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  1. Do you guys agree with this? >"I know very well [the] Premier League is very difficult," Sarri said. "For getting in the final of the League Cup, too, we had to play against Liverpool, against Tottenham, the final against Manchester City. It was easier to get to the final of the Champions League, I think." "I think many give the Champions League too much importance," Sarri added. "Of course, it is the most important competition for clubs, but it is a competition with straight elimination, so sometimes you need a post in or a post out to qualify or to be eliminated. "So we need to play very well but you need to be lucky in that competition. I can understand if you stay in the Champions League is another world probably. "I have played two times in Champions League and it's clear it's the most important competition for clubs in Europe and as a consequence in the world I think, but it’s a competition in which you need to be lucky.
  2. Haha, you can not stand for that as much as you want, CHO is always going to receive more attention given his talent and his possibility of leaving the club in a transfer ban. Nor does it change the fact that our other options are declining in ability (nor was the standard world-class to begin with) and hence want to inject some new options . Not sure how you expect two or three years down the line to be better when he won't get to, you know, showcase why he is a better option for more than few games.
  3. If they win today then they're in pole position to break our points record!
  4. Cannot fathom how (or if) many of the usual posters can see this and think 'Don't worry, it'll come good'. We're seeing a bloody fraction of improvement, if not more of the same, every game. What are we doing here that's so different? A game where it's imperative that we win
  5. Sign Felix and him, CHO, Pulisic and Pedro would be a fine selection of forwards / wingers to have tbh
  6. Would hate an English club to win the CL but wouldn't be too miffed it was United
  7. And well, in my personal opinion, Pulisic isn't going to be a good player for us so I'm extra nervous about what they do with the wingers
  8. Club has to get it right this summer - or else Chelsea are f**ked for years. Youth is imperative yeah but there's no chance that that many are ready to make such a step up. Only CHO and RLC, possibly James.
  9. True, but they already a good youthful squad suited to the manager's style
  10. Hope this doesn't mean new contracts for our players who aren't performing
  11. Well, only partly true. Guardiola was calling on players like Clichy, Zabaleta, Toure, Sagna, Navas, Kolarov, Claudio Bravo in goal. There isn't that level of deadwood in the Chelsea squad right now, so I'd say he was more limited in his first season than Sarri at present. As for the second point, money solved a lot of these, not just sticking to the same system; Zabaleta was playing CDM and Sagna / Clichy were City’s fullbacks. Now, he adapted Fernandinho from his traditional role in midfield to having a unique role such that he's vital for the way they play. He , beginning from his first season, adapted by playing Fernandinho at DM (though not in the mould of somebody like Matic or Mikel) almost exclusively and not forcing his fullbacks so high up the pitch all the time. He was cleverly able to have Delph deputise as LB who provided some good performances, not like Alonso who's largely ineffective but is never really challenged. But this is Pep, he can do things that few managers can do. Something that Man City fans had also stated was that Soriano and Begiristain have implemented a clear philosophy how they want to move forward as a club all the way from first team signings to how the academy players are coached.
  12. Alonso and Ross are some of the worst players in recent memory for Chelsea that play as much as they do.

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