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  1. That is not the case sadly
  2. This week has gone very bad
  3. We really need a Utd victory tomorrow
  4. This Kepa situation is stressing me out. I just don’t understand why you’d risk top 4 and cup finals not picking your best player in goal. I know lots of teams do it, but most have more reliable back ups than Kepa. Makes us so much weaker from set pieces.
  5. Utd fielding their B team tonight
  6. Suspect Kepa will play FA Cup which is mental but just what clubs do these days
  7. That’s us done in my opinion. That was one of the only 3 points I was confident about. Compare our fixtures to Liverpool. West Ham or Leicester will be there with Liverpool unless we beat them both. The ups and downs of this Tuchel campaign is simply baffling. The players just didn’t look up for it and didn’t seem to know what the plan was at all. Dropped points against wolves saints wba Brighton - deserve to be in the Europa. I love trophies I really do but going all in on them is such a risky strategy. Fingers crossed we get something to show for it. I have generally like tuchel b
  8. This has to be a lack of care/interest from the players. It is so slow. Our summer signings just look more and more of a disaster every premier league game. Can’t believe we’ve wasted 70 minutes like this
  9. Also TT underestimating the league again I suggest.
  10. Exactly my first thought. We are truly f**ked if we concede several corners tonight. Clearly club orders as per.
  11. Needs to learn to put his laces through it occasionally. Happy for players like his to glide around a bit but when the moments come you have to have that sense of urgency in the PL. If he does that could be a berbatov type forward. That said, I still think his ceiling is not worth 80m. Promising signs at least. Our front three today were all 21 or 22 years old I think. Consistency will come in the next few years
  12. Just looking at fixtures, Liverpool‘s run in looks a lot easier than ours on paper. Jota giving them a lift too. We’ve a better chance of Leicester crumbling again but they are fully fit now with no Europe to play. They also have three or four players who score regularly. I’d kill for just one striker who looked like scoring occasionally
  13. well it's not like our goal scoring has improved without Tammy in the squad, so he's got that going for him. Strange that we haven't seen Giroud really since his match winning performance in Europe a month ago
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