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  1. hours ago Kepa - 5 Alonso - 6. Zouma - 7 Christensen - 7 - Not his biggest fan generally, but thought he played well last night. James - 7 Kante - 7 Jorginho - 6 Loftus-Cheek - 3 - Did nothing, I'm a fan of his, but this was not good enough Havertz - 4 - Along with RLC he did not contribute enough. He get's one more point than RLC because he's so new. Mount - 6 - Not his greatest game, but not helped by poor perfaormances by RLC and Havertz Werner - 8 - Worked his sock
  2. Surely that red should have been overturned 🤯
  3. Kepa James - Zouma - Rudi - Alonso Mount - Kante - Havertz CHO - Tammy - Werner
  4. Why does any team need a third kit? The second kit should be designed to counter all clashes with the first kit. So a blue kit and a yellow kit should do the job!
  5. It may be happening..... Finally 🤞
  6. In Petr we trust... He must have contacts at Rennes 😜
  7. The day before is was all agreed...
  8. Seen a few rumours that he's going on loan to BL as part of the Havertz deal. Generally when we have bought and immediately loaned out before the loan club has been announced in the arrival announcement (although that has often been the selling club).
  9. https://twitter.com/WhoScored/status/1298940219371253760?s=19
  10. Gareth... we just signed him...not one shall pass 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Realistically, I think 3rd, but a lot smaller gap to the top. New players will need to settle in, although if the defence become more solid quickly (under Silva's leadership), then who knows. Liverpool are realistically not going to achieve the high levels of the last two seasons, Citeh I think are transitional/stagnant. Fanview, Werner's going to bang them in from the Ziyech and Pulisic supply line. Havertz is going to set the EPL on fire, and the new defence of James, SIlva, Sarr and Chilcott are going to mean that Kepa has nothing to do.... Where's my medication...
  12. If I can buy that car for a price that suits me then I'll buy it.... If I can buy that Havertz for a fee that suits Chelsea FC we will buy him.... Isn't that how everybody shops?
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