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  1. Any word on that supposed 3rd black kit? It looked real sexy, but I don’t really buy shirts, I think they’re a bit immature if you’re over a certain age but, as a grown woman I’m tempted.. it’s the mid life crisis starting.. 😆
  2. Looking at Lampard as a manager you have to take emotion and sentiment out of the equation, it’s all a bit AVB esque so far..
  3. It’s pretty much a spotty teenager behind a phone or a computer, thinking they’re invincible with a footballer avatar, saying this stuff. Thats my assumption, because if a grown man/woman is doing this, with years of experience and ‘education’ behind them, that’s just embarrassing!
  4. Must win.. liked what I saw in the Super Cup game but overall it hasn’t been convincing so far for Lampard. Going for a 3-1 win
  5. The lack of attention and wishes Sarri got for this on here really does show how much quite a lot of the fanbase hated him! Get well soon Maurizio
  6. It’s a risk but I’m excited about Lampard. I was a fan of Sarri’s aswell but meh, he’s gone and made some comments about us only existing for 20 years so his critics were right in their insults, he’s a tramp!
  7. He had a great first few months but after that I don’t know what happened, it felt like he grew a vagina overnight!
  8. With Hazard gone he is pretty much the new poster boy now. Looks good enough for it anyway!
  9. How the mighty have fallen. Being linked with China!
  10. US women team deserve equal pay for me, they’re class!
  11. 1998 was the best and the first one for me, I was 13. I think you tend to enjoy football more as a child or teenager, I think the era pre Roman for us 1995-2003 was the best time watching football. Its hard to explain but it was just special. Nowadays I don’t watch footy outside Chelsea much, when you have kids, husband, job and mortgage your mind drifts elsewhere I’m afraid!
  12. Yeah the quality of games might not be as good due as we don’t have the physical capability of men but it’s more skill and technique based and I think it’s ok to watch, football is football, it’s better than love Island anyway!
  13. Rather a big game to start off with. Hope to go to an early home game and give my son who’s getting into football his 1st game!
  14. Looking forward to having a ‘Murican in our squad
  15. Haha Spurs w**kers. Didn’t see the game mind, woke up to a nice result! Cheers Liverpool

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