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  1. 5 out of 5, but who have we played? The fixtures computer has been kind to Sarri as far as providing time to bed his tactical approach in. I'm not being overly negative, as I've said elsewhere Sarriball is going to take time for the squad to adapt to, in the same way that Citeh took a year to adapt to Guardiola's tactics and Liverpool took 18 month to adapt to Klopp. Good results so far, but let's wait 'til we play to big guns. Still think we can get 3rd this year though
  2. fester

    Eden Hazard

    I suspect we won't see Hazard signing a new contract in the short-term though. He's going to see how things go with Sarriball. On the plus side if Sarri succeeds then Hazard will love the freedom he has to play.
  3. fester

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    As a kid it was Charlie Cooke and John Hollins. Then I liked Ian Britton and Mickey Fillery. Then I didn't watch much for years and it wasn't on the telly (and we weren't too good anyway). We were all amazed when Ruud Gullit signed, and we all love Gianfranco Zola. I loved the midfield of: Dan Petrescu; Roberto Di Matteo; Dennis Wise; and Gus Poyet. Just watch one of the old games from that era on Chelsea TV. The spine that Jose built: Cech; JT; Lamps and Drog. What can you say about Hazard? A wizard on his day (Eden that is although I quite liked Mick too). But... my favourite at the moment is Kante who does the work of two players (he can even make Pogba look good!)
  4. fester

    Danny Drinkwater

    DD looked like a fish out of water last night. In that deep lying role in Sarri's system the player needs to constantly make sure they are available to received a pass, DD tends to lay the ball off and then stand still and/or turn away from the ball. Surely he's watched what Jorginio does in training?
  5. fester

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Emerson was one our better players in a pretty awful display last night, (against Lyon). I think he's a better option in Sarri's formation than Alonso - and I was a big fan of Alonso in the Conte system I liked the width he gave (especially in Conte's first season).
  6. fester

    How much time will Sarri get?

    It took Guardiola a season to get Citeh playing his way. It took Klopp a season-and-a-half to get Liverpool to play his way. Given the disrupted pre-season because of the world cup and the protracted managerial appointment, Sarri starts off on the back foot. Therefore the club need to allow him a season to get things sorted. We do have good players, but we also have some that look lost in this system given what I saw against Lyon last night. Drinkwater seemed incapable to play a pass and immediately move himself into space to receive the ball back - doesn't he watch Jorginio in training. If we're twelfth in February will he be given time? I hope so, especially as things should be settling in by then. However, remember how exhausted the Liverpool players were following half-a-season of Klopp's high pressing game. This is Chelsea so anything can happen, but given this appointment surely more patience is required.
  7. fester

    Jordan Pickford

    He did nothing wrong when called upon last season.
  8. fester

    Neil Barnett

    I always thought he was a twit, but appears he hasn't been treated well, which isn't right.
  9. fester

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I see it as a cross between Klopp arriving at Liverpool and Mourinho at Chelsea the first time. Klopp at Liverpool... he is going to introduce a new style of football that everyone will need to adapt to. Jose... a new style of football, but bringing in a significant player (Jorginio) to help adapt the plating style. (Jose brought in Carvalho and Ferrieria).
  10. fester

    Realistic Manager Poll

    I am going for Ancelotti with one of Lamps, Terry or Jody as his number two. We need a manager that will start to utilise the FA Youth Cup winning talent of the last five years. Ancelotti gave Josh Mceachran a good chance last time he was here and has the experience to keep us challenging. Remember those 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8-0 wins in his last reign. Jody would be my current favourite for the number two role given his knowledge of the youth players. I would also have no problem if Conte continued with all internal issues sorted out, but I can't see it happening.
  11. fester

    Our New Stadium

    I think you'll find it's mainly brick columns around the outside, if you check out other images. Not saying it's beautiful though!
  12. fester

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    OK, so I was duped...
  13. fester

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Interestingly, given that picture that he's on the bench for Arsenal tonight...
  14. fester

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    From FourFourTwo on twitter...
  15. Nothing will happen, but a referees main duty is to protect the players in his charge. Clattenberg admits failing to do this, he should be struck off ALL refereeing lists.