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  1. I wouldn't say he's bottom 5 but yeah I think no club in the world around our level has a keeper of his level -- he's definitely in his own (low) tier in that regard.
  2. My concern is that Ornstein (Correspondent -- The Athletic / ex-BBC) has said we haven't been in contact with any entourages since January -- United and to a lesser extent Liverpool have -- which is not too long before we confirmed the Ziyech signing. He's nothing short of an exceptional player, but Sancho is a top 3 youth talent, having the potential to be a top five forward in the world as barely anybody has achieved the kind of prowess he's shown at his age, so it'd be disappointing if we decided to go for one or the other, when really having both would elevate us back to we've often been, and fixing the winger position for general firepower.
  3. Boy what the f**k is that team -- they should be going down. Constantly sh*t play - chelsea aside
  4. the vid is long but is goes through pretty much everything
  5. The goal is annoying. Had Kante been in Emerson's position he would have been able to help if he couldn't clear the ball. Kante's error/slip is irrelevant in the context of things -- there was no reason he should've been 2 vs. 1 on a corner for the first goal when you're already leading 1-0
  6. Hopefully they board have sourced many of their targets through this window, who are unattainable for transfer now, so that we can quickly wrap them up in the summer and have them get a proper pre-season.
  7. Three glorious predictions of either: 1-1, 1-0 to Chelsea or 1-2 to Arsenal. Cannot see so many goals this game.
  8. Every time James puts a golden cross in, Bats outward transfer fee goes down by 500,000
  9. I will admit that Sarri's work did help make the transition to Lampard's style easier but there's no chance that I would've wanted him to stay.
  10. Lol I know I'm still disappointed we didn't manage to beat Ajax with 9 men -- but at least goals looked like they were coming from somewhere in both those games. Can't see it at all here
  11. Haha the 15/16 season seems like a distant memory... almost forgot how bad that was. Hated Conte's last season as well but it's more because he was a prick than us not knowing what to do
  12. f**king sh*t. We seemed to have forgotten how to play since West Ham beat us. I haven't seen a seen a series of performances this insipid in a long while for Chelsea. Also, as useful as Abraham has been for us, and I'm aware he's often isolated, his skills outside of goalscoring need a lot of improvement -- technical ability and general reading of the game. f**k we really do need to add to our squad
  13. I wish wish wish he wasn't as petulant as he was, but I also wish that we had a proper DoF with the club to help guide the required vision that we had/Conte had, which included guidance with transfer targets that might have been questionable. Recognising that Candreva has some qualities that Conte may have liked, but then suggesting a player who might have had those characteristics and much more too. 2.5 years ago we were BETTER than Liverpool and pretty much equivalent with Man City. We should be similar to where they are, not several tiers in difference .
  14. MANoWAR

    Ben Chilwell

    My preference is Gaya > Grimaldo > Telles.
  15. Just checking our fixture list, and through end of Jan to Feb we have Arsenal Home, Leicester City Away, Man United Home and Spurs Home. WHAT THE FUCK? Best hope we don't have a poor run of games here as bad momentum might lessen our top four chances. Can only hope the defense situation is sorted out by then

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