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  1. Blimey what a game (and probably the best in the CL for just under 7 years) - Son is a cracking player and honestly I think i'd rather have him than Kane if forced to pick. Somewhat happy with the result - improves the chances that Ajax can get to the final, however also increases the chance of Spurs or Liverpool winning it. Tough one, the choice between City/Liverpool/Spurs/Barca to win the CL is like choosing an STD, Barca being herpes as it will be horrible but at least we won't have to see/hear about it as often.
  2. I can't recall the exact games but believe there were a few earlier in the season where he got out on the field for a decent run - of course a small sample size but unfortunately that's all you tend to get with young players on the fringe. I haven't watched him play for Wales or the youth team, so granted there will be others with a more informed opinion.
  3. Appears i'm in the minority of people who think he is critical to our team, after Hazard, Kante, Dave and Kepa he's the next name on the team sheet for me.
  4. A bit off topic but personally don't rate Ampadu's potential to be a starter at this level, looking back I think Ake showed more promise at a similar age. Would be nice to see Gary get one or two final run outs as a goodbye - given the last league game of the season may be crucial for top 4, this is probably the only remaining game we can afford to throw him into without jeopardizing too much.
  5. Don't think we were too bad to be honest, questionable whether Sarri got the decision to start Hazard as a false 9 correct, however with the form Higuain and Giroud are in, not like there are outstanding alternatives. Realistically without a 15-20 league goal a season striker we're going to continue scrapping around the edge of the top 4. There's a reason the two titles we've won since Ancelotti were with Costa at his snarling peak.
  6. I'd say Kepa, with HMs to Kante and Dave, although really most of the team was a 5-6/10 with no-one really excelling or disappointing. CHO probably the least effectual.
  7. With the following subs already penciled in: - Kovacic for Barkley, 70th minute - Pedro for Willian, 75th minute - Giroud for Higuain, 80th minute Team manages itself really.
  8. A very poor, very jammy win. Couldn't have happened to a nicer manager than that sour-faced git Neil Warnock though, absolute hilarity.
  9. Thought he was the best player on the pitch today, largely due to a level of urgency and intensity i've never seen from him before.
  10. I would pin the fault for Conte and Mourinho's demise overwhelmingly with the players. I think this is the exception - Sarri shares blame (for his inflexibility) with whoever is responsible for transfers these days (because they have been sh*te for a few years).
  11. Agreed, and there's no point trying to play like City when we have Jorginho, Kovacic and Willian as opposed to Fernandinho, KDB and Sterling. If we want to play this possession-heavy football we need players better suited to it, which means investment.
  12. Probably because whenever he looks up he sees only Higuain in the box surrounded by 6 defenders, while the rest of our team stands around outside the box looking at him.

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