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  1. More importantly, he's made his first Squires! https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/sep/10/david-squires-on-england-scotland-and-owen-v-shearer
  2. My original understanding was that FIFA was to release its decision concerning our appeal prior to the commencement of the summer transfer window on 11 June 2019 but, of course, and resulting from the somewhat unlikely denouement of the EPL as far as settling the top 4 is concerned, the pressure on FIFA to release its decision within the next fortnight is now even more compelling from our point of view. No doubt the club will have already decided on its shortlist for the CAS arbitrator of its choice for any CAS appeal should that be necessary & I imagine that the club has already drafted its interim application for CAS to suspend the transfer ban whilst CAS deliberates on any appeal.
  3. ^ Strider - thought you might enjoy this article by the belated (& much missed) Christopher Hitchens. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2006/04/bottoms-up/304719/
  4. I agree - at the end of the season Real will make an offer for him which will probably drag out for weeks but it looks like a fait accompli to me. Hazard is what, 28/29 now & it's always been his ambition to play for them. Obviously we'll want to drag as much as we can out of Real when it takes place.
  5. Heya - I have seen it & I agree that its a bit of a mess isn't it - poor old russ - trying to do too much on his directorial debut. There is some good acting & some scenes have been shot well but the editing was poor in respect to all that back & forward (which explains why they felt that captions were necessary) and all that water divination rubbish - the film would have much better w/o that.
  6. I agree that the 3rd was probably the weakest & that Macgregor over-acted the twins. However, I thought Thewlis was superb as was Winstead.
  7. Not only that but he'd missed some training sessions after the Belgium game after taking a knock so he obviously was labouring somewhat (not that you'd really notice whilst he was on). It occurred to me whilst watching the 1st half that DDs gameplan was to let Croatia have most of the ball and just to absorb the pressure so as to tire Croatia (who of course had 1 days less rest) & of course this meant even more work for little N'Golo. Any ways DD did the sub at the right-time and the rest is history. How lucky we are to have N'Golo.
  8. I watch less & less on the tele these days (preferring to do other things) but no-one could deny that it really is the golden age of tele series given netflix et al & all the other streaming services on offer. I suppose last year the 3rd series of Fargo was for me the best tele series I watched. This year, I've watched some more very good tele series: Australian Productions - Mystery Road; BBC - Killing Eve & Apple Tree Yard. I really hope Sandra Oh gets the Emmy for her work in Killing Eve.
  9. Here's a couple of legal concepts for you: affirmation/waiver & estoppel by conduct. You're far better off just sticking to posting your rather tiresome speculations on football matters rather than coming across as a complete fool. Just a suggestion.
  10. I share that opinion. Look at it from his point of view - since he has come in as owner he has put huge sums into the club/british economy. But the British government don't seemingly care a jot about that & are now making life difficult for him because of his association with Putin. And of course that rather unwelcoming attitude together with the unfolding Brexit disaster and the long term consequences of same not just for the British economy but in respect to to the future livelihood of all clubs in the EPL must be a real cause for concern. Hence his decision to shelve the stadium re-build.
  11. Thx for posting the link Spiller. An opinion from wxwax no less & imo a very fair & well reasoned one at that & it is hard to disagree with at all. I may have had some disagreements with him over film when he graced these boards all those years ago but not his take on keeping Conte. I think it's instructive to look back much earlier this season as to what expectations were realistic: some of us stated back then that top 4 & a cup would be a good season in circumstances where making the top 4 has never been harder. And we almost got there. I still think we had a good season. Not that that is going to save Conte which I think is unfortunate really because imo we should keep him. But with this club the grass always seems greener with short term stints as far as the Manager goes. I wonder what those on here might say at this time next year should we miss out on top 4 again after having brought in someone else? All speculative of course but let's be realistic - how many of the available managers out there are as good as Conte?
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