwhelming players we've been linked to and Mourinho's talk of strengthening the squad, I imagine internal improvement from the players we already have is going to be key next season, and Oscar is the one that needs to step up the most. We're a much, much better team when he's playing well.
  13. Sanchez, easily. He mirrors Willian's primary strength (selfless defensive work) while being significantly better at pretty much everything else.
  14. This would make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Please tell me you read this at Metro or Express or Goal.com so I can completely ignore it.

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