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  1. Hopefully saving James for Saturday otherwise seems bonkers not to have a more attacking wb playing
  2. Seems odd to talk about Rom needing a rest then playing him tonight
  3. There are no easy games in the premier league. Brentford have been flying high and Liverpool conceded three goals there remember. Given the youth at the back I’d say this was the most impressive win of the season so far. I hear the concerns about the forwards. Crazy how many of the attacking players in our squad appear out of form. Norwich at home next weekend. If we can’t score a couple there then I’ll start to worry. Need to get Mount back in and playing well. He dictates our press and passion - we look a better side when he is playing well. Should be Rom, Mount and Werner for me.
  4. Surely James and azpi as CB would have made more sense
  5. given the petition has been well publicised it seems crazy they've put him in charge. I can only hope that all the attention makes him think twice about screwing us over. the club should file a report. the win % when he is reffing us is incredibly telling when compared to just about all other refs.
  6. I suspect all of us. Can’t see that happening though! The guy’s not yet scored 15 goals for us
  7. Not ideal. Missing kante and mendy against their best 11
  8. Loaning Ampadu and Gilmore and this falling through would be a proper cluster f**k.
  9. Just not sure he’s suited to a midfield two
  10. If we signed Kounde I’d be delighted to see him on loan at Dortmund. Really don’t want him going to a rival in prem and suddenly becoming the next sancho. But we have very little creativity on the right of defence if James is out. So Cho is needed for me. If we had Kounde at rcb you can probably get away with azpi at rwb. I liked Cho at wing back against the poorer teams.
  11. We’re going to have made a tidy profit this summer. Yet we still get lumped in with Utd and city when talk turns to spending!
  12. It’s difficult at the minute. At cm we have Billy and Gallagher to come back after another season of prem football. I’d also love to see us grab one of Rice or Bellingham as well in near future. So a loan or Ampadu would be my option. CB and/or rwb does feel thin to me, especially if Cho leaves on loan! Maybe jumped the gun selling all our good youth options bar chalobah. Wish we’d kept livermento for example.
  13. It would be a shame. I’m not surprised they are playing hard ball. The window closes in two days and they haven’t got time to find a replacement. There’s always a premium for paying this late in the day. To expect the same price as early July is poor from the board. Don’t take this as me saying he is worth maguire money but TT clearly wanted an extra ball player on the right of the back 5 - be it wing back (hakimi) or rcb (Kounde). And he hasn’t got one
  14. I’m obviously biased like all of us on here. But I’m 100% sure we don’t get gifted a result like Utd did by the ref today. It’s actually scandalous
  15. The only way it should be obligation to buy is if he hits some very high-bar targets
  16. I like Torres. Has the height advantage over kounde. But he’s quite a classy methodical player who reads game well. Kounde seems more of the get stuck in type. Pros and cons of each
  17. This is key for me. I am not convinced it is the right signing BUT after what happened with Conte it’s great to see a manager properly backed
  18. I imagine we’re wanting to ship zouma first otherwise we have too many CBs. For this season at least
  19. Exactly we’re not a charity. If arsenal want him they can pay 50m. Or he goes roma or stays on our bench
  20. This signing/cb seems a bit more important now with rudi and AC still to sign new deals
  21. I’m not sold in it. But… if you can’t get your #1 who else do we get. The manager clearly wants someone
  22. I’ve openly said I’d prefer this deal not to happen. I just don’t see him making enough of a difference personally. He will score goals no doubt but I can’t see it making us a stronger team all round. That said if we get him I’ll get behind him and at least be happy we are backing a top manager properly for once. However I do get the sense something strange is happening here with Kane, messi, mbappe, haaland, lewa all potentially on the move this summer or next. I’d prefer us to stand our ground and hope that one of these guys falls in our laps next summer due to finances elsewhere. Hate to give Utd free run at haaland!
  23. TT said we had 42 players in the building! That shows how disjointed the squad building has been over the years
  24. Hmm seems like this is actually happening then
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