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  1. If we’re not in touch of the top four at Christmas, Frank is gone. The problem is no one wanted to sign the plethora of centre backs we have so we could bring someone else in.
  2. Caballero needs to play until he is fit. That should be Kepa’s last appearance but there might be 60m+ reasons why it isn’t.
  3. We’re going to be so reliant on Mendy and Silva this season - if they had played today we would have won. But the defensive ills could sadly see Frank’s time here brought short.
  4. And clearly Tomori didn't want to leave either!
  5. We can only move players on who want to move on and who have clubs interested in them. Rudiger decided to stay put and it doesn't look like anyone put in a bid for Christensen (maybe we didn't invite interest but still...) This leaves Silva, Zouma, Christensen and Rudiger as our centre backs until January. That should be ok.
  6. Much better half; scoring four without firing on all cylinders and ten league goals scored across four league matches. Looked much brighter in that half and Chilwell offers so much both defensively and offensively. My favourite part of the game was Azpilicueta putting his foot down with the second penalty; it’s the leadership we desperately need.
  7. Who would we play out wide instead? Mount? Until Pulisic and Ziyech are fully fit we have limited options, plus Werner can play out there - he did for Leipzig many a time.
  8. As long as it’s in the middle and doesn’t force Havertz out wide it wouldn’t be the worst of moves.
  9. Flat, uninspiring, dull, we have no creativity whatsoever which is astounding considering the players we have out there. Disappointing is an understatement. If Pulisic can play for 45 minutes then get him on for Hudson-Odoi. Possibly Mount for Jorginho too.
  10. If we want to bed in the 4-2-3-1 system we have little choice with Werner really; who else do we have fit who can play out wide unless we bring Moses out of purgatory? I agree it isn’t his favoured position but it’s not a long term plan - just until Pulisic and Ziyech are fully fit. As an aside I assume James will replace Chilwell around the hour mark with Azpilicueta switching to the left.
  11. Considering what’s available I’m happy with that. Whilst it would be nice to see Werner through the middle availability dictates otherwise though it’s fantastic to see Pulisic on the bench. Mount being benched is probably the right decision though he has plenty of time in his career and, if Havertz struggles to impose himself in his usual position, then there’s a ready made replacement. No Christensen whatsoever is interesting; is he injured and I’ve missed it?
  12. If that is the case then I am concerned that, at the loss of Pulisic and Ziyech, we seem to lose forward movement and structure. Rice may be key at breaking up play but as I said before we’re looking at potentially a very young midfield.
  13. I’m referring to Rice rather than the other signings though I am concerned that trying to fit Havertz in is resulting in muddled thinking with our midfield.
  14. I agree, are we signing for the sake of signing rather than knowing what is role will be in the team. With Havertz’s price tag and Mount being undroppable are we moving towards a very young trio in the middle of the park? I think the inexperience will catch us out. Is it really the case that the likes of Jorginho, Kovacic or Kante cannot do a similar job?
  15. I’m sorry, still trying to work out multi-quotes on here. I guess, whilst this is logical, Frank wants to get the players used to 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 as they’re the preferred formations.
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