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  1. Jovic with option to buy would be great business. Feels like wishful thinking though
  2. CM, really? One who only West Ham are interested in and can’t get into benfica team. Seems extremely odd to me. kante Jorginho kovacic RLC Mount Barkley is enough I reckon
  3. Have to agree. Would hate for average January signings (because the cream of the crop is rarely available in Jan) to stop going after sancho and the likes in summer
  4. Adamrb

    Ben Chilwell

    No chance. I expect City to splash 60-70m on him in the summer, as Mendy seems done.
  5. Looks like no fight which is a worry this early in lampard’s reign
  6. Getting worrying that we can’t put in a performance against the worst teams at home. This is now the 5th time at home at least
  7. No smoke without fire. Definitely think we’re interested. Would not surprise me one bit if pool Utd and city tried to get involved in the bidding too. For city, it will be like kdb for us, gutting to watch him play week in week out. Have a feeling sane goes and they go back for sancho. Pogba went back to Utd, I see no difference. Fingers crossed though - young English and clearly a level above most at 19 - would special and absolutely perfect for frank’s new team
  8. We just can’t defend a cross to save our life
  9. Top 4 and champs league are our priorities this season. I never want to see us lose or go out of a competition before someone calls me ungrateful etc. but with all our injuries as the moment, going out probably helps Is in the two main competitions I’d say.
  10. Lampard doesn’t care if you’re young or old. I like how he’s handled this. You’re either with Me or you’re not. We have a very young team and the older ones need to be role models. Throwing your toys out the pram (again!) is not what we need. Frank clearly changing the culture. Expert Willian gone next summer. It’s going to be a tough season, make no mistake. However we’ll be better for it in the long term. We’re finally going to see which of the kids have the ability to step up and produce at this level.
  11. Sancho Cho mount rlc would be exciting for us and England. Still need a striker obvs
  12. Feels like a lot more top players were available this year. But I guess it just feels like that because we can’t sign them.
  13. Class video that. Wish the home shirt was same style

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