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  1. I don't see people saying he isn't good enough? They're just saying that he had some poor traits. His big flaw for me is not trying to connect with the fans and club. Is that important? Well, the way Klopp and Pep create an aura around their respective clubs, leads me to believe it does make a difference. He doesn't care about the club and doesn't seem to have enjoyed his time here. He is the one choosing to leave us. About 80% of us would rather he stayed another year or two. Lampard's experience has nothing to do with Sarri's. Sarri isn't being sacked to accommodate Lampard. Who else we going to get in with a transfer ban in place?
  2. Lampard will be 41 next month - same age as Jose when he joined us! Admittedly Jose had just won the champs league 🙂
  3. Maybe we’re testing the water with some potential signings? If it looks positive then we’ll apply for the delay. We are desperate for a forward, but who is even available?
  4. I’m delighted if that’s true
  5. Why is it so hard for them to pay 6m?
  6. I am not convinced A.Madrid will pick up a near 50m option on him following his loan. Seems very odd for him to be burning bridges!
  7. no mention of us asking for ban to be frozen though
  8. be an odd move for him surely, hardly going to replace Salah and Mane.
  9. Adamrb


    That’ll go down well in here 😂
  10. 88m is sh*te. I bet levy doesn’t let Erikson go for that. We are extremely generous to those who leave us. Considering champs league is worth 50m, think I’d risk him going on a free. Now watch us go and give half of it back for bloody no goals Kovacic. We really are in a pickle this summer
  11. I’d have him for 70m. Top player imo
  12. I’d love poch to leave
  13. Seems to me he’s just like all the other managers who claim to not care about the transfer market. Like Klopp. Not being able to sign players for two windows has no doubt made his decision easy. To be fair, losing your only world class player and not being able to buy is a bloody disaster.
  14. Not even close to a top 4 team that. Yes some of our youngsters look good, but most of them are not at the level some people believe. Mount for example, a good, not great, championship player this year. Our two best, and also two of the only goalscorers in the squad, are injured until Christmas most likely.
  15. Big night for young players like him and kepa. Just a shame Cho and rlc were not part of it

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