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  1. Top 4 and champs league are our priorities this season. I never want to see us lose or go out of a competition before someone calls me ungrateful etc. but with all our injuries as the moment, going out probably helps Is in the two main competitions I’d say.
  2. Lampard doesn’t care if you’re young or old. I like how he’s handled this. You’re either with Me or you’re not. We have a very young team and the older ones need to be role models. Throwing your toys out the pram (again!) is not what we need. Frank clearly changing the culture. Expert Willian gone next summer. It’s going to be a tough season, make no mistake. However we’ll be better for it in the long term. We’re finally going to see which of the kids have the ability to step up and produce at this level.
  3. Sancho Cho mount rlc would be exciting for us and England. Still need a striker obvs
  4. Feels like a lot more top players were available this year. But I guess it just feels like that because we can’t sign them.
  5. Class video that. Wish the home shirt was same style
  6. Shame baker hasn’t really kicked on. Thought he stood a decent chance couple of years ago
  7. Don’t have a great feeling about this tbh. Just can’t understand why he hasn’t signed yet. The kid grew up with us. Is being offered 100k at 18. Has our greatest ever player promising to build a team around him. He should be knocking at the club’s door to sign that contract. Football is a worrying place if that’s no longer enough for these boys.
  8. Madrid just spent 120m on that felix kid so can’t see them splashing another 50 on our morata. Shame
  9. Sadly he is decent. Powerful box to box. Light years ahead of baka
  10. I agree it’s a strange concept. Serving a punishment while appealing it at the same time. Like prison! We obviously have zero faith in it getting overturned but perhaps think the punishment is too harsh. Maybe CAS will think one Summer window is a bigger punishment than one winter. What would happen if it got overturned I say September, do we try to sue fifa for damages! All a bit weird. Or... perhaps the appeal is just to save face and a PR stunt and we know we’ve done wrong and are virtually assured of a two window ban.
  11. Can only think we know it’s not getting dropped and this is our best shot at getting it reduced to one window. Then at least if our season is in a mess we can roll the dice in January transfer window
  12. I don't see people saying he isn't good enough? They're just saying that he had some poor traits. His big flaw for me is not trying to connect with the fans and club. Is that important? Well, the way Klopp and Pep create an aura around their respective clubs, leads me to believe it does make a difference. He doesn't care about the club and doesn't seem to have enjoyed his time here. He is the one choosing to leave us. About 80% of us would rather he stayed another year or two. Lampard's experience has nothing to do with Sarri's. Sarri isn't being sacked to accommodate Lampard. Who else we going to get in with a transfer ban in place?
  13. Lampard will be 41 next month - same age as Jose when he joined us! Admittedly Jose had just won the champs league ?
  14. Maybe we’re testing the water with some potential signings? If it looks positive then we’ll apply for the delay. We are desperate for a forward, but who is even available?

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