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  1. I also think that the fact that Tuchel was available was a BIG factor.
  2. Firstly, I am against the idea of a European Super League, and who knows if it will come to anything or is just posturing. However, if it does go ahead I am glad Chelsea are in the cut. I am enjoying all the outrage in the media. If Talksport are so anti the idea will they refuse to broadcast it if it does happen? Will all these ex-pros refuse the lucrative contracts to give their expert opinions? I am a Chelsea fan and will support them in a European Super League, as I have done in: Division 2; Division 1; The Premier League; The Anglo Italian Cup; The FA Cup; The League/Milk/Rumblows/Carling/... Cups; and other trophies. I still don't like the idea, but it's really just a progression from The Premier League; The Champions League; and all the money making media-fests that have materialised in the last 30 years. What the fans want doesn't matter, if it's going to happen it will happen, and I will probably end up sat at Stamford Bridge watching one of the games someday. If I (like most football fans) had any integrity we'd be supporting our local, non-league club as they might appreciate your support...but that wouldn't be watching Chelsea would it.
  3. Firstly, I think Lamps should have been given more time, but if he had been I don't think we'd have qualified for next seasons UCL. I suspect that we moved for TT as he was available and before someone else took him on. There was a lot of talk that Chelsea felt that by sticking with JM so long in 2015 they missed out on Klopp, so maybe they didn't want lightening to strike twice. What I saw last night was a team that managed the game better than any Chelsea team since Conte's championship team. Under Lamps we would have been forced back after taking the lead, and undoubtedly conceded at least one. We are looking much better defensively under TT, and he is getting a tune out of Christiansen in Silva's absence, we missed one of that pair inn the middle of the back three against Soton. I agree that the possession football with no end-product is frustrating, but when recently have we been able to break down teams that sit deep? It's nothing knew, hopefully Havertz, Ziyech and Werner (& CHO & Tammy & Pulisic) can start to thrive under TT in the last part of the season, and we can secure UCL football for next season.
  4. That should probably say "dreams" or "hopes" rather that "expectations" 🤔
  5. Aged 5 or 6 growing up in Billericay, my older brother was (is) a Spammer, so I couldn't support them. However, his best mate supported Chelsea and I thought he was so cool, so I supported Chelsea too. It would have been around 1970, so I suspect brothers best mate supported them because of the cup final (which makes me a glory hunted by proxy 🤣). In common with all those who started supporting the Blues at that time the last 20 years of success, compensates for the previous 30 years of repeatedly crushed expectations.
  6. hours ago Kepa - 5 Alonso - 6. Zouma - 7 Christensen - 7 - Not his biggest fan generally, but thought he played well last night. James - 7 Kante - 7 Jorginho - 6 Loftus-Cheek - 3 - Did nothing, I'm a fan of his, but this was not good enough Havertz - 4 - Along with RLC he did not contribute enough. He get's one more point than RLC because he's so new. Mount - 6 - Not his greatest game, but not helped by poor perfaormances by RLC and Havertz Werner - 8 - Worked his socks off and looked threatening, Will look even better with Pulisic and Ziyech Subs Barkley - 7 - Team looked better as soon as he came on Hudson-Odoi - 5 - Want him to be a star, but I just don't see it at the moment Azpilicueta - 6 Lampard - 7 - Did OK, I thought he could have removed RLC or Havertz earlier, as midfield struggling to create much. I accept that they both need on-field time though. Opposition score - 6 - Brighton will do OK this season, solidly mid-table.
  7. Kepa James - Zouma - Rudi - Alonso Mount - Kante - Havertz CHO - Tammy - Werner
  8. Why does any team need a third kit? The second kit should be designed to counter all clashes with the first kit. So a blue kit and a yellow kit should do the job!
  9. In Petr we trust... He must have contacts at Rennes 😜
  10. Seen a few rumours that he's going on loan to BL as part of the Havertz deal. Generally when we have bought and immediately loaned out before the loan club has been announced in the arrival announcement (although that has often been the selling club).
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