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  1. Him on the rw and Cho on the lw please. The American and Willian back up
  2. We’ve made him the player he is, invested in him as a kid. I think handing in a transfer request is a complete disrespect of our club. Amazing how he is being advised. Young players turning down 80k, game has gone mad!
  3. I still think he could do a job off the bench when we need a goal - he had a habit for knocking in the odd important goal. Almost could become a Kalou type player
  4. Press seem absolutely desperate for him to leave us! Never seen such column inches for an 18 year old. I'm sure they'd be starting petitions and bullying/pressuring him to stay if it was Liverpool or Spurs.
  5. Even if we don’t have the perfect cover, I’d be very glad to see deadwood players moved on. Zappa DD morata Baka Moses. Time to fill squad gaps with our youth.
  6. All the top 5 bar us have decent goalscorers
  7. Looks distinctly average without Eden in there
  8. I was hoping Giroud and Pedro start at Burnley. Seems unlikely now
  9. I feel there’s more to this, maybe tied in with his contract. Remember we never used solanke as he wouldn’t sign a contact. Hope I’m wrong as Cho is clearly the most exciting winger we’ve produced since roman came in.
  10. Arsenal going to be tough contenders too. They have two strikers to our none!
  11. It’s like the Torres era all over again. Giroud and Pedro up top until January. Then bring back bats or someone new.
  12. Nice to see and English midfielder scoring for us again!
  13. Adamrb


    Has he been playing much for Juve? Feel like we have bigger issues up top

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