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  1. More importantly, he's made his first Squires! https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/sep/10/david-squires-on-england-scotland-and-owen-v-shearer
  2. shush mate! If word gets out the ECB may have to do the right thing and have a referendum on the issue...
  3. Can't tell you how chuffed I am to see that a Durban lad is contributing to the survival of English cricket.
  4. Well prepared on that front my man - Warner completed 6th class during his sabbatical & Smith has had his tear ducts removed.
  5. Lozarus! An unexpected delight. Gearing up for another Ashes whitewash no doubt.
  6. heya - good to see posting again. who do you suggest instead?
  7. Somewhat curious, and a bad look, that there's been no thread created for this thus far so here it is. I've had a look at a few games so far & mostly enjoyed them: particularly the fact that there seems to be very little rolling around & playacting from any of the players when they're tackled.
  8. Indeed. I'm still not convinced by the Sarri experiment but by delivering the objective (and regardless as to how that all came about) he is to be congratulated & kept. I just hope he has the balls to stick around for next season given that he has had to endure a lot of completely childish & unwarranted taunting by many supporters over the last few months.
  9. My original understanding was that FIFA was to release its decision concerning our appeal prior to the commencement of the summer transfer window on 11 June 2019 but, of course, and resulting from the somewhat unlikely denouement of the EPL as far as settling the top 4 is concerned, the pressure on FIFA to release its decision within the next fortnight is now even more compelling from our point of view. No doubt the club will have already decided on its shortlist for the CAS arbitrator of its choice for any CAS appeal should that be necessary & I imagine that the club has already drafted i
  10. ^ Strider - thought you might enjoy this article by the belated (& much missed) Christopher Hitchens. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2006/04/bottoms-up/304719/
  11. I agree - at the end of the season Real will make an offer for him which will probably drag out for weeks but it looks like a fait accompli to me. Hazard is what, 28/29 now & it's always been his ambition to play for them. Obviously we'll want to drag as much as we can out of Real when it takes place.
  12. Heya - I have seen it & I agree that its a bit of a mess isn't it - poor old russ - trying to do too much on his directorial debut. There is some good acting & some scenes have been shot well but the editing was poor in respect to all that back & forward (which explains why they felt that captions were necessary) and all that water divination rubbish - the film would have much better w/o that.
  13. ^ hehe...heya punch...22 or is it now 23, and w/o kids...hehe. I imagine he's also sick of England with brexiteer idiots like you and of course much nicer climate in Spain - but hey, always good to see you that you have an opinion.....
  14. hehe...been called a lot of things in my time but 'nice'...that's new & gave me a chuckle so thx mate: as for the perception these days that the 'loyalty' of professionals must, in some imagined way, equate with the 'loyalty' of supporters....crikey....
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