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  1. It's time for Christensen (the best young defender in europe!) to step up and show us what he can do. So long side-show-bob and thanks.
  2. We're away to United so I think we will be looking to avoid defeat, consequently, we'll go with a solid 4-2-3-1 formation (Giroud up front only because he offers most defensively): Kepa Dave Zouma Luiz Emerson Kante Jorginho Willian Barkley Pulisic Giroud Generally I would go Abraham up front and when fit I expect CHO and RLC to come into the team. I hope the likes of Reece get game time too.
  3. Just noticed the window closes in just over a week. That'll mean we're halfway through our ban.... With the excitement about Lamps and the youth this ban seems pretty painless up to now!! ?
  4. Lampard's agent: "how can I get Frank more money? I know I'll put a story out there that we're negotiating a new contract with Derby" Derby CEO:: "I know how we can get more out of Chelsea for Frank, we'll put out a story saying we're negotiating a new contract with him" Lazy journo: "Oh look here's a story I can write about." Get real guys, it's all just transfer foreplay...
  5. I thought he improved as the season went on, partly because he became more settled at the club. Pleased he's got selected by Spain. I prefer him to Cortois who never seemed to want to be at Chelsea.
  6. I agree with the sentiment of this. Hanging on to Conte until the start of pre-season and then bringing in Sarri last year was crazy, and really what Sarri and the team achieved is amazing on the back of those decisions. I would like Sarri to stay and see what he can create given a full pre-season and a squad who are familiar with the way he works. However, the noise coming out of Italy seems to suggest not just that he is wanted back there, but that he wants to return home. That means it's time for the club to stand up and make some positive, quick decisions. If Sarri is going, then we need to be ready to announce his replacement quickly and in time to plan for a pre-season which is only a month away. My choices as replacements would be: Lamps and Jody; Eddie Howe (with Steve Holland as no.2); Ajax guy or maybe Bielsa. Mainly though I want to see positive steps that indicate a forward looking plan.
  7. If the ban stands, which I sort of hope it does (to both get it out the way and give youth a chance), then I am OK with giving Tammy and Batman a go. Both good finishers, but can either of them provide the sort of hold-up play required? Alternatively does Pulisic have the potential to become a Maertins from Sarri's Napoli type striker??
  8. Since very early in the season I have been saying Sarri needs time to implement his style. The club messed up badly in not allowing him a pre-season, by dawdling over his appointment. In many ways a good start to the season ended-up backfiring on him when performances dipped because expectations had been raised. Overall though two cup-finals and a third placed finish is not a bad return, although at times the football being played has been frustrating (to say the least). We've also had a lot of games with the runs in the League, FA and Europa league leading to not many clear training days (as opposed to match preparation days) to work on things tactically. Looking ahead, my gut feel is that the transfer ban will be in place for the next two windows, so no incoming players this season. Given that one big challenge is for Sarri to assess which of the returning loanees have the potential to strengthen the squad. There have been extremely good reports coming in for: Tammy; Reece James; Mason Mount; and Tamori to name a few. OK, Hazard will undoubtedly leave, but we do have Pulisic coming in. I'd like to see Batshuayi given a chance to, he scored goals for Palace, can he do much worse than we've had this season? What we do seem to lack are leaders of the pitch, people who in old-parlance pull their sleeves up and get stuck in when things are not going well. Azpi and Luiz are experienced, but I think Luiz is often too focused on his game and Azpi is not JT. Maybe Jourghino might stand up to the role now he is more settled in the EPL. I also think we have very much missed Steve Holland since he left for the England set-up (to England's benefit), I'm not sure what he did, but I am sure his departure was significant in the decline from Conte season 1 to Conte season 2. Maybe we should get Jody Morris back as I think he could play that role and help integrate the young players. I am unsure what Zola and Carlo really bring too the management set-up other than translation and placating the fans. As far as the second half this is concerned Sarri should read Clive Woodwards autobiography as there is a whole section in that on second-half thinking.
  9. .....................Cech Harris....Desailly...Terry....A Cole .......Kante......Makalele Cooke............................Hazard .......Osgood......Drogba Yes, I am old!!!
  10. I think Hazard stopped because the ref blew for the offside.
  11. When VAR comes in clear rules need sorting out. We've just experience two similar incidents handled completely differently in the Carabao Cup semi-final and final. In the Semi-final: Kane chases a ball, linesman flags for off-side, play continues, Kane goes down in clash with keeper. VAR used to review which reverses off-side decision, and gives penalty. In the final: Hazard chases a ball, linesman flags for off-side, play stopped despite Hazard being clear on goal. I'm not getting into which way either decision should have gone, but to me both 'off-side' decision were similar so I would have expected them to be treated the same way using VAR. I am dubious about VAR, from watching matches on TV there are still so many decision that are not obvious despite numerous camera angles and even the pundits can't agree, it can only work if incidents are unambiguous and in those cases Ref's currently get most of them correct. However, it is being introduced so we NEED consistency.
  12. A fantastic keeper. I wasn't sure when he came in and took over from our "PL Golden Glove" winning keeper, Carlo. He soon proved that he was an even better keeper and is up there with Bonetti as a true club goalkeeping legend. Bring him back to coach Kepa.
  13. Firstly, well done to the board for getting business going early in the window. Also, for signing a player I know little about but: Was wanted by a few other clubs; Is young and has potential; Was wanted by several people on this forum (see rumours thread). Now, what I don't know... Is this a Hazard replacement or a strengthening the squad to make Hazard stay? What does this mean for CHO? Is this more of a replacement for Willian/Pedro? Does Sarri see him as a potential Dries Martins style false 9? Is it a cynical move to attract more USA based fans? However, he's a Chelsea player now, so stay fit and I look forward to seeing you play for us next season.

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