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  1. too early to make any informed opinions really, but my main concern with Ziyech is that he tends to occupy quite similar positions on the pitch to Havertz. I understand signing Havertz was an opportunity we had to take - but I do wonder if we would have still signed Ziyech if Havertz had already been here. We really only appear to have genuine width from Pulisic and CHO (who Lamps doesn't seem to want to start). With Mount also being forced out wide, it does feel a little unbalanced to me. Means Reece and Chilwell will be very important.
  2. Yeah we’ve obviously had a great window, but fair to say arsenal and spurs have done far more than I anticipated. Could be a very interesting season. The big positive is we’ve signed young talent mostly so have a long time to build this squad up. Arsenal and spurs squads are more about the now with players at their peak.
  3. No way are they offering 70m
  4. Poch on the market is looking pretty tempting right now! And in don’t enjoy saying that but frank and his team are just going backwards
  5. Feeling like one of those days already. Dominate and miss lots of chances. Let in silly goal or two. Yet Utd somehow get 3 points playing beyond terrible
  6. Would still love to replace willy with Ben Foster as well - would give us three options who are genuinely training to start first
  7. With the other key English players of his generation - Foden and Sancho and Greenwood - scoring goals and assisting regularly, feels like a big season for CHO. If he gets a few goals early in season he could really make a big jump. We need him while pulisic is out
  8. Well if he can dominate on crossing and set pieces, that will be worth a lot extra points imo. Can’t see how his shot stopping can be much worse either.
  9. I think the primary plan was to flog Jorginho to Juve and replace with Rice to give us more variety of styles. Unfortunately it’s a very difficult summer to ship out players for fair fees.
  10. I think he is known to be a bit streaky with his finishing at times. Scores a lot though so he must have excellent positioning and awareness
  11. I think Romero would be a starter for several premier league teams so I’d take him. People laugh about the likes of Ben foster being mentioned, but the truth is, there are very few keepers in prem or championship that would have been worse than kepa last year
  12. Looks like that Gabriel is off to arsenal. Wasn’t he on our list
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