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  1. Surely PSG will buy him now. He’s their main forward with Cavani on his way out
  2. James and Alonso as wingbacks looks so much better balanced. Azpi plays better at rcb too
  3. Would definitely bring him into the dm fold next season. Might help us keep a lead. Who knows, it might be kantes last season with us.
  4. Well he can’t argue he’s not been given a chance to make it at the top level. This was his season, and he’s fallen way short. Move him on
  5. Big big week in his managerial career I think. We’ve been poor at home and now need to find a couple of big performances for his own belief in himself, the team and the plan. Also big for players like Tammy and Cho, can they produce when it really matters!
  6. Jammy as f**k. Honestly how they’ve got 6 points playing so badly in last two games is unbelievable! At least they’re playing badly though!
  7. Adamrb

    Andre Onana

    I haven't been impressed with Kepa this season, but Onana is never an upgrade to Kepa, if we are to get a new keeper, we should be going for someone much better than what we already have. I will suggest Leno or Dean Henderson. I like Oblak, but he is getting old and will come at a huge cost, Donarruma isn't as consistent as well! Leno... really?!
  8. Top 4 a must if we want him. Would we really keep ziyech Cho pulisic and sancho happy though
  9. Hypothetically, would you prefer sancho for 100 (if not more) or ziyech and Werner for same money?
  10. His cut in left footed crosses and right footed James crosses should make us an absolute force on the right
  11. I’d take Mertens on 1.5 years. Hardly going to stand in the way on Pulisic and Cho. Probably losing Pedro soon and he’s a better goal threat than any of our current 4.
  12. Jovic with option to buy would be great business. Feels like wishful thinking though
  13. CM, really? One who only West Ham are interested in and can’t get into benfica team. Seems extremely odd to me. kante Jorginho kovacic RLC Mount Barkley is enough I reckon
  14. Have to agree. Would hate for average January signings (because the cream of the crop is rarely available in Jan) to stop going after sancho and the likes in summer
  15. Adamrb

    Ben Chilwell

    No chance. I expect City to splash 60-70m on him in the summer, as Mendy seems done.

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