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  1. Can't believe my eyes, the FSW second favourite for the gig according to the bookies?
  2. Here's hoping he hates their sh*thouse fanbase and club management, and wants to come back in 6 months.
  3. Congratulations Rob! [/
  4. Giroud for me, scored the first, won the penalty for the third and put the fourth on a plate for Eden with a delightful chip. One of his best games for us - HMs for Eden, Dave and Jorginho who were all excellent.
  5. Happy for him, some of the vitriol aimed at him has been embarrassing (for the purveyors).
  6. The title of this thread has aged about as well as the 'German Messi' nickname bestowed upon Marko Marin.
  7. Torres and it isn't close, when you think of the talent and managers he had around him and wasted, and that it was mandatory to trot him out for 75 minutes every game. There were times when he visibly didn't want to be anywhere near the ball or goal. Then you factor in the opportunity cost, imagine if we'd spent that money on Aguero or Suarez instead, or had at least given Lukaku a fair shake. That being said if we end up with Morata back up front next season he could have a contender. If we ignore all context and you're asking solely about the worst signing in terms of talent, Benayoun looked like a make a wish foundation kid on the field.
  8. Get this idiot off this forum.
  9. Any chance he's back for the final? With no Ruben now, a Jorginho-Kovacic-Barkley midfield is a bleak prospect indeed.
  10. Also his finest moment (at the Nou) only came about because he lost the ball and couldn't be assed to track back despite there being about 2 minutes left in the game and us needing all hands on deck. Of course Ash won the ball back and booted it back up-field, and the rest is history, but still - he was never exactly industrious. The same can be said about Drogba for 90% of the time though to be fair, especially in his younger seasons.
  11. I suppose if nothing else the episode was at least an accurate dramatisation of US foreign policy.
  12. The pacing and writing has been dreadful this season, Cleganebowl was worth the wait though.
  13. There's honestly a decent chance the fans there don't warm to him and he comes back in 2 years - and I am not at all saying this as a coping mechanism.
  14. Didn't have the same talent around him though - really our only hope would have been the two years under Jose with Diego (excluding his third with Conte when we weren't in it), as the Torres/Morata years were no chance. That last minute concession against PSG at home in 2015 after Ibra had gotten sent off, that year was probably his best chance, but from memory he was invisible in that game. I think he's become a lot more consistent since then, but hasn't had the talent around him unfortunately.
  15. I'd rather have any of Giroud, Higuain or Michy over Morata, he was truly dreadful, it was like reliving the Torres nightmare again.

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