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  1. Sorry, here's the summary the OP provided: • A matter of time before Mendy is official. • Rudiger was left out of the line up (no injury). • Many feel that Chelsea are light at the back even with addition of Silva who turns 36 and is not at his peak. • However, Lampard feels a DM is the missing piece of his jigsaw. • Rice is the main target (as reported) and although initially the plan was for him to play as CB, he can play in his regular position in front of back 4 as well. • Kante is no longer considered for ‘Makelele role’ but is not deemed surplus to requirem
  2. He's not doing anything wrong; he's just not suited to an attacking sort of system. Taken this comment from Reddit: But honestly, in either system, if a new DM comes in - what does Kanté give us that others don't? He's in the team for his defending but he's not a defensive midfielder. He can dribble and pass, but Kovacic does it better. You'd assume the new DM would be a defensive upgrade on Kanté in that lone DM role. Will we line up with two defensive-minded midfielders as an attacking team? There isn't a single top club that does this. Do we become a defensive team with all t
  3. Werner Giroud CHO Havertz Barkley Kova Alonso (Chilwell can hopefully come on after HT?) Zouma Rudiger (Silva can hopefully come on at HT?) Azpi Caba
  4. yes, everybody knows, as the article even acknowledges.. what it's doing is with respect to the specifics of brighton and how our next game -Liverpool- might exploit that. There's not been a level of detailed analysis too often, and this is good for looking at specific factors so late into how we've been setting up with him, and whether, again it's a system based problem or just solely Kepa Conceding a long shot for example isn't just the keepers problem
  5. But this is more than just Kepa's inability to save, it's about his general play broken down and how we play outfield as well - and whether it's a systemic-sort of problem or not.
  6. https://www.liverpool.com/liverpool-fc-news/features/chelsea-specific-structural-flaw-jrgen-18950896 This is biased but it's really good - let's hope that how we played against Brighton was sort of makeshift than anything else
  7. Werner - Giroud - CHO Kanté - Kova - Jorgi Alonso Zouma Christensen Azpi New GK If Chilwell is fit let him start, if Pulisic is fit let him come of the bench with Werner displacing Giroud as the ST. Both of them will be havoc for Trent, and Giroud can help with the physicality to match VVD. Obviously I want Havertz to do well but midfield is definitely Liverpool's weakest point, so I would look to exploit that with our strongest until Havertz settles in more. His best role is the free-roaming Muller-type behind the 9 but for this sort of game I'd want something a bit
  8. He's been sh*t, not just poor. He's comfortably the worst defender in their backline. And even in his good form his defensive lapses will be far less forgiven at Chelsea than at Leicester. It's not as if we have any top end CBs to cover for him as well, do we? He's also a big confidence player, will play well when we're doing well but see some of the same sh*t as this season and we're gonna have even bigger complaints than about Alonso. Questionable signing in my eyes.
  9. Literally. Then we saw that Rudiger disappointed too. Would be ridiculous if we don't go for a more established CB.
  10. For next season I think we'd need to breeze through group stages of ucl (provided we don't get something like Juventus/Barca etc) and comfortable top 4 (making sure we're not 33 points below), reducing our total goals conceded to at the very least 43 or so -- or at the very least not be so below our xG conceded, and making the (semi-)final of the fa cup/LC. We're gonna have the best transfer window of our (maybe) entire history and the world for the next seasn, we can't find the same f**kups we've seen.
  11. The director, Voller, has stated any terms with regards to Havertz' sale will not exclude the compulsion of him playing until their Europa league campaign is over. They are a shoe-in against Rangers, so we would need Conte to do a job on them afterwards. Failing that, and if not, he would definitely miss a chunk of our pre-season. I think we may be waiting for the transfer window and perhaps their campaign.
  12. Btw on a separate point.. if we take the amount spent as anything, then these days it doesn't necessarily have to amount to anything. Arsenal's gross is about 400m over the past few years with a higher net spend than Chelsea but they've amounted to nothing compared to us with an overall very mediocre squad. Liverpool's net spend it pitiful compared to the other teams round us compared to what they've won since Klopp game in (92m net spend over the past few years?) yet maybe one or two teams in the world have a better XI than them? (Bayern / RM). We've spent a lot of money on duds / mediocrity
  13. Again this is not a comparison of who had better transfers or spent more money... yes no sh*t to do well you usually buy better players which they've done this season. I'm speaking of the general attitude about other rivals like United that Chelsea fans haven't had to worry about them when they've established a very formidable side from the get-go. You see it very often here i.e the post from the previous page that they falter against better sides... I don't know if Chelsea have had more out but I don't think it's significant enough to be used in a discussion of positions. United have had
  14. If by restraints you're referring to injuries then Chelsea are not alone in that regard... if you're alluding to referees, then well... Transfer window wise yes, but that's not the point when looking at quality. Bruno was signed in January for example when we could sign players And also, nobody is saying that Chelsea haven't done very well esp. with many young players, but there is a lot of this idea that United are just some mediocre team when there are definitely arguments to be had that many parts of their squad are better than us. Conceded less, better in the xG department etc.
  15. United haven’t lost in 14, and they've scored 36 and conceded 4 in that time. Played City twice, Chelsea away, Wolves, spurs away. Everton away and Sheffield United away. Your better sides comment looks wrong when compared to the table -- they've statistically done the best against the top 6. They're a very formidable side who lots of people tend to underrate here -- disregarding next season's signings I would take their current attack and defense over what we have atm
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