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  1. It’s seems overkill given their squad sure, but no matter what you think of the signing - this is truly backing your manager and keeping a top squad at the top. There is no FFP this year due to covid, and City have shown it to be a joke anyway, so clubs can simply spend what they want! Roman has a choice to spend what he wants. Haaland would join us otherwise we’d have heard different by now from him or his agent. You simply need to pay what they want. Up to Roman - it’s his money and club. Make no mistake, we are being run more as a business now than before. Net spend over last few years is less than Arsenal and Everton apparently. Sadly, we will not win the league this way for a long time. You have to pay 100+ for the players at the very top of the game unless you can find the gems yourself. So for all that Roman, a legend, has done for us, it does feel like he’s not willing to play with the big boys any longer. Champions league is my favourite competition and winning it again means the world to me. But the league shows your true level and we are miles off I think. It’s not me trying to sound greedy, I just think it is a fact that we don’t seem willing to pay what it takes to get the Kane’s and mbappe’s and haalands. Meaning we won’t consistently - and that word is the key - be favourites for major titles! The danger of the business model is we just become arsenal in 5 years.
  2. Not sure where he’ll go but if we don’t pull out all the stops this year, no chance we’ll get him next imo
  3. Given our two ‘major’ links this summer have been Kounde and Hakimi, it seems TT clearly wanted extra attacking output from ride side of defence? Either James at RCB and Hakimi at wingback or Kounde RCB and James at wingback
  4. Zouma I’m ok with. Surely not Christensen though
  5. Interesting. Sounds very suited to the RCB position (in a 3) then linking with Reece and eventually phasing out Azpi?
  6. this is my concern. seemed like he wanted Hakimi but we missed out as well
  7. It's true and it doesn't mean it will all come together for them under a poor manager imo. I think a lot of it, from myself included, comes from the lack of noise and business from our end.
  8. I think I’d prefer bale at this stage of their careers
  9. Why though? Once again we win a big title after finally catching up a little (hiring the right manager) only to stand still and let other teams move further ahead or catch up. Just seems crazy to me - especially in an off-season where FFP has been suspended.
  10. Apparently he’s rubbish now according to some on here. I think he’s a great signing. utd mean business this summer. I’d have loved either sancho or varane here as I’ve said previously. Fingers crossed ole f**ks it all up!
  11. Fair play he definitely gets involved
  12. I just hope the board aren't expecting him to challenge for the league without any major additions - that would be pretty unfair. It's unbelievable we won the biggest knock-out competition, it is, but winning the league is a different battle altogether. This current squad showed last year they are still a quite a bit off, IMO.
  13. can't really sell him anywhere unless we sign someone better IMO. he is still a 15-goal striker, which could be invaluable in this squad, especially with Giroud gone.
  14. I know Ampadu was at the euros but if I was him I’d be back early for this tour to show the manager what I can do
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