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  1. He’s going to be given very little time and, although it may seem unfair, for good reason. The love for Frank was still strong for many and the one thing he did do that the majority of us loved was bringing through the youth. Ditching all but CHO at the first time of asking isn’t going to help to endear him even though it isn’t right to judge him yet.
  2. Though I’m sure it would catch Wolves out if we did play three wide on the right.
  3. 😃 I couldn’t get the site to format properly so that’s the best you’re getting.
  4. Mendy Azpilicueta - Silva - Rudiger CHO - Jorginho - Havertz - Kovacic - Chilwell Ziyech Giroud At a guess???
  5. Have I missed something - is Mount carrying a knock or being rested/dropped? The line up indicates that Tuchel feels Frank’s faith in youth was somewhat misplaced though interesting to see CHO there; he tends to have more of an impact from the bench.
  6. Don’t lose more than five games, Thomas, or you’ll be sacked. And don’t expect a message from Roman.
  7. The irony is I think I was prepared for it after the Manchester City game - if he was sacked then it wouldn’t have hit so hard. It feels like we were starting to grind out results (any team could go to Leicester and be flattened) and possibly find a path forward again and suddenly this has happened.
  8. I agree, I’m sorry, maybe I’m feeling a little bit heated as well.
  9. Quite a few are saying he wasn’t good enough in the role and it was time for him to go. Freely admit, not any of the others are celebratory or insulting but certainly satisfied that it is the right decision.
  10. Other than the ridiculous ‘fat’ jibe he isn’t saying anything different from others on here.
  11. IF TRUE I think the player spoke in the present tense, whilst Frank was still in charge; The Athletic has changed it to suit the changing situation. Does make me wonder if it was Azpilicueta or Zouma mouthing off due to the Jose reference, though.
  12. Taking a risk in order to show respect to Frank was more important than ensuring we stayed in the only competition we realistically have a chance of winning this season?
  13. A bit of a risk though - what if we had lost?
  14. If you believe parts of the Athletic article you should believe it all.
  15. If Frank had been given time and gone on a run like OGS after his rocky patch, would you still be calling for his head?
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