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  1. fester


    Are you going to pay it? ££££
  2. I think we need to give CHO and RLC a (preferably injury free) season. CHO has obvious abilities, and is still very young. RLC I was really unsure about until the second half of last season when I thought he was one of our stand-out players. If we're having clear-out, which we need to do, let's have a look based on the Chelsesfc.com player list: Forwards: Pedro - on his way, thank you for his loyal service CHO - keep him, although will he be ahead of Pilisic, Ziyech, Werner, (Willian) for wide positions? Giroud - appears to be staying, rightly so as he is playing well and is very consistent Willian - going to be unpopular here I think, but I would let go Batshuayi - bye, bye. In reality I think you could have been given more opportunities Pulisic - keep he is going to be a star Abraham - keep, let's see the effect Werner's arrival has Midfielders; Jorghinho - cash in, not sure how he fits into Frankie's system Kante - keep, but only if we're playing him in a defensive mid role Barkley - let him go, I like him, but prefer RLC, Mount, Kovacic is those positiond Kovacic - keep, see above RLC - keep, see above MvG - hmmmmm, just given him a year on contract, Roman being nice? Mount - keep, he's going to be a star Gilmout - keep and work out his best midfield position Of those on loan in these positions these may fall into contention (excuse me if any on two year loans) all midfielders: Ampadu Gallagher McEachran So I'm letting: Batshuayi (£20m); Barkley (£40m); and Jorghinho (£40m) go = £100m on top of the money already in for Hazard, Morata & Pasalic.... Defensively, I only see Reece James, Rudiger, Tomori and probably Dave as safe. Personally I like Zouma too, but... Outside of those it depends on Frank's plans. Let Moses go on a free he was a star for a couple of season and has appeared to be a loyal servant.
  3. I think Reece James at right-back and Rudiger are fine, sorry Dave I think your best days are behind you. So we need a centre-back partner and a left-back. Christiansen is Luiz jnr. He has good ball skills, but defensively he has too may mistakes in him. I hope Tomori will come on, we also have Guehi and Cark-Salter on loan and Ampadu (although more midfield at Leipzig I believe). So we may have some CB options. Not sure what we do about LB, not convinced with Chillwell.
  4. If the team win their remaining games United cannot catch us. In OUR hands.
  5. The only benefit of being sponsored by a betting company is that kids kits should be logo free.
  6. So what should the 15+ fan be wearing this season? 🤔
  7. fester

    Ben Chilwell

    We can't. Sorry to inform you. Build a time machine and kidnap him?
  8. fester

    Ben Chilwell

    Can't we clone Ashley Cole?
  9. fester

    Ben Chilwell

    If Frank wants him, and then the club can agree a fee we are happy to pay, let it be.
  10. Just for a bit of fun, as my crystal ball has broken. Which of the current squad will be heading towards legend status in five years time? I am going for: Reece James Antonio Rudiger Mateo Kovacic RLC Mason Mount Billy Gilmore Christian Pulisic I think Kante is already a legend, so doesn't need to be on my list 😀
  11. It's time for Christensen (the best young defender in europe!) to step up and show us what he can do. So long side-show-bob and thanks.
  12. We're away to United so I think we will be looking to avoid defeat, consequently, we'll go with a solid 4-2-3-1 formation (Giroud up front only because he offers most defensively): Kepa Dave Zouma Luiz Emerson Kante Jorginho Willian Barkley Pulisic Giroud Generally I would go Abraham up front and when fit I expect CHO and RLC to come into the team. I hope the likes of Reece get game time too.
  13. Just noticed the window closes in just over a week. That'll mean we're halfway through our ban.... With the excitement about Lamps and the youth this ban seems pretty painless up to now!! ?
  14. Lampard's agent: "how can I get Frank more money? I know I'll put a story out there that we're negotiating a new contract with Derby" Derby CEO:: "I know how we can get more out of Chelsea for Frank, we'll put out a story saying we're negotiating a new contract with him" Lazy journo: "Oh look here's a story I can write about." Get real guys, it's all just transfer foreplay...

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