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  1. Good post & especially as concerns the owner's ambitions. I think the appointment of Sarri showed us that Roman still hankers for attractive possession based football & in that sense, Sarri's appointment, given our squad deficiencies over the last few years, was always likely to be problematic in much the same way (but possibly less starkly) that AVB's appointment was going to be problematic: both appointments were I feel were overly ambitious given the respective squads & the results of each did/have not really surprised. I wasn't keen on Sarri's appointment for much the same reasons that I wasn't keen on AVB's appointment. I suppose it's still possible that we could sneak into the top 4 this year but I don't really hold any hopes for that after the last 2 games & I became resigned to Hazard's departure several months ago & Zidane's re-appointment has really settled that issue. None of us can accurately 2nd guess what Roman makes of all this at present as regards next year but perhaps the transfer ban may finally force his hand to settle for the youth approach which many have been hankering for over the last five years or so. Given that we've been remarkable successful for the last 15 years, the chance for this new approach would be an exciting ride for all of us. And I know that we'd all love to see us go all the way in the EL this year but in terms of the future, the sad irony should we win it might be that Roman would be less willing to go the youth route next year because we've made the CL for next year. Either way, I think the Sarri experiment is over. As for who we get - I'd like to see Lamps & Jody given a go for next year but there are other possibilities as well.
  2. An astonishingly good actor in both mediums & his versatility & range was, in my view, only matched by Alec Guinness. If one had to pick 3 of his best film performances I'd go for his magnificent Poirot (comfortably better in one performance than any of Suchet's career long attempts) , as O'Bannon the local crime boss in Miller's Crossing & as Ed Masry in Erin Brockovich. A colossus & apparently a complete joy to work with. John Cleese (@JohnCleese) Albert Finney is gone... The Best. But more than our greatest actor... What the Germans call "Ein Mensch" February 8, 2019 https://www.theguardian.com/film/gallery/2019/feb/08/king-of-kitchen-sink-albert-finney-a-life-in-pictures
  3. youlots


    i thought he was living in an Hotel...
  4. youlots


    Of course he played the game - for several years. First, revisionism from you in this thread mate for which you were rightly taken to task over & now a palpable untruth.
  5. It could be but only by idiots.
  6. Your picture - is that your Grandfather?
  7. The inimitable David Squires' take: https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2018/dec/11/david-squires-on-the-mistreatment-of-raheem-sterling
  8. Apparently he had a job as a mime artist.
  9. this is a very ill-considered comment - there is a huge difference: FFP was not in existence when Roman 'invested ' in our club. City, through their 'benefactor', have manipulated the FFP egreously. The only questions that pertain is whether FIFA, UEFA & the EPL will follow it through. My thoughts: City & PSG deserve maximum sanctions - not just huge fines but relegation & the stripping of titles.
  10. I agree - at the end of the season Real will make an offer for him which will probably drag out for weeks but it looks like a fait accompli to me. Hazard is what, 28/29 now & it's always been his ambition to play for them. Obviously we'll want to drag as much as we can out of Real when it takes place.
  11. Heya - I have seen it & I agree that its a bit of a mess isn't it - poor old russ - trying to do too much on his directorial debut. There is some good acting & some scenes have been shot well but the editing was poor in respect to all that back & forward (which explains why they felt that captions were necessary) and all that water divination rubbish - the film would have much better w/o that.
  12. ^ hehe...heya punch...22 or is it now 23, and w/o kids...hehe. I imagine he's also sick of England with brexiteer idiots like you and of course much nicer climate in Spain - but hey, always good to see you that you have an opinion.....
  13. hehe...been called a lot of things in my time but 'nice'...that's new & gave me a chuckle so thx mate: as for the perception these days that the 'loyalty' of professionals must, in some imagined way, equate with the 'loyalty' of supporters....crikey....
  14. Righto...well, if you want to waste your emotions on him that's a matter for you - he's always been cagey since day dot but he was a professional on the paddock. Here's the thing - not every footballer who plays for us is always going to be 'model' of the paddock. Indeed that gets rarer & rarer these days so why the angst exactly?

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